Where to find Stockholm's best vintage and secondhand shops

Where to find Stockholm's best vintage and secondhand shops

Secondhand is a fun and sustainable way to bag a bargain - but it's not always easy knowing where to look. To make your hunt a little easier, we've rounded up the best vintage boutiques in Stockholm, with masses of one-off, pre-loved clothes to add to your wardrobe. Södermalm is a well-known secondhand mecca, but Östermalm, Vasastan and other parts of town also have some real gems for anyone looking to shop secondhand and vintage in Stockholm.

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  1. Vintage clothes and second-hand shops in Stockholm
    1. Beyond Retro – Well-stocked vintage mecca
    2. Humana Second Hand – Trendy secondhand
    3. Emmaus – 400 square metres of secondhand and vintage
    4. Stadsmissionen – Non-profit stores
    5. Myrorna – Bag a bargain
    6. Röda Korset – Contribute to a good cause
    7. Arkivet – Sustainable fashion
    8. Judits Second Hand – Finger on the pulse
    9. Herr Judit – Hand-picked togs for the trend-conscious man
    10. Lisa Larsson Second Hand – Where Stockholm's passion for secondhand was born
    11. POP Stockholm – Back to the Sixties
    12. 118 Second Läder – Leather pros
    13. Lotta Vintage – Original items
    14. Broadway & Sons – Timeless pioneers
    15. Aplace – Exclusive brands
    16. Weekday – Circular fashion
    17. ReRobe – Curated fashion
    18. STHLMGRÖN – Hand-selected in Europe
    19. Modern Retro – Vintage mecca
    20. Siv & Åke – Hand-picked retro gems
    21. Boutique Finest – "High fashion"
    22. Ninas Nuggets

Vintage clothes and second-hand shops in Stockholm

Well-stocked vintage mecca

Beyond Retro was an immediate success when it came to Stockholm and today it's a classic shopping destination, on a par with some of the largest etablished chains in the country. Their huge stores are filled to bursting with vintage and secondhand clothes and accessories and sharp eyes can usually spot the odd well-known blogger, as well as Stockholm fashion victims, browsing here.

Trendy secondhand

Popular among vintage aficionados, this store's more than 200 square metres are packed with clothes, accessories, bags and shoes. The well-organised racks can include labels such as YSL, Gucci and Moschino. 


400 square metres of secondhand and vintage

Emmaus has been a popular haunt of vintage and secondhand shoppers for some time. You can find cheap basics here as well as selected designer items. If you've got plenty of patience you're sure to bag a bargain. The store is restocked every day to ensure the selection's always interesting. 

Non-profit stores

Stadsmissionen has secondhand stores all over Stockholm. By buying clothes, furniture and household items here you're helping people get back on their feet and into employment. Don't forget to donate clothes and other items you no longer use - one person's trash is another's treasure.

Bag a bargain

Along with secondhand clothes, Myrorna also sell everything from interiors and kitchen appliances to books and games. Take your time and have a good hunt through the store and you're sure to bag a bargain.

Contribute to a good cause

Shop sustainably and donate to the Red Cross's good works at their secondhand shops. The stores' size and selection varies, but most of them sell donated homewares as well as clothes, shoes and accessories. With a little luck, you can find some real treasures.

Sustainable fashion

Trend-conscious and popular secondhand boutiques where they really know their fashion. They sell hand-picked clothes and accessories from a range of desirable designers, many of them from the latest collections.

Judits Second Hand

Finger on the pulse

Hornsgatan 75 is the place to go for vintage and secondhand shoppers in the know. Prices are a slightly higher than at other vintage boutiques, but this is usually justified by the extremely fashion-conscious selection. The staff really know their style trends here.

Herr Judit

Hand-picked togs for the trend-conscious man

Herr Judit is a well-stocked store for men with a serious passion for fashion. You'll find a hand-picked selection of second-hand items from highly desirable streetwear brands, accessories and more here. The store is a stone's throw from its sister store Judits Second Hand.

Lisa Larsson Second Hand

Where Stockholm's passion for secondhand was born

You'll find a wide selection of women's clothes from different eras at Lisa Larsson near Nytorget. The owner (Lisa Larsson) was one of the first to introduce secondhand as a shopping concept in Stockholm. This trendsetter's passion for vintage is obvious from her eclectic but well-chosen selection.

POP Stockholm

Back to the Sixties

Do you love Sixties and Seventies style? If so, POP Stockholm is the place for you. You'll find secondhand clothes from the Fifties to the Nineties, but the emphasis is on the Sixties and Seventies. Browse thousands of clothes, shoes and accessories in their jam-packed Åsögatan store in the heart of Södermalm. 

118 Second Läder

Leather pros

If you're looking for something pre-worn in leather or suede, this is absolutely the place to come. Everything from biker jackets to winter coats, bags, accessories, boots and clothes are stocked in this store, which is run with genuine passion.

Lotta Vintage

Original items

Lotta Vintage on Odenplan has a loyal following among vintage shoppers. The store is full of hand-selected clothes, shoes and accessories from the Sixties to the Nineties. A lot of their stock is sold via Instagram before it's hung out in the store, so keep an eye on their account.  

Broadway & Sons

Timeless pioneers

This family-owned vintage store was founded in Gothenburg in 1982 and is internationally renowned among vintage fans with a preference for military jackets, workwear and denim. You'll find garments to fill your entire wardrobe here, from canvas shoes to sweatshirts, jackets, jeans and duffel bags. 


Exclusive brands

The secondhand department at Aplace stocks a carefully edited selection of high quality pre-loved clothes from exclusive brands. The store has clothes for both men and women, along with shoes and accessories.

Circular fashion

As part of their goal to promote circular fashion, Weekday has a secondhand section inside their large store on Drottninggatan and their Götgatan store. You'll find a selection of shoes, clothes and accessories, all carefully selected and curated by the staff.


Curated fashion

ReRobe combines the best of top quality secondhand and vintage and makes it easily accessible via their digital platform as well as their physical store on Åsögatan. Bag iconic brands, accessories and shoes all looking for a new lease of life. ReRobe ensures the quality of the products and works as a middleman, whether you're buying or selling.


Hand-selected in Europe

Don't miss STHLMGRÖN when you're doing a round of the second-hand shops of Södermalm; it's close to Mariatorget, along with many other vintage and secondhand stores. They sell hand-selected key pieces sourced from flea markets and markets all over Europe. There's something here for all ages and styles, from designer brands to y2k fashion. The shop is regularly restocked, but the rail of new clothes is refreshed on Fridays. 

Modern Retro

Vintage mecca

Modern Retro, which can be found on Gotlandsgatan in Södermalm, is a true vintage mecca with clothes and accessories dating from the 1920s to the 1990s. Browse among everything from lamps to shoes and accessories. Much of what they sell in the store is deadstock, ie. unused vintage clothes from old warehouses.

Siv & Åke

Hand-picked retro gems

Siv & Åke is run by two siblings with a passion for really great vintage finds. They sell hand-picked clothes and accessories from all over the world, from the Fifties to the Nineties. Jewellery, sunglasses and leather jackets - you'll find all these and more in their range. They also organise art exhibitions in the store. 

Boutique Finest

"High fashion"

As the name would suggest, this is a boutique with an emphasis on the exclusive. They stock gorgeous accessories, glam dresses, luxe jackets and highly desirable bags and shoes from brands such as Kenzo, Chanel, Furla, Miu Miu, Dior and Jimmy Choo.

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