We’re thrilled that you’ve chosen to share your experiences with us here! Your involvement is greatly appreciated and helps guide our users to the city’s hidden gems. Did you know you can do a great deal more than just find tips and inspiration on the site? Here’s a summary of everything you can do as one of our members.

// Ida Berzén, Community Manager

Collect points

Any activity on the site gives you points, which help you advance to the next user level. For example, you receive points each time you write a review, upload a picture, get reactions to your content, create lists and much more. As you collect points you advance to the next level. You may have seen that some users have “Expert” or even “Master” on their profile? That’s because they’ve collected a lot of points. Here you can read more about the points system and see what levels there are.

Write reviews

Share your experiences. Your reviews mean a lot to our visitors and can help them find the city’s hidden gems. Long reviews give you extra points.

Upload pictures

Add value by uploading pictures to go with your reviews. You’ll receive more points and make the review more attractive and helpful to your readers.

React to other users’ reviews

Encourage other users by reacting to and liking their reviews. As well as simply liking, you can also react with, for example, ”😍 Nice” and ”😂 Haha”. You receive points for all reactions you get on your reviews.


You can create your own lists in your profile page. It could be a list of your favourite burger joints, or a more specific list like the best restaurants or hairdressers in a particular area. It’s up to you whether or not you want to make your lists public or not. Even if your list isn’t public, you can still share it with friends, but the list won’t appear as a suggestion for other users.

”Want to visit”

It's not easy finding the time to visit all the restaurants you’d like to. When you see somewhere that looks interesting, just mark it as “would like to visit”. Then you can refer back to the list on your page when it’s time to go out to eat. In future, your list will also appear on the map.

“Been here”

Some days you’re just not in the mood to write long reviews. Just mark the restaurant you’ve visited as “been here”. Then you can refer back to the list of places you’ve visited when you feel like writing about your experience. In future, this list will also appear on the map.

Write a profile

You can choose to write a short, or long, presentation of yourself which can encourage other users to follow you.

Add a profile picture

Uploading a profile picture makes your reviews more personal. If you verify your account with Facebook a profile picture will automatically be added and you don’t need to do it yourself. You can of course change your picture in your settings whenever you want to.

Follow other members

Follow other exciting users and friends. You can see what they’ve been up to under “Latest activity” and keep track of their reviews and other activity on the site.

Map search

Filter out the best spots for you with our search function. Looking for a cosy French restaurant that serves dinner and is within a 500 metre radius of where you are right now? No problem. Look here.


Do you know about our guides when looking for something in town? For example the city's hottest pubs, best hotels or most fun activities? You can easily find them under "Guides" in the navigation, or just by google eg. "Fun activities" because we usually appear in the top of the search result. In the guides you can easily save the places you find interesting in your own lists.


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