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Increase your sales with restaurant photographs from Thatsup

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The fact is that great pictures are, after personal recommendations, the most important factor in converting guests. You’ve probably checked out a restaurant’s website yourself before deciding whether to book or not. You have a look around the website, read the menu etc. But the most important thing of all is great visual content. “A picture says more than a thousand words”, as the saying goes.

Thatsup is Sweden’s largest restaurant and lifestyle guide. We’ve been photographing local businesses, particularly restaurants, since 2008.

We’re now getting close to 10 000 photographic shoots. Our chief photographer, Fredrik Rollman, has been with us since 2009 and has created our imagery, which is a huge factor in our success as a guide.

If you want to be extra ambitious you can also have a video made, but it’s not obligatory. Naturally, we also do other photographic jobs, such as hotels, hairdressing salons, activities etc.

Frequently-asked questions

How much does it cost?

It completely depends on what you want, but from around 5 000 SEK and up. You can definitely find cheaper photographers, but when it comes to our combination of price and quality we’re hard to beat.

How long does it take?

It depends how big the job is, but count on at least 2 hours.

Is there anything we need to do?

If we’re taking pictures of the interior we would like the premises to be ready to shoot when we arrive. If we’re shooting food, we need a chef on hand to cook the dishes to be photographed.

How much space do you need?

We’ll work around you.


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Fredrik Rollman

Do you need a website?

It’s never been easier to get yourself a website. Thatsup delivers ready-to-go websites tailor-made for local businesses in record time.

  • No start-up cost
  • No fixed period
  • Dedicated contact person
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