The best gyms and fitness studios in London

The best gyms and fitness studios in London

Although the main form of exercise in London is probably traipsing up and down tube station corridors, the city offers a wealth of options for those looking to stay in shape. Whether you prefer lifting weights, practicing yoga, or taking high-intensity fitness classes, there's a gym in the capital that caters to your needs. Our guide to the best gyms and fitness studios in London highlights some of the top fitness facilities in the city, including their key features, specialities, and membership options. Whether you're a seasoned gym-goer or new to fitness, this guide will help you find the perfect place to work out in London.

In this guide
  1. Gyms and fitness studios in London
    1. Fitness First – Memberships to suit all needs
    2. Equinox – Five-star fitness luxury
    3. Third Space – Redefining luxury fitness
    4. UN1T – For intense goal-oriented training
    5. BXR – Elite boxing gyms
    6. 1Rebel – Pre- and post-workout pampering
    7. Blok – Cool, contemporary group workout studios
    8. Heartcore – Pile on the Pilates
    9. Jubilee Hall Gym – Massive Central London exercise factory
    10. Barry's – Burn, baby, burn
    11. Digme Fitness – A middle-of-the-road option you'll dig
    12. Milo and the Bull – Boutique South London gyms
    13. David Lloyd & Harbour Club – Among the foremost sport and wellness groups in Europe
    14. Foundry – A gym that doesn't intimidate
    15. Majestic Fitness – Building confidence
    16. Fitness4Less – Affordable and accessible
    17. Women-only gyms – Working out without any hassle or anxiety

Gyms and fitness studios in London

Memberships to suit all needs

A pioneering UK gym group, Fitness First runs a network of state-of-the-art gyms that covers all of London. Your membership level determines which gyms you can access, but you can always choose between multiple locations. The well-equipped gyms themselves include all sorts of group classes, professional personal trainers that can help determine the optimum workout for you, saunas and more. Some even boast a swimming pool.

Five-star fitness luxury

The Equinox gyms are some of the most lavish ones in the world, boasting luxury amenities such as the signature eucalyptus steam rooms, elevated lockers rooms with heated floors, stunningly designed surroundings, a complimentary laundry valet and more. It goes without saying that they have state-of-the-art equipment and professional personal trainers, of course, as well as that they aren't for every budget. If you do decide to join them, however, you can expect an opulent fitness playground.

Redefining luxury fitness

Shimmering ozone-treated pools with reduced chlorine. Boutique hotel-style changing rooms. Custom-built training rigs. London's first dedicated hot yoga studio. Saunas walled with Himalayan sea salt. Immersive studios with adaptive lighting. Hypoxic chambers. Laundry service. Facial recognition entrances. The list of incredible luxuries at the Third Space health clubs goes on and on, establishing them as one of the most elite fitness and wellbeing experiences in the city.

UN1T Southwark – Gyms and fitness studios
UN1T Southwark
UN1T Southwark – Gyms and fitness studios
UN1T Southwark
UN1T Southwark – Gyms and fitness studios
UN1T Southwark
UN1T Southwark – Gyms and fitness studios
UN1T Southwark
UN1T Southwark – Gyms and fitness studios
UN1T Southwark
UN1T Southwark – Gyms and fitness studios
UN1T Southwark
UN1T Southwark – Gyms and fitness studios
UN1T Southwark
UN1T Southwark – Gyms and fitness studios
UN1T Southwark

For intense goal-oriented training

If you're looking to achieve a specific goal when it comes to strength, conditioning and mobility, try UN1T. This state-of-the-art gym highlights 12-week training cycles designed to improve each member's individual performance through group classes. Carefully structured around science and constant performance tracking, UN1T training aims to build you up, not break you, and is similar to the methods used by champion athletes. The modern gym is fitted out with the latest in fitness technology to ensure you're in good hands, from priming through to recovery.

Elite boxing gyms

The BXR gyms are situated in award-winning, stylish venues around London. Using progressive training modalities, top-of-the-line equipment, professional trainers and upscale facilities and luxuries, they aim to provide their members with the best in fitness and training. If you want to gaze out at London while sculpting your body, head to BXR City and enjoy panoramic views from the 25th floor. The Canary Wharf location, meanwhile, is the group's first standalone studio for immersive group training.

Pre- and post-workout pampering

With stylish changing rooms, state-of-the-art sound systems and welcome post-workout services such as hair salons and spaces where you can relax with a coffee, 1Rebel makes sure you feel good even after the intense workout they put you through. The 1Rebel studios around London host a range of 45-minute classes geared towards results, with expert trainers and high-quality fitness equipment.

Cool, contemporary group workout studios

Regardless of their stylish setting, the trendy Blok gyms are guaranteed to make you sweat with their assortment of intense workout classes. You can attend group sessions of barre, calisthenics, yoga, boxing, pilates and more, with the option to buy classes as you go for full flexibility. The Blok gyms feature spacious, carefully designed spaces and welcome creature comforts such heated changing room floors.

Pile on the Pilates

The Heartcore studios have developed their own exercise method, a unique combination of Pilates and yoga that's designed to help you improve your physical and mental wellbeing. A range of different classes is available for you to choose from, including the signature Coreformer class for increasing strength, mobility and ease in everyday movement. A mat variant of the same class, more intense workouts, a pregnancy series, bespoke personal training and other options are offered as well.

Jubilee Hall Gym

Massive Central London exercise factory

It might seem improbable that there's room for a gym anywhere in Covent Garden, especially on a busy day, but looks can be deceiving. Jubilee Hall Gym is a huge venue covering 5000 sq ft in the Victorian flower market. It offers the full range of cardio and resistance machines, workout classes, a cycle studio, a café, massages and other treatments, and more. It's run by the not-for-profit Jubilee Hall Trust that promotes the health of the communities it's active in.

Burn, baby, burn

If you're after a hardcore training session with immediate results, venture into one of the Barry's Red Rooms. The ominous-sounding spaces show no mercy to calories, burning them at a rate of upwards of 1000 per hour. The workouts at this global group are challenging and intense, designed to help you reach levels of fitness you previously thought unattainable. After the bootcamp, you can head to the studios' Fuel Bars to rehydrate, recharge and recover.

A middle-of-the-road option you'll dig

Digme, previously known as Another_Space, is a brand of group workout gyms that can be found around the city. The Digme studios offer cycle, HIIT, yoga and other in-person classes, as well as more specialised sessions, for example strength-training, breathwork or wake-up walks that you can attend digitally via an app. Their studios are modern, stylishly designed and welcoming, but even if you're joining the classes from your home, you can be sure they'll make you sweat.

Boutique South London gyms

The Milo and the Bull gyms promote a simple, holistic approach to health and fitness. Book one of their various classes to put in the hard work, from rowing and strength-focused exercise to yoga and Pilates. Open-gym session, where you can use the equipment according to your own programme, are also available, while new mums and mums-to-be can attend Strong Mum course and bring their baby along.

Among the foremost sport and wellness groups in Europe

David Lloyd Leisure is Europe's largest health, fitness and leisure business by revenue, operating 130 clubs across nine countries. It provides lavish members' facilities for family-friendly relaxation and exercise. Their amenities include state-of-the-art gyms, heated indoor and outdoor pools, premium courts for racket sports, and indulgent spas. The gyms feature the full range of equipment and host signature classes, as well as offering personal training. The group's Harbour Clubs place even more of an emphasis on luxury.

A gym that doesn't intimidate

You don't have to feel intimidated at the gym if you head to Foundry. The vibe here is inclusive and supportive, with strong team spirit and a welcoming community of gym-goers. Dedicated personal trainers are on hand to help you get the most from your workouts, and a range of intense classes are offered to help you work up a sweat.

Majestic Fitness

Building confidence

Majestic Fitness is a Richmond gym that aims to provide a safe, friendly and welcoming environment for training and exercise, helping customers build their confidence as well as their body. The fully equipped gym also offers group classes and personal trainers who can design tailor-made sessions for your goals.

Affordable and accessible

The Fitness4Less gym group offers budget-friendly facilities and classes for all. At these well-equipped venues, you can take advantage of the open gym or attend an assortment of classes ranging from yoga to HIIT and Zumba sessions. Professional trainers are on hand to help you reach your fitness goals, and some of the branches also offer dedicated workout areas for women only.

Women-only gyms

Working out without any hassle or anxiety

Women-only gyms provide a welcoming environment where you can prioritise your health and wellbeing alongside other motivated women. If you're seeking personalised guidance from a female trainer dedicated to helping you reach your peak potential, or just prefer to immerse yourself in your own rhythm with the comforting presence of other women around, these gyms are just the thing.

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