Guide to budget-friendly restaurants in Victoria

Guide to budget-friendly restaurants in Victoria

Victoria is a bustling area with a variety of dining options to suit every taste and budget. Whether you're a local or a visitor, you'll find plenty of delicious and affordable options to choose from. In this guide, we've compiled a list of some of the best cheap eats in Victoria, offering a range of cuisines and dining experiences to suit all palates. So whether you're in the mood for a quick bite, a leisurely lunch, or a relaxing dinner, this guide has got you covered. Dive in and discover the best budget-friendly restaurants in Victoria!

In this guide
  1. Cheap eats in Victoria
    1. Poke House – Relaxed, colourful and nourishing food
    2. Tortilla – Custom Mexican job
    3. Market Halls – Ornate food court
    4. Falafel Zaki Zaki – Friendly falafel
    5. Wok and Fire – Quick, healthy, casual
    6. Grab & Go – Self-service salad bar
    7. Island Poké – A bowlful of tropical freshness
    8. Regency Café – A full English authority
    9. Mio – Much-loved Italian joint
    10. The White Ferry – Burgers in a youthful setting
    11. GAIL's – Counters full of goodies
    12. Pizza Pilgrims – A slice of Naples
    13. Bleecker Burger – Top-rated budget burgers

Cheap eats in Victoria

Poke House

Relaxed, colourful and nourishing food

Poke House is a vibrant, modern Hawaiian eatery that's known as much for its 'grammable interiors as it is for its refreshing, nutritious food. They specialise in poke bowls, which you can customise with your choice of base and toppings. Alternatively, you can let the pros handle things and choose one of the house bowls, with toppings like fish, chicken, or vegan nuggets.


Custom Mexican job

The Tortilla chain of budget-friendly eateries serves up flavourful Mexican food when you're in need of a quick fix of burritos, tacos, quesadillas and other such staples. You can build your own dish by choosing the fillings and the sauces, and delivery and takeaway are available as well. This branch is located in the Victoria Place Shopping Centre, so it's also convenient as a place to rest while browsing the stores.

Market Halls

Ornate food court

Bringing together vendors selling all sorts of delicious street food and drinks, the Market Halls food courts around the capital are set up in beautiful surroundings. The Market Halls in Victoria are spread across three floors of a former nightclub in an Edwardian-era building, with a rooftop terrace for catching some rays available as well. You can pick up affordable Chinese food at BaoziInn, fried chicken at Butchies or something else from one of the many options, and enjoy.

Falafel Zaki Zaki

Friendly falafel

Try Falafel Zaki Zaki if you're on the hunt for a filling and affordable lunch in the Westminster area. The bustling market stall is known for its in crispy hot falafel, served in wraps or boxes, with the option to add extra toppings such as halloumi or feta. The wraps come in two sizes, but the portions are generous regardless of which one you go for. If there's a queue during busier periods, the friendly staff even hand out falafel balls to nibble on whilst you wait.

Wok and Fire

Quick, healthy, casual

At Wok and Fire, you can try contemporary, down-to-earth cooking from all over Asia at an affordable price. The steaming hot stir-fries can be customised to your liking, as you can pick your base, for example noodles, rice or vegetables, choose your favourite ingredients like chicken, tofu or peppers, and add sauces and extra toppings. The food makes for convenient takeaway as well.

Grab & Go

Self-service salad bar

A popular spot among local office workers, Grab & Go is a relaxed, budget-friendly self-service salad buffet. There are various healthy and nutritious options to load your box up with, from simple fresh salads and veggies, to hot choices such chicken wings, potato wedges and falafel. The hummus is highly sought-after as well. The price depends on the size of the salad container you choose.

Island Poké

A bowlful of tropical freshness

Another tropical spot that brings Hawaiian poké freshness to London, Island Poké was launched in 2016, after founder James Porter noticed a poké-shaped hole in the city's streetfood market. You can enjoy ready-made bowls, full of healthy ingredients, or hit the pick-and-mix-style counter and build your own. There's a range of bowls to choose from, like the classic ahi tuna topped with pineapple chilli salsa, wakame seaweed and sesame seeds, as well as bao buns.

Regency Café

A full English authority

Dating back to 1946, Regency Café is a British breakfast institution, with its smart and simple black-tiled exterior featured in numerous films and television series. They don't mess around when it comes to the fry-up, serving a proper full English at a low price. There's a concise menu of affordable sandwiches, salads, pasta dishes and specials available too.


Much-loved Italian joint

At this compact, unpretentious eatery in Westminster, you'll find all the things that make Italian cuisine such a global crowdpleaser. The setting is as simple and unassuming as the food, which includes different pizzas and pasta dishes, along with some starters and sides. Going by the praise they keep getting from satisfied customers, they must be doing something right.

The White Ferry

Burgers in a youthful setting

One of PubLove's trademark hostel pubs, The White Ferry in Victoria is both a pub and a backpackers's hostel. It's set in an elegant building that features two pub areas, a traditional Saloon Bar and a chill lounge with board games, as well as a kitchen. The latter is run by Burger Craft and serves a range of of juicy, tasty burgers. They're filled with decadent toppings such as grilled cheese slabs or blue cheese sauce, and there are loaded fries and other sides to choose from as well.

Counters full of goodies

The Gail's Bakery chain is known primarily for baking its own bread, pastries and cakes, sourcing the finest ingredients from small businesses. They're a popular breakfast and lunch choice as well, with various seasonal snacks stacked appealingly on the counter —spiced cauliflower and pickled aubergine sandwiches, soufflé egg and cheddar sliders, tarts and more. The restaurants are bright, modern and affordable.

Pizza Pilgrims

A slice of Naples

Outside of Italy, few can make classic Neapolitan pizzas as well as the Pizza Pilgrims chain. Their dedication to the intricacies of Neapolitan pizza crust is reflected in their “in crust we trust” motto. All of their ingredients are sourced directly from Italy, with only the highest-quality produce used. When it comes to flavours, there's a bit of everything to choose from — four cheeses, eight cheeses, 'nduja, spicy honey and much more.

Bleecker Burger

Top-rated budget burgers

The food at Bleecker Burger might be budget-friendly but the burgers are also ranked as some of the best around. The patties are made from rare-breed grass-fed beef for a flavour that's tough to replicate. Visit this casual spot to sample the straightforward menu of burgers and sides.

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