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Electric scooters

Getting around in Malmö - how to hire an electric scooter

During the past year Malmö has undergone a major transformation when it comes to the best and quickest ways of getting around the city. The introduction of electric scooters onto the market has revolutionised the way both tourists and locals travel from A to B. These days you'll see people of all ages cruising around the streets on scooters, from street-styled teenagers to middle-aged, besuited businesspeople on their way to their next meeting. Naturally we've also included an alternative f...

Day trips

The guide to outings outside Malmö

Are you in Malmö and fancy a little change of scene, or just want to experience something new? There are plenty of fantastic outings close to the city, as well as a little further afield towards Österlen or in neighbouring Denmark. Just an hour's drive will take you to picturesque villages, farm shops, historic places, beautiful beaches and notable castles. Naturally, you can also head out on a day trip by bus or train. Follow our guide to the best places to explore outside Malmö...

Restaurant experiences

Malmö's best restaurant experiences

The days when Malmö was lacking in really great restaurant are a distant memory. The city's restaurant scene is bursting with energy thanks to a combination of popular, long-established concepts and much-hyped new openings and relaunches. To make it easier for you to find the truly unique restaurant experiences among the numerous options, follow our guide to restaurants that have that extra special something, from food and atmosphere to service. Quite simply, these are the restaurants you d...


The guide to Malmö's best brunch

Brunch has become an increasingly popular way to treat yourself after a long week. You'll find various brunch options in Malmö in different price categories, but all with the same winning formula: moving the most important meal of the day back a few hours in order to enjoy a well-earned long lie-in. Whether you fancy a luxurious champagne brunch or a simple breakfast at a local café, you'll find the inspiration and information you need in our guide to Malmö's best brunch spots.

Breakfast in Malmö

The guide to Malmö's best breakfast

As everyone knows, a hearty breakfast is the most important meal of the day - and it can also be the most enjoyable. There are a few perky cafés in Malmö who open their doors bright and early to serve strong coffee, fresh juices, freshly-baked bread and other goodies to early birds popping in before work or school. We at Thatsup have checked out the city's very best breakfast buffets, packages and à la carte breakfasts to set you up for the day. Follow our guide to Malmö'...