Guidelines for content

Below you’ll find guidelines for the content that you as a user can create on the site. Generally speaking, it’s easy to follow these guidelines, good old common sense is usually all you need. But just to be on the safe side, we recommend you read through these guidelines before starting to create content.


It’s important that the content you contribute is relevant. For example, if you’re reviewing a restaurant or other business you may not include political views or anything else that isn’t relevant to the customer experience. You may not write a review if you’ve been a guest of the restaurant or attended an event where your experience would differ from that of an ordinary guest. Your review must be based on your own experience and include information that will help future visitors.


When you create content for Thatsup you must be objective and independent. You may not review a family member’s business or a place you work yourself. We don’t allow businesses or owners to review themselves or competitors either. Business owners may not bribe their customers to write reviews.

Inappropriate content

Harassment, hate, threats etc do not belong on Thatsup.


Do not publish private information about other people, such as their personal details, close-up pictures etc. Don’t share codes for bonus points or other types of passwords. We allow names to be published on the site but think carefully about whether it’s really relevant to the review.


Only publish content that you have created yourself. Don’t threaten business owners. Don’t threaten or ask for money from business owners in return for doing something with your review.


When you write a review you should try to be as personal and honest as possible. You should also be very careful that the information you publish is factual. Don’t exaggerate or distort information in your review. Try to include as much information as possible about your experience to help other visitors.


Photographs uploaded onto Thatsup must be relevant and reflect an everyday experience of the business (ie. how it looks etc). Photos of more personal experiences (for example, a picture of you, your friends or a broken glass on the floor) are fine to upload, but they will probably be removed from the place’s photo gallery by an administrator (although they will remain in your review and your own photo gallery). Uploaded photographs may not be watermarked or include a logo. Photographs that don’t conform to our user conditions will immediately be deleted. Businesses may not upload photographs of their own business.


The more information about yourself your profile includes the more credible you’ll become, but remember that it’s important that everything you write is true. Inappropriate content is not allowed. Your account is personal and may not be connected to a business. Your user name must say who you are, ie. you cannot use, for example, the name of a pet or the name of an object.

If you work for Thatsup

Salespeople may not write reviews as they may be considered biased. As above, reviews may not be written about events or if you’ve been a guest of the business.


Reviews are information for visitors on our site and we don’t allow links in the review.

Reporting content that goes against our guidelines

Have you spotted something that goes against our guidelines or do you suspect a fake review? Use the report function which you’ll find in the right-hand corner of reviews.

Ps. If your report is approved you’ll receive a medal if you’re a member.



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