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Guides to Malmö

The guide to Malmö's best lunch restaurants

Lunch in Malmö

Finding somewhere to eat lunch out in Malmö means a plethora of options. To help you on your way, we've rounded up a list of really great lunch spots which combine excellent food with nice vibes. In the mood for fine dining in an historic building? Or perhaps your tastebuds are crying out for a...
Updated 6 Dec 2021
Malmö's best restaurant experiences

Restaurant experiences

The days when Malmö was lacking in really great restaurant are a distant memory. The city's restaurant scene is bursting with energy thanks to a combination of popular, long-established concepts and much-hyped new openings and relaunches. To make it easier for you to find the truly unique resta...
Updated 6 Dec 2021
The guide to fun children's activities in Malmö

Activities for children

Are you looking for something fun to do with kids in Malmö? No problem - Malmö is a family-friendly city with masses of exciting activities to choose from. In this guide we've listed things to do to suit children of all ages, that adults will generally enjoy too. From shopping to cinema to...
Updated 28 Apr 2022
The guide to nightclubs in Malmö


A last round at the pub or back to the hotel before it's time to head out again. But where to next? Malmö's nightclub scene has something for almost everyone. Follow our gide to the best dancefloors and the liveliest nightlife in town. From hip hop and Latino rhythms to indie pop and Eurovision...
Updated 25 May 2020
The guide to Malmö's best brunch


Brunch has become an increasingly popular way to treat yourself after a long week. You'll find various brunch options in Malmö in different price categories, but all with the same winning formula: moving the most important meal of the day back a few hours in order to enjoy a well-earned long li...
Updated 6 Dec 2021
The guide to the best shopping in Malmö

Shopping in Malmö

In a country whose capital city is regarded as one of the world's most fashion conscious, it's not surprising many visitors' thoughts turn to shopping. Malmö's shopping scene includes plenty of Stockholm names and international design, along with their own fashion and interiors gems. Browse amo...
Updated 23 Aug 2021
The guide to Malmö's best breakfast

Breakfast in Malmö

As everyone knows, a hearty breakfast is the most important meal of the day - and it can also be the most enjoyable. There are a few perky cafés in Malmö who open their doors bright and early to serve strong coffee, fresh juices, freshly-baked bread and other goodies to early birds poppi...
Updated 30 Jun 2020
The guide to Malmö's best bars

Best bars

Time to unwind with a glass of wine, an ice-cold beer or a fabulous cocktail at a really great bar in Malmö? It's not always easy to find your way to the hidden gems, particularly if you're new to the city, so we've done the groundwork for you and uncovered the top players on the Malmö bar...
Updated 2 Jun 2020
Getting around in Malmö - how to hire an electric scooter

Electric scooters

During the past year Malmö has undergone a major transformation when it comes to the best and quickest ways of getting around the city. The introduction of electric scooters onto the market has revolutionised the way both tourists and locals travel from A to B. These days you'll see people of a...
Updated 8 Jun 2020
Malmö's hottest restaurants at the moment

Hot restaurants

With so much happening on the Malmö restaurant scene it can be hard to keep track of all the hottest must-visits. But never fear, we've got our finger firmly on the pulse. From Michelin-starred restaurants and foodie favourites to hidden gems - these are the restaurants you shouldn't miss when...
Updated 6 Dec 2021
The guide to Malmö's best spas


There aren't many things that will refresh and re-energise your body and soul as quickly as a peaceful timeout at a spa, and Malmö has some wonderful oases to choose from when you're in need of some serious pampering. A deep body scrub, relaxing massage or invigorating spa treatment for your fa...
Updated 23 Aug 2021
The guide to cosy restaurants in Malmö

Cosy restaurants

Are you on the hunt for the perfect place to spend a romantic date, an intimate meal with friends or to surprise your father on father's day? We've listed Malmö's best restaurants for when candlelight, good food and a warm, intimate atmosphere are the order of the day. Follow our guide to Malmö...
Updated 6 Dec 2021
The guide to Malmö's best activities

Activities in Malmö

Fancy alternating lazy days with energetic activities or gathering together a group of friends for an adventure in the heart of the city? Malmö has plenty of activity options for when you're in the mood for doing something fun and active. Whether you want to make the most of the sun with outdoo...
Updated 12 Nov 2020
The guide to outings outside Malmö

Day trips

Are you in Malmö and fancy a little change of scene, or just want to experience something new? There are plenty of fantastic outings close to the city, as well as a little further afield towards Österlen or in neighbouring Denmark. Just an hour's drive will take you to picturesque villages...
Updated 21 Mar 2022
The guide to Malmö's best cafés

Cafés in Malmö

The Swedish tradition of fika (taking a pause for a coffee and something to eat at least twice a day) isn't just a wonderful part of our everyday culture, it's also made dedicated coffee-lovers into serious café connoisseurs. As a result, there's a large and ever-growing group of really great...
Updated 2 Jun 2020
The guide to Malmö's best hotels

Hotels in Malmö

Whether you're just passing through the city or you live in Malmö and are planning a spoiling staycation, a night or two in a really great hotel is always a good idea. Malmö has masses of fantastic hotels boasting first-class facilities and central locations close to the city's squares, re...
Updated 14 Apr 2021
Celebrate new year's eve in Malmö

New year's eve

New year's eve in Malmö offers everything from classic sit-down dinners to glamorous themed parties and fantastic fireworks at midnight. If you find yourself in the city and are looking for places to celebrate on new year's eve, follow our guide to various fun ways to round off the old year and...
Updated 8 Dec 2021
The guide to Malmö's best julbord


Christmas is fast approaching. Suddenly it's time for restaurants to start rolling meatballs and boiling toffee again. If you're longing for the jingling of sleighbells, the scent of spiced mulled wine and the sparkle of Christmas decorations, check out our guide to really great julbord Christmas bu...
Updated 16 Nov 2021
New year's eve dinner to take away in Malmö

Takeaway new year dinner

New year's eve is almost here and it's time to start planning your new year celebrations in Malmö. Hosting an elegant new year's eve dinner at home can mean a lot of work planning and preparing. Luckily, several top restaurants offer ready-made dinners and meal kits to take away, allowing you t...
Updated 8 Dec 2021
Christmas holidays in Malmö

Christmas holidays

The Christmas holidays are a wonderful time for rest and relaxation, as well as fun activities for the whole family during the school break. Follow our guide to an enjoyable Christmas break in Malmö, with plenty of ideas for things to do when you're free from work or school - everything from bo...
Updated 7 Dec 2021