User levels

User levels

When you become active on the site you’ll start to earn points which allow you to climb the user- level ladder. For example, you get points when you write a review, upload pictures, create lists, etc. You also earn points when other members “react” to your reviews (by clicking “Like”, “Thanks!” or something similar), so it’s well worth writing great content. Bear in mind that reviews with pictures usually get more reactions.

Points system

As you gain points, your level will rise. Perhaps you’ve noticed that it says “Expert” or even “Master” on someone’s profile? That’s because they’ve earned lots of points. You can read more about the points system here. Below you can read more about the levels.

Registered (0 points)

Newbie (1 point)

Apprentice (30 points)

Talent (100 points)

Candidate (300 points)

Experienced (800 points)

Expert (2000 points)

Professional (4000 points)

Master (8000 points)

Legend (20 000 points)

There may be additional levels, but we’re not going to reveal them just yet 😉