About Thatsup

About Thatsup

Thatsup, launched in London in 2022, is London's best restaurant and city guide. We aim to help you find the very best experience, no matter who or where you are. We’re also changing the way in which restaurants and other local businesses market themselves online.

We like to call ourselves a start-up because start-ups are associated with fast growth, big ambitions, tech, innovation, scalability and other exciting things. And, of course, we started out in a cellar in Stockholm, Sweden. 😉 But in fact we’re not really a start-up anymore, as we’ve been doing what we do for 15 years and are now Sweden’s largest restaurant and city guide.

In 2022, we went international, bringing our experience and know-how to the UK/London. Our London-based editorial team works tirelessly to hunt out all the best, latest happenings in the city. Alongside them, our online community contributes through reviews, lists and much more.

Work with us!

We want to work with the very best people. Do you think you’d fit into our dream team? Check out our careers page! If you want to find out more about our culture and what it’s like working at Thatsup, read our Culture Book.

Meet the team

Our fantastic team is the very heart of our operation. Each person carries unique experiences and knowledge that contribute to our common goal. Here are some of the faces that make a difference every day.

Ida Berzén Ida Berzén
Community Manager
Ida Berzén
Fredric Engelbrecht Fredric Engelbrecht
Head of sales
Fredric Engelbrecht 073-324 23 26
Carolina Baldal Carolina Baldal
Account Manager
Carolina Baldal 076-267 59 15
Elin Ekman Elin Ekman
Account Manager
Elin Ekman 076-024 40 41
Charlotte Ahlstrand Charlotte Ahlstrand
Account Manager
Charlotte Ahlstrand ‭076-306 41 90‬
Amanda Jensen Amanda Jensen
Account Manager
Amanda Jensen 076-882 23 66‬
Saga Nilsson Saga Nilsson
Saga Nilsson 073-503 52 01
Ammi Bengtsson Ammi Bengtsson
Executive Assistant
Ammi Bengtsson
David Lännerholm David Lännerholm
SEO & Analytics Lead
David Lännerholm
Emmi Anderberg Emmi Anderberg
Emmi Anderberg
Tatty Good Tatty Good
Editor (London) & Translator (Sweden)
Tatty Good
Jess Dellow Jess Dellow
Editor (London)
Jess Dellow
Daniel Sheppard Daniel Sheppard
Editor (London)
Daniel Sheppard
Tamsin Spargo Tamsin Spargo
Editor (London)
Tamsin Spargo
Fredrik Rollman Fredrik Rollman
Head of photo
Fredrik Rollman
Jack Törnqvist Jack Törnqvist
Photographer (Stockholm)
Jack Törnqvist
Yannick Lagher Yannick Lagher
Yannick Lagher
Ferdinand Forsman Ferdinand Forsman
Photographer (Gothenburg)
Ferdinand Forsman
Ellika Henrikson Ellika Henrikson
Photographer (Gothenburg)
Ellika Henrikson