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Guides to Uppsala

The complete guide to activities in Uppsala


Looking for something fun to do with family, friends or work colleagues, or have you got a special occasion to celebrate? It's not always easy knowing what to do in a new city, particularly if you're just passing through. We've made the job a little easier for you by gathering together some of the b...
Updated 4 Mar 2021
The guide to Uppsala's best spas


It's not always easy to find peace and relaxation among the stress of everyday life. Sometimes you need more than a cup of tea in front of the telly to really let go of everything, and that's when it's time to check in to a great spa for a few hours. A facial, massage and pedicure later, or perhaps...
Updated 31 Aug 2020
Where to find the best lunch in Uppsala

Lunch in Uppsala

Uppsala's lunch offering has never been as extensive and varied as it is today, but it can still be hard to find the right restaurant when hunger starts to set in. Whether you're looking for a restaurant for a long business lunch, a hole in the wall for something quick and tasty on the run or some g...
Updated 7 Oct 2020
The guide to Uppsala's best hairdressers


A great hairdresser should treat your hair the way you want, but also be able to see the potential in your crowning glory and give you tips and advice on how to update and maintain your style. Craftsmanship and skill is at least as important as an awareness of trends and fashions. Getting on with yo...
Updated 24 Sep 2020
Uppsala's best bars


A perfectly balanced dry martini really sorts the wheat from the chaff bar-wise, particularly when serving beer as fast and cheaply as possible seems to be the main aim of many joints. Uppsala has a few really fabulous bars, from laid-back haunts to glamorous cocktail bars and sophisticated lounges...
Updated 20 Aug 2020
The guide to Uppsala's best brunch


What would a great weekend be without brunch? As the culmination of a long Sunday morning, a vital pick-me-up after a late Friday night, or just as an excuse to eat waffles and scrambled eggs on the same plate, brunch is hard to beat. Since globalisation introduced Swedes to this fantastic American...
Updated 14 Apr 2021
The guide to cosy restaurants in Uppsala

Cosy restaurants

When choosing a restaurant there are lots of different factors to take into account: how far you're willing to travel, what kind of food you feel like eating, how many people there are in your party and how much money you want to spend. But one of the most important factors is also the hardest to qu...
Updated 7 Oct 2020
The guide to Uppsala's best burgers


Good burgers can be found on menus all around Uppsala, from street kiosks to gourmet restaurants, but a really great burger is hard to find. The hamburger jungle can be hard to navigate for both locals and visitors but whether you're in the mood for cheap and cheerful fast food or a posher burger, T...
Updated 23 Aug 2021
The guide to Uppsala's best al fresco dining

Al fresco dining

When spring starts springing it's a shame to waste any precious good weather sitting indoors. Warm evenings and long, light Nordic nights ensure both food and drink tastes better al fresco. Outdoor dining areas popping up on streets and in courtyards are as sure a sign of spring in Uppsala as anemon...
Updated 13 Sep 2021
The guide to Uppsala's best takeaway restaurants


Sometimes you simply need food - fast, or perhaps you haven't got the energy to cook after a long week. Whether you're looking for a quick lunch option on the run or fancy a tasty curry dinner at home, this guide will help you find Uppsala's best takeaway food.
Updated 1 Jun 2021
The guide to Uppsala's best cafés

Cafés in Uppsala

There can't be many towns as packed with cafés as Uppsala. Cosy cafés, classic konditoris, fragrant bakeries and slick franchises can be found on every street corner, sometimes right next door to each other. In a city full of hard-working students and ambitious businesspeople it's not...
Updated 14 Apr 2021
The guide to Uppsala's best hotels


Staying at a really comfortable hotel is a large part of the holiday experience, whether you're new to town or treating yourself to a staycation. Wherever you're staying, your hotel is your sanctuary; a bad hotel can ruin your whole trip while a great hotel can give even the most stressed traveller...
Updated 27 Aug 2020