Guide to the best new restaurants in London

Guide to the best new restaurants in London

Look, we'll level with you here – by the time you finish this paragraph, you'll already have fallen behind the swiftly changing restaurant scene in London. It's just the way it is with a city of this size and culinary verve, new spots popping up all over the place all the time. That being said, rest assured that our writers are tirelessly pounding the pavement, listening to the buzz on the streets and following their noses to bring you the latest scoop on the best new restaurants in London right here in this guide.

In this guide
  1. New British restaurants
    1. Jamie Oliver Catherine Street – 28 November 2023
    2. Cafe Kitty – 17 October 2023
    3. Brooklands – 4 October 2023
    4. Bistro Freddie – 30 September 2023
    5. Mauro Colagreco – 29 September 2023
    6. Bóha – 18 August 2023
    7. Red Vine – 24 July 2023
    8. The Portrait Restaurant – 5 July 2023
    9. 20 Berkeley – 17 May 2023
    10. Lasdun – 11 May 2023
  2. New Italian restaurants
    1. Tabisca – 25 December 2023
    2. Grasso – 28 November 2024
    3. Dalla – 9 November 2023
    4. Daroco – 16 October 2023
    5. Il Gattopardo – 6 October 2023
    6. Paper Moon – 2 October 2023
    7. Lavo – 15 September 2023
    8. Forza Wine – 7 September 2023
  3. New French restaurants
    1. Mistress of Mayfair – 16 February 2024
    2. Camille – 8 February 2024
    3. La Palombe – 14 November 2023
    4. Atelier Coupette – 12 October 2023
    5. Café Lapérouse – 3 October 2023
    6. Bébé Bob – 30 September 2023
    7. 65a – 5 September 2023
    8. 64 Goodge Street – 7 August 2023
    9. Pavyllon London – 1 July 2023
    10. The Midland Grand Dining Room – 2 May 2023
  4. New Spanish restaurants
    1. Boca a Boca – 28 November 2023
    2. Mountain – 11 July 2023
    3. The Campaner – 2 May 2023
  5. New Greek restaurants
    1. Evi's – 4 August 2023
  6. New Mediterranean restaurants
    1. Morchella – 20 February 2024
    2. Bellazul – 1 February 2024
    3. Saison – 29 September 2023
    4. Lula – 29 September 2023
    5. Wild Notting Hill – 20 September 2023
    6. Eve – 14 September 2023
  7. New European restaurants
    1. Kinkally – 12 December 2023
    2. Sune – 29 November 2023
    3. The Wolseley – 8 November 2023
    4. Baudry Greene – 12 October 2023
    5. London Stock – 4 October 2023
    6. England's Grace – 8 August 2023
    7. Dovetale – 13 July 2023
  8. New Middle Eastern restaurants
    1. Lilienblum – 19 May 2023
  9. New Mexican restaurants
    1. Ixchel – 22 November 2023
    2. Chayote – 12 October 2023
    3. Taco Taco – 8 September 2023
    4. Taca Tacos – 11 August 2023
    5. Zapote – 17 February 2023
  10. New South American restaurants
    1. Llama Inn – 1 September 2023
    2. Fazenda – 2 August 2023
  11. New Indian restaurants
    1. Keep Chaating – 11 February 2024
    2. The Tamil Crown – 18 November 2023
    3. Paro – 11 September 2023
    4. Empire Empire – 15 June 2023
  12. New Japanese restaurants
    1. Clap – 12 January 2024
    2. Juno – 11 January 2024
    3. Iné – 8 December 2023
    4. Edo Izakaya – 10 October 2023
    5. Sushi Kanesaka – 1 July 2023
  13. New Chinese restaurants
    1. Canton Blue – 12 September 2023
    2. House of Ming – 25 May 2023
  14. New Sri Lankan restaurants
    1. Karapincha – 23 August 2023
    2. Rambutan – 17 March 2023
  15. New Korean restaurants
    1. Korean Grill Kensington – 8 September 2023
  16. New Thai restaurants
    1. Kolae – 24 October 2023
  17. New Asian restaurants
    1. Singapulah – 16 February 2024
    2. The Freak Scene – 18 January 2024
    3. Big Night – 11 January 2024
    4. Gilgamesh – 4 December 2023
    5. Donia – 30 November 2023
  18. New African restaurants
    1. Akara – 24 October 2023
  19. New Caribbean restaurants
    1. Paradise Cove – 15 December 2023
    2. The Good Front Room – 17 July 2023
  20. New international restaurants
    1. Yum Bug – 20 February 2024
    2. Whyte's Restaurant – 7 December 2023
    3. Saltine – 25 October 2023
    4. Harrods Dining Hall – 7 October 2023
    5. Lórian – 4 July 2023
  21. New fusion restaurants
    1. La Bibliothèque – 26 October 2023
    2. Portobello 177 – 4 October 2023
    3. Geode – 14 September 2023
    4. Meat the Fish – 26 May 2023
  22. New steak restaurants
    1. Aragawa – 20 October 2023
    2. Grassfed – 2 August 2023
    3. Sheesh – 13 March 2023
  23. New seafood restaurants
    1. Pearly Queen – 11 November 2023
    2. Azzurra – 19 October 2023
    3. Kima – 26 July 2023
    4. Fish Game – 10 July 2023
    5. Manzi's – 29 June 2023
    6. Riviera – 21 April 2023
  24. New vegan restaurants
    1. Studio Gauthier – 3 July 2023
  25. New halal restaurants
    1. Coco – 19 May 2023
  26. New gastropubs
    1. The Butcher's Tap & Grill – 5 December 2023
    2. The Devonshire – 3 November 2023
    3. The Parakeet – 23 March 2023
  27. New burger restaurants
    1. Supernova – 3 October 2023

London's best new restaurants

The best new restaurants in London of the last 12 months

New British restaurants

Jamie Oliver Catherine Street

28 November 2023

Jamie Oliver's Catherine Street restaurant marks the famous chef's UK return, his first eatery here since his British restaurants went into administration. Situated in a Grade I-heritage building in Covent Garden, this ingredient-focused venue celebrates local vendors and British dishes, blending classic Oliver creations with fresh recipes and daily specials. It also features an alfresco terrace.

Cafe Kitty

17 October 2023

Cafe Kitty is the third venture from the proprietors of Kitty Fisher's and Cora Pearl. Echoing the group's signature culinary flair, the restaurant serves up contemporary takes on classic British dishes. Located within the Soho theatre's Underbelly Boulevard, Cafe Kitty offers special menus for pre- and post-show dining. Conveniently, you can book your table along with your ticket.


4 October 2023

Located on the eighth floor of The Peninsula hotel, Brooklands celebrates the illustrious legacy of British aviation and motorsport, serving innovative British cuisine by renowned chef Claude Bosi. The venue is adorned with a thoughtfully curated assortment of artifacts from the iconic Brooklands racetrack, featuring a vintage race car and a suspended scale-model Concorde. With awe-inspiring vistas of London's skyline, Brooklands fuses the finest British ingredients with time-honoured French culinary techniques.

Bistro Freddie

30 September 2023

The team behind Crispin has transformed the former Oklava location, introducing a bistro-style restaurant that celebrates British provenance. The menu showcases meticulously selected local ingredients in an exquisite culinary experience, featuring delectable dishes such as rabbit, bacon, and apple cider pie, or steamed marmalade pudding with vanilla custard. Although Bistro Freddie is tucked away from the main streets in the area, its delightful British cuisine, blending nostalgia and modern cooking techniques, is worth a detour.

Mauro Colagreco

29 September 2023

Renowned chef Mauro Colagreco's signature restaurant at the lavish Raffles London hotel, located in the historic Old War Office building, promises an exquisite dining journey from a chef who's won the highest accolades in the industry. Focusing on British produce with a touch of hyper-seasonality, this upscale eatery showcases Colagreco's gastronomic expertise in a lavish setting, serving lunch and dinner infused with Mediterranean nuances. A private chef's table experience, Mauro's Table, is available as well.


18 August 2023

Bóha is backed by "Made in Chelsea" celebrities Harvey Armstrong and Gareth Locke. The upscale venue is fashioned as a verdant eatery with decor echoing natural elements, and houses a 1920s-prohibition-inspired cocktail speakeasy in the basement. The menu centres on a blend of British and Irish gastronomy, with the whole experience designed to leave an unforgettable impression on the diners.

Red Vine

24 July 2023

A modern British restaurant in Clapham, Red Vine boasts a beautiful conservatory with stained-glass windows, as well as a garden area for true outdoor dining. The menu at this welcoming neighbourhood restaurant features an assortment of British dishes infused with Mediterranean flavours. The food is complemented by a curated wine list with vintages from all over Europe, including the owners' Welsh vineyard.

The Portrait Restaurant

5 July 2023

Situated within the newly renovated National Portrait Gallery, The Portrait Restaurant is a renowned dining establishment in London. Led by the acclaimed British chef and restaurateur Richard Corrigan, this restaurant offers breath-taking views of the London skyline from its top-floor location. Adorned with art pieces from the gallery's collection, Portrait Restaurant presents a seasonal British menu and features Corrigan's signature dishes, including the Crispy Oyster Croque Monsieur. The restaurant's bar offers a selection of fine wines and classic cocktails to accompany your meal.

20 Berkeley

17 May 2023

20 Berkeley is a new Mayfair restaurant backed by Creative Restaurant Group, the team behind Endo, Humo and Sumi. The fine dining venue promises “timeless flavours gathered from across the British Isles” and showcased through seasonal menus. The emphasis here is not just on the fresh ingredients, but on celebrating British craft, produce and design as a whole.


11 May 2023

Thanks to being backed by the team behind Marksman, one of the best gastropubs in the city, Lasdun is one of the year's more exciting new openings – and that's even before we get to its location, right in the heart of the National Theatre. Lasdun offers a menu reminiscent of an old English grill room, highlighting seafood and adding Marksman signatures such as seasonal pies and the famous brown butter & honey tart. Pre and post-theatre menus are available, along with private dining and a bar.

New Italian restaurants


25 December 2023

Originating from Lecce, Tabisca brings a touch of elegance to London as a restaurant and lounge, boasting a captivating interior adorned with striking artwork. Specialising in meat, its menu centres on premium cuts sourced globally, paired with an exquisite selection of fine wines. Located in Chelsea, a standout feature of Tabisca's menu includes an array of charcuterie and cheese platters, brimming with high-quality Italian meats and dairy products.


28 November 2024

Grasso, situated on Dean Street, is a New York Italian-style eatery offering an array of traditional dishes, including the signature spaghetti and meatballs, chicken Parmesan, a hefty Caesar salad, and a vodka sauce pizza. Spread across two floors, this venue features private dining spaces, a DJ booth, and twin bars, merging classic Italian warmth with a contemporary dining ambiance.


9 November 2023

Dalla encapsulates its founders' dream of a welcoming neighbourhood hub dishing out soothing Italian cuisine. Occupying the compact location that previously housed Bright, Dalla's intimate ambiance is enhanced with Italian designer touches, providing a serene oasis in bustling Hackney. Here, age-old Italian recipes meet contemporary surroundings, all paired with exquisite wines and a sense of coming home to family.


16 October 2023

A buzzy export from Paris, Daroco serves up authentic Italian cuisine, including wood-fired pizzas and handmade pasta, in an opulent setting beneath a signature mirrored ceiling. The Soho branch of this well-known French group draws on the Renaissance for inspiration, combining marble, brass, wood, and other natural materials in a grand dining area. It also has its own basement cocktail bar.

Il Gattopardo

6 October 2023

From the group responsible for Amazónico, Zuma, and Coya comes Il Gattopardo, a sophisticated fusion of Italian heritage and contemporary London sensibilities in Mayfair. Drawing inspiration from the 1960s, Il Gattopardo celebrates the good things in life. Expect a lavish setting, high-end cuisine, and long nights.

Paper Moon

2 October 2023

First opened in Milan in 1977, Paper Moon has grown into an upscale chain of Italian restaurants with a dedicated fanbase. The London venue is part of The OWO, London's latest food hall in Westminster. Expect favourite Italian recipes served in a cosy and intimate space with a warm atmosphere.


15 September 2023

With iconic establishments such as Hakkasan and Yauatcha in its portfolio, Tao Group is a proven quantity in these parts alreasy. Now it's expanding its sophisticated Italian dining brand to the UK with the opening of Lavo Ristorante at Marylebone's luxurious new BoTree hotel. Expect upscale coastal Italian fare such as tagliatelle with beluga caviar or a great big wagyu meatball on the menu, with all the glitz and lavishness that have made Lavo such a celebrity hotspot in Los Angeles.

Forza Wine

7 September 2023

Popular rooftop restaurant and wine bar Forza Wine is expanding with its largest location to date at the National Theatre. Just like the venue in Peckham, guests can expect great views, indoor or al fresco dining, and a natural wine list paired with small plates. Larger groups can order the entire menu and private dining facilities with one long table are available.

New French restaurants

Mistress of Mayfair

16 February 2024

Mistress of Mayfair, an elegant Parisian-style restaurant in St James's Street, specialises in sophisticated French cuisine with a contemporary flair. The menu features delicacies such as lobster rolls, caviar, and oysters, paired with a champagne trolley, classic cocktails, and an extensive wine selection. Adding to the lively vibe, DJs play music late into the night, though entry after 11pm is only for members.


8 February 2024

Camille, a charming French bistro with both indoor and outdoor seating, is run by the same group responsible for Ducksoup and Little Duck The Picklery. Situated in close proximity to Borough Market, Camille uses the fresh, locally-sourced ingredients available there to present a menu steeped in regional French culinary traditions, drawing inspiration from travels across France. The food is complemented by a thoughtfully selected wine list that features small, artisanal French winemakers.

La Palombe

14 November 2023

La Palombe, the sister establishment and next-door companion to Il Portico – London's longest-standing family-owned restaurant – specialises in French Basque-style grilling. The eatery prides itself on rustic dishes, top-notch ingredients, and upscale culinary techniques. It boasts an open kitchen design, highlighting a spacious open-fire grill and rotisserie, and also offers a selection of game meats on its menu.

Atelier Coupette

12 October 2023

Situated in the heart of Soho, Atelier Coupette is the younger counterpart to the globally acclaimed, award-winning cocktail haven, Coupette. With an eye towards experimentation, the bar invites patrons to sample exciting new concoction. Complementing the inventive drinks, the kitchen serves a range of small plates drawing inspiration from the nouvelle cuisine movement in France in the 1960s and 70s.

Café Lapérouse

3 October 2023

Famed Parisian institution Café Lapérouse is opening its first international outpost in around 250 years at the renovated OWO building in Whitehall. In a specially designed pavilion in the courtyard, the brasserie will provide all-day dining on French delicacies, from classic breakfast dishes to signature specials such as crab tartare or rigatoni with caviar.

Bébé Bob

30 September 2023

An offspring of the renowned Bob Bob Ricard luxury eateries, known for their ready flow of champagne at the touch of a button, Bébé Bob introduces a fresh concept. Firstly, the iconic champagne button is absent, and the culinary focus shifts to rotisserie chicken. Patrons can select from two French varieties, which are carved right at the table for a touch of drama. Bob Bob Ricard staples such as caviar and a chic Art Deco setting are still present and accounted for, but the place as a whole has a more informal vibe to it.


5 September 2023

This classic French brasserie in Old Spitalfields Market offers brunch, lunch, and dinner within its sophisticated setting. For those who prefer alfresco dining, covered seating in the market is also available. The menu, deeply rooted in traditional French cuisine, emphasises quality ingredients and culinary skill with staples such as French onion soup, steak tartare, and rotisserie chicken. 

64 Goodge Street

7 August 2023

64 Goodge Street is a contemporary French bistro that showcases the delectable and approachable cuisine of skilled chef Stuart Andrew. Offering a unique "outsider's perspective" on French cooking, the menu showcases authentic renditions of beloved French classics such as escargots, rabbit Niçoise, and lobster vol-au-vent. Complementing the culinary offerings is an international wine selection with a focus on Burgundy's finest vintages.

Pavyllon London

1 July 2023

In 2023, the Parisian headquarters of multi-Michelin-starred French chef Yannick Alléno received a London sibling, based at the luxurious Four Seasons Park Lane hotel. Pavyllon London is billed as a British expression of the celebrated chef's passion for life and serves food throughout the day. The menu features signature Parisian dishes and London exclusives, and the curated wine list is overseen by sommelier Vincent Javaux.

The Midland Grand Dining Room

2 May 2023

The Midland Grand Dining Room has taken over the premises previously occupied by The Gilbert Scott, bringing a delightful French culinary experience to the already vibrant King's Cross food scene. Head Chef Patrick Powell pays homage to the room's 19th-century heyday with a rotating menu of distinctly French dishes. Guests can indulge in signature delicacies like crab and elderflower pain perdu, chicken liver parfait with truffle and Madeira jelly, and the classic Grand Marnier soufflé. The stunning venue is a tribute to its Victorian heritage, blending modern updates with classic touches, and features a beautiful Gothic Bar at the front.

New Spanish restaurants

Boca a Boca

28 November 2023

Boca a Boca offers a taste of Spain throughout the day, presenting a diverse range of tapas and traditional regional delights like paella. Patrons can enjoy a curated selection of Spanish wines alongside their meals. The establishment includes a bar, an in-house jamoneria deli, and a private space available for events, which hosts activities such as wine tastings, live music sessions, and more.


11 July 2023

Mountain is a wood grill and wine bar located in Soho that features Spanish-inspired cuisine created by chef Tomos Parry, known for his work at Brat. The restaurant utilises locally sourced ingredients to offer traditional Spanish dishes, complemented by a wine selection curated by Noble Rot. The venue includes a sizable wooden counter bar and a cosy basement area with an open kitchen.

The Campaner

2 May 2023

The Campaner, situated in Chelsea, marks the inaugural London establishment of the team behind Terraza Martinez, a highly acclaimed restaurant in Barcelona. Drawing from its Spanish roots for inspiration, this all-day eatery partners with trusted British suppliers to offer oven-baked delicacies, as well as classic Terraza specialties like the monkfish and lobster casserole. In addition to Spanish breakfast choices, The Campaner indulges patrons with luxurious offerings, including caviar.

New Greek restaurants


4 August 2023

Evi Peroulaki and Conor Mills, fuelled by their love for food, made a life-changing decision in 2014 to introduce the beloved Greek dish, souvlaki, to London's vibrant street food scene. After becoming a fixture of the pop-up circuit as Souvlaki Street, they've now found a permanent home in East Dulwich. Their inaugural restaurant features their hallmark handmade pita wraps filled with various delicious options, accompanied by a diverse selection of sides and authentic Greek beverages.

New Mediterranean restaurants


20 February 2024

Morchella, created by the minds behind Perilla in Newington Green, offers a minimalist Mediterranean dining experience, complete with an adjacent wine bar. Echoing the spirit of its sister restaurant, Morchella aims to be a laid-back local haunt, perfect for unwinding and enjoying a variety of seasonal, shareable plates. The restaurant also offers options for private dining and outdoor seating.


1 February 2024

Led by a chef who previously honed his skills at Cecconi's and Cacciari's, Bellazul brings the warmth and friendliness of the Mediterranean to Marylebone. The restaurant and bar offer an extensive Mediterranean-inspired menu, featuring everything from tagines to pasta. Alongside these classic dishes, they introduce inventive twists like focaccia-infused gin, adding a unique flair to their culinary repertoire.


29 September 2023

The more casual of Mauro Colagreco's ventures at the prestigious Raffles London hotel at The OWO, Saison serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a bright space beneath a historic glass ceiling. Highlighting the globally renowned chef's commitment to local supply chains and hyper-seasonality, the all-day dining restaurant serves skilfully executed dishes with Mediterranean inflections.


29 September 2023

Under the direction of Instagram sensation Paul Delrez, Lula is a graceful Mediterranean eatery in Queen's Park, radiating a rustic charm. The menu showcases an array of sharing-style dishes such as scallops, bone marrow steak tartare, and cured salmon. In addition to its bar and terrace, the establishment boasts a secluded event area on the upper level, perfect for weddings and parties.

Wild Notting Hill

20 September 2023

Backed by the team from Wild Tavern and Wild Corner, this large round-the-clock dining establishment in Notting Hill follows the same principles in sourcing ingredients and presenting refreshing dishes. Wild Notting Hill focuses on the culinary highlights of the Mediterranean, starting with breakfast, and complements the food with a selection of exquisite wines and cocktails. Outdoor dining is available as well.

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Eve – New restaurants


14 September 2023

Eve is a chic multi-purpose venue, blending a restaurant, café, bar, and garden space, all adorned in soothing tones and greenery for an indoor garden feel. The restaurant, led by renowned Executive Chef Talia Prince, serves dishes inspired by the Eastern and Southern Mediterranean, while the coworking-friendly café offers light meals and beverages suitable for breakfast or lunch. In the evening, guests can unwind at the bar with an array of classic and signature cocktails, as well as a curated international wine list.

New European restaurants


12 December 2023

Kinkally in Fitzrovia offers an upscale spin on classic Georgian dumplings (khinkali), stuffing these miniature delicacies with ingredients like wagyu, butternut squash, and black truffle, or pheasant in a wild-mushroom broth. It also serves other Georgian small plates, desserts, and the like. The restaurant decor incorporates traditional Georgian symbols, yet maintains a light-hearted ambiance, further embracing its cheeky name with Bar Kinky in the basement.


29 November 2023

Developed by two experienced individuals in the hospitality industry, Sune is ideally located alongside the canal at Broadway Market, featuring a delightful outdoor seating area. The restaurant welcomes guests for lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch, offering a menu of meticulously crafted dishes, including options like ricotta gnudi with octopus and n'duja, or lamb neck served with apple mustard and peppercorn gravy.

The Wolseley

8 November 2023

Grand European-style café The Wolseley has long been a staple of Piccadilly's dining scene and now it's expanded to King William Street in The City. This all-day dining destination serves classic British and European dishes, and has several on-site bars as well as private dining facilities. The decor is inspired by the original location.

Baudry Greene

12 October 2023

A relaxed spot from the folks behind the nearby Parsons and The 10 Cases, Baudry Greene is a café and bar serving continental fare and drinks throughout the whole day. You can get your day off to a proper start with a hefty German breakfast plate or get a quick energy boost with snacks such as pan con tomate. Sandwiches, salads, and other lunchtime options are available, and in the evening you can unwind with a classic cocktail and tasty bar snacks.

London Stock

4 October 2023

After establishing its reputation as one of Wandsworth's culinary highlights, London Stock expanded to Mayfair in 2023. Under the expert hands of chefs with impressive credentials, this dining establishment offers contemporary European dishes with a seasonal flair in multiple-course tasting menus. Employing cutting-edge culinary techniques and high-quality British ingredients, the menu features delicacies such as glazed rabbit leg or cherry tomato risotto.

England's Grace

8 August 2023

England's Grace, adjacent to The Regent's Park, blends Australian brunch vibes with European gourmet dining, transitioning from a chic daytime café to an elegant evening venue. The menu showcases beloved dishes from both continents, paired with a global wine selection and assorted dessert choices.


13 July 2023

A new venture by acclaimed chef Tom Sellers of the two-Michelin-starred Story, Dovetale is part of the first 1 Hotel to open in Europe. Remaining committed to sustainability and seasonality, Sellers crafts an à la carte menu, accompanied by grilled specialities, a raw bar and plenty of fine vintages. For added excitement, there's a knickerbocker glory trolley for making the classic dessert at your table.

New Middle Eastern restaurants


19 May 2023

Following the success of his unconventional pita chain Miznon, celebrated Israeli chef Eyal Shani swiftly increased his footprint in the London restaurant scene. Lilienblum showcases his idiosyncratic menu descriptions and tantalising Tel Aviv cuisine in a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere. Diners can relish the food and each other's company while savouring shared plates, wines, and cocktails. The restaurant also features an outdoor terrace for patrons who prefer to dine al fresco.

New Mexican restaurants


22 November 2023

Situated in Chelsea, Ixchel is a modern Mexican eatery perfect for gatherings, thanks to its spacious tables that accommodate groups seeking to indulge in tacos and tequilas. Led by a skilled chef, the restaurant offers refined interpretations of ceviches, tostadas, quesadillas, and other beloved Mexican classics. Complementing the flavourful dishes is an extensive assortment of artisanal spirits from the Latin American country, also served in a hidden tequila bar.


12 October 2023

Chayote, a contemporary eatery melding Mexican and Peruvian tastes, highlights the culinary mastery of acclaimed chef Tomasz Baranski. Having built a rich legacy across Michelin-starred establishments in Spain, Mexico, and London, Baranski crafts imaginative Latin American dishes in a chic setting inspired by the Mexican chayote gourd. An artisanal cocktail selection and exquisite wines round off the gourmet experience.

Taco Taco

8 September 2023

Co-owned by renowned footballer Hakim Ziyech, updates the traditional Mexican snack with unconventional fillings. For example, the poke taco features marinated salmon in teriyaki sauce and pickled cucumbers, while a dessert-style taco filled with mascarpone mousse, caramelised banana, and good old Nutella offers a sweet twist. The restaurant also prides itself on its signature sourdough tortillas.

Taca Tacos

11 August 2023

Originally a popular pop-up and market stall, Taca Tacos is a laid-back spot offering genuine Mexican tacos and burritos with Californian flair, reflecting the founder's travels along the Pacific Coast. You can opt for tacos like chicken pibil or baja fish, or try the house speciality – a 6-hour slow-cooked Mexican beef combined with a mixture of robust chillies and seasonings. The group's second eatery in Peckham also boasts a garden space for open-air dining and margaritas.


17 February 2023

Newly arrived in Shoreditch, this warm, colourful restaurant is tastefully furnished in a vibrant, creative style. It boasts a lengthy bar where bartenders mix mezcal- and tequila-based cocktails. You can order bar snacks there, or get some small plates, sharers or other dishes from the main dining area. The kitchen at Zapote serves up contemporary riffs on traditional Mexican cuisine, including dishes such as wild mushroom quesadilla, or beef tartare taco with roasted bone marrow.

New South American restaurants

Llama Inn

1 September 2023

Llama Inn is a staple of the New York City culinary scene, and its inaugural UK branch is perched atop The Hoxton in Shoreditch. Occupying the hotel's rooftop restaurant, Llama Inn offers South American culinary treasures, with a pronounced focus on Peruvian ingredients, tastes, and heritage. The bartenders' mixology skills are noteworthy too, with the drinks list featuring signature NYC cocktails like the one-shot martini.


2 August 2023

Popular nationwide rodizio group Fazenda finally debuted in the capital, offering their award-winning South American grilled meats in a stylish venue at 100 Bishopsgate Tower. The rodizio-style ordering lets you control the flow of skewers paraded past you with a double-sided card, with sides and drinks available on request. The Bishopsgate branch of Fazenda spans two floors and also encompasses a mezzanine bar and several private dining rooms.

New Indian restaurants

Keep Chaating

11 February 2024

Keep Chaating in Covent Garden is an Indian street-food venue led by seasoned chef Priti Prakash, who holds a deep passion for traditional street food from her native India. The menu boasts a variety of aromatic and authentic Indian dishes, encompassing a range of curries, wok-fried specials, and snacks like parathas. This cosy restaurant features a classic Indian ambience and also offers a selection of breakfast dishes.

The Tamil Crown

18 November 2023

The founders of the successful Islington hotspot, The Tamil Prince, have returned with their second venture, The Tamil Crown. Located in Angel, this spacious two-story establishment also offers outdoor seating. Anticipate the same delectable South Indian fare that propelled The Tamil Prince to fame, featuring both beloved classics and innovative creations. Complement your meal with a selection of cocktails and Indian beers, all within a lively pub atmosphere.


11 September 2023

Paro is the debut solo project of acclaimed young chef Niaz Caan, who has an impressive background as the executive chef at the renowned City Spice in Brick Lane. The restaurant in the heart of Theatreland is adorned with tall windows and botanical relief artwork, and represents a homage to the city of Calcutta, with an assortment of Indian small plates and sharing dishes on the menu.

Empire Empire

15 June 2023

Inspired by India's golden age of art, culture and music, Empire Empire thrums with 1970s disco vibes and vintage Bollywood bangers. The Notting Hill restaurant is Gunpowder founder Harneet Baweja's response to people asking why his eateries don't have curry or bread, and serves hearty, affordable Indian fare – rich curries, charred kebabs, fresh naans and the like.

New Japanese restaurants


12 January 2024

Clap London is a premium Japanese dining concept originally launched in Dubai. The London branch occupies three floors of the K1 redevelopment in Knightsbridge, with the upmarket venue spanning a café on the ground floor, a lavish restaurant, and a rooftop bar with stunning views of the area. Expect a range of refined Japanese delicacies on the menu, including sushi and top-grade wagyu, as well as an omakase experience.


11 January 2024

A new venture from Los Mochis, Juno is an intimate omakase restaurant serving traditional Japanese dishes with a Mexican touch. Don't expect a menu here - instead you get 15 imaginative courses with drinks pairings available. This restaurant on the ground floor of Los Mochis has only six seats and two sittings per day, with diners eating in a low-lit and rustic space.


8 December 2023

Iné, the younger yet larger sibling of the renowned Taku omakase restaurant in Mayfair, continues the tradition of delivering an impeccable omakase experience, but at a friendlier price point. Located in Hampstead, Iné also features booths for à la carte dining, offering a full sushi and sashimi menu. On the first floor, you'll find a sophisticated bar for sake and snacks.

Edo Izakaya

10 October 2023

At their new Soho venture, the team behind popular Japanese grill Robata focuses on sushi rolls and sake. The classic and contemporary sushi on the menu is joined by an array of Japanese specialities and a lengthy sake list, which can also be enjoyed in the separate lounge bar. The modern restaurant features intricate woodwork and also offers a chef's table experience.

Sushi Kanesaka

1 July 2023

Sushi Kanesaka comes from top chef Shinji Kanesaka, serving luxurious multiple-course omakase meals in an intimate setting. There are nine counter seats plus a private dining space for four. The interior is carefully curated to evoke the feel of a traditional Tokyo sushi restaurant whilst the menu uses authentic imported ingredients and British seafood.

New Chinese restaurants

Canton Blue

12 September 2023

Located on the ground floor of the prestigious Peninsula Hotel, Canton Blue elegantly honours the historical bonds between Asian and British cultures. It presents innovative Cantonese cuisine in exquisitely decorated spaces, including intimate private booths and two unique private dining rooms. With refined service, captivating décor, and the artful preparation of dishes at the table, Canton Blue provides an immersive dining experience.

House of Ming

25 May 2023

Nestled within the St James' Court Taj Hotel in Westminster, the House of Ming stands as an opulent Chinese dining destination. Originally hailing from New Delhi, this elegant establishment is renowned for its exquisite Sichuan and Cantonese cuisine. The menu boasts a selection of luxurious delicacies, including delectable dishes like stir-fried lobster, prawn truffle siu mai, and their signature rendition of Peking duck, dramatically flamed right at your table.

New Sri Lankan restaurants


23 August 2023

Karapincha began as a Sri Lankan street food kiosk, appearing in citywide food markets. Now, their inaugural brick-and-mortars spot offers their trademark seasoned dishes in a cosy setting, also offering takeaway. Their handcrafted curries, rotis, and authentic recipes are budget-friendly, and they also encompass a generous range of vegan choices.


17 March 2023

Rambutan, the first restaurant from British-Sri Lankan chef Cynthia Shanmugalingam, draws inspiration from her culinary roots. The restaurant is spread across two floors, adorned with artwork by independent Sri Lankan designers. The daily changing menu features street-style snacks, larger plates, and seasonal curries, all staying true to the authenticity of the cuisine. The downstairs bar offers an array of cocktails, craft beers, and low-intervention wines to complement the food.

New Korean restaurants

Korean Grill Kensington

8 September 2023

The fun and theatricality of Korean barbecue comes to South Kensington thanks to Korean Grill Kensington. This smart and elegant restaurant lets you cook your preferred cuts of meat and extras yourself on a tabletop grill. You can also order appetisers and sides from the restaurant to complement your choices. There's a concise but varied drinks list too.

New Thai restaurants


24 October 2023

Backed by the team behind Som Saa, this Borough Market spot celebrates the vibrant flavours of authentic Thai cuisine. Here, the focus is on the titular cooking style that involves coating chicken, fish, seafood, and vegetarian options in a coconut marinade and grilling them over open flames. Occupying a three-storey venue housed in a former coach house, Kolae also encompasses an inviting outdoor courtyard and a private dining room.

New Asian restaurants


16 February 2024

Singapulah, a Soho-based restaurant and delicatessen, showcases the rich variety of Singaporean cuisine. Supported by the Singaporean government, this four-level establishment rotates its spotlight on various Singaporean brands and food manufacturers every six months. Authentic dishes in the restaurant incorporate these featured products, which are also available for purchase in the store.

The Freak Scene

18 January 2024

Scott Hallsworth, formerly of Nobu, reopened his successful pop-up as a permanent site in a warm and inviting venue in Fulham and is now hitting the expansion trail. The Balham restaurant showcases the chef's unique interpretation of pan-Asian cuisine, fusing together different culinary traditions in innovative ways. The menu features inventive dishes such as the iconic salmon sashimi pizza with truffle ponzu, and black cod tacos with scorched red chili salsa.

Big Night

11 January 2024

Big Night in the former Nest space provides the ideal relaxed setting for a, yes, big night out. Drawing inspiration from Japanese izakayas, this vibrant Hackney venue specialises in skewering an array of seasonal British ingredients and grilling them over charcoal, infusing flavours from across Asia. It's a lively spot to engage in uplifting conversations with friends while enjoying delicious small plates and drinks.


4 December 2023

Previously boasting the city's largest restaurant space, Gilgamesh London downsized to a more compact venue in 2023. Despite the reduction in size, the establishment maintains a grand presence with a lounge bar, a garden-themed mezzanine, and an intimate dining area on the lower level. The design takes inspiration from the “Epic of Gilgamesh”, while the upscale menu features a diverse array of dishes influenced by culinary traditions from across Asia.


30 November 2023

A new concept from the backers of notable Filipino ventures like Mamasons and Panadera, Donia joins Kingly Court as a restaurant deeply rooted in Filipino heritage. Patrons can anticipate a captivating selection of inventive Filipino culinary delights.

New African restaurants


24 October 2023

Akara, the sister establishment to the refined Akoko, draws its name from the popular black-eyed pea fritters relished across West Africa. The à la carte menu spotlights timeless West African flavours in street food and sharing dishes, alongside a generous offering of grilled meats and fish. The food is complemented by a creative cocktail selection, including popular concoctions from Akoko.

New Caribbean restaurants

Paradise Cove

15 December 2023

Paradise Cove London marks the exciting new chapter of Chef Tee's cherished local haunt, formerly known as Sugarcane. This spot continues to deliver genuine Caribbean cuisine in a relaxed and vibrant atmosphere. Despite its small size and the bustling crowd, the cosy space adds to the charm. The menu boasts a range of Caribbean favourites, featuring an abundance of fish, ribs, and plantains, and be sure to leave room for their signature rum-soaked cakes.

The Good Front Room

17 July 2023

The opulent Langham hotel is home to The Good Front Room, the ultimate reward on the Channel 4/Netflix show "Five Star Kitchen". Victorious chef Dominic Taylor has seized this remarkable chance to unveil his expertise in Caribbean cuisine, also honed through extensive travels. Aiming to revive and contemporise the flavours of the Caribbean, serves unique interpretations of cherished classics like curry goat and ackee and salt fish. To add an artistic touch, the beautiful space changes daily with captivating artwork.

New international restaurants

Yum Bug

20 February 2024

Yum Bug is a pioneering brand focusing on insect-based ingredients, especially edible crickets, touted as the future of food. Adventurous diners can choose from a menu offering an array of bug-infused dishes, such as cricket mince & pomegranate flatbreads, cricket kofte, or even whole roasted crickets as a snack. Yum Bug Restaurant was driven by the overwhelming popularity of the brand's pop-up events and features a stripped-down, industrial setting.

Whyte's Restaurant

7 December 2023

Celebrated chef Whyte Rushen transitioned from pop-up ventures to a permanent location in late 2023. In his snug, warmly lit restaurant in Hackney, he offers a menu featuring his signature eclectic dishes, drawing culinary inspiration from around the globe. The dining experience is enhanced by a variety of cocktails and a carefully chosen wine list that showcases international vintages.


25 October 2023

During the day, Saltine's guests can enjoy coffee, pastries, and sandwiches and other light fare. As the evening approaches, the ambiance shifts to a more formal dining experience, boasting a full dinner menu that highlights seasonal ingredients and farm-to-kitchen values. The restaurant is run by the team behind the Fink's coffee shops, with the kitchen helmed by skilled chef Phil Wood.

Sushi by Masa Kinoya Harrods The Grill at Harrods Kerridge's Fish & Chips Assembly Mezze & Skewers Pasta Evangelists
Sushi by Masa
Kinoya Harrods
The Grill at Harrods
Kerridge's Fish & Chips
Assembly Mezze & Skewers
Pasta Evangelists
Sushi by Masa Kinoya Harrods The Grill at Harrods Kerridge's Fish & Chips Assembly Mezze & Skewers Pasta Evangelists

7 October 2023

The relaunched Harrods Dining Hall is home to a star-studded line-up of globally acclaimed chefs. Familiar outlets Kerridge's Fish & Chips and The Grill have been joined by Masayoshi “Masa” Takayama's luxury omakase experience, an award-winning ramen bar, upmarket pasta specials, and Eastern Mediterranean sharing plates.

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    The Grill at Harrods
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    Kerridge's Fish & Chips
    Harrods, 87-135 Brompton Road
    Assembly Mezze & Skewers
    Harrods, 87-135 Brompton Road
    Pasta Evangelists
    Harrods, 87-135 Brompton Road
  • Sushi by Masa
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    The Grill at Harrods
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    Sushi by Masa
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  • Sushi by Masa Kinoya Harrods The Grill at Harrods Kerridge's Fish & Chips Assembly Mezze & Skewers Pasta Evangelists


4 July 2023

A 45-seater restaurant in Chelsea, Lórian focuses on local, seasonal and sustainable ingredients, showcased through chef Emily Dobbs' ever-changing veg-centric menu. The dishes here are simple yet filling and nourishing, for example grilled homegrown greens with lemon and seeds, or new potatoes and pumpkin seed romesco. The restaurant also features a delicatessen with takeaway salads, breads, pastries and cakes.

New fusion restaurants

La Bibliothèque

26 October 2023

MAP Maison sibling La Bibliothèque offers an elegant dining space, a cocktail bar styled as a library and boasting an extensive whisky collection, and chic accommodations on the upper floor. Blending the hip vibe of East London with modern opulence, it serves a menu infused with Mediterranean and Japanese touches, complemented by a selection of unique cocktails and rare whiskies.

Portobello 177

4 October 2023

Situated above acclaimed tiki bar Trailer Happiness in Notting Hill, Portobello 177 extends the bar's lively ambiance and serves a modern shared menu inspired by Caribbean and Japanese cuisine. Signature dishes, including braised oxtail paired with charred padron pepper puree or the burnt peach & coconut sorbet accompanied by kombucha syrup, pickled berries, shiso & toasted sesame oil, are accompanied by an assortment of rum-based cocktails from the downstairs bar and an array of fine wines.


14 September 2023

An upscale "vibe dining" spot in Knightsbridge, Geode unfolds across three levels of a Georgian townhouse, beginning with a cocktail bar on the ground floor with live music and DJs, and ascending to a mezzanine conservatory with an open-plan kitchen, culminating in an upper-floor dining space. Expert chefs curate the menu, infusing it with Asian and Mediterranean flavours, with special emphasis on the cocktails as well.

Meat the Fish

26 May 2023

Located in Chelsea, Meat the Fish is an all-day dining establishment that skilfully blends Mediterranean and Asian flavours. This culinary gem is operated by the same Lebanese group responsible for the renowned omakase spot, Mayha, in Marylebone. Having initially begun as a grocery delivery service, Meat the Fish understands the importance of quality ingredients and has cultivated strong partnerships with esteemed suppliers like Wright Brothers and Natoora. Thanks in part to the fresh produce, the sandwiches served here are often hailed as some of the finest in the world.

New steak restaurants


20 October 2023

Aragawa, considered one of the priciest restaurants in the world, chose Mayfair for its first opening outside of its native Japan. The prestigious Tokyo restaurant commands its high price tag thanks to its Kobe beef, an unmatched melt-in-your-mouth experience prepared and served with utmost care and expertise. The Mayfair outpost spans an open kitchen, with private dining options available as well.


2 August 2023

In Camden's two-storey venue Grassfed, renowned chef Paul Foster from Stratford-upon-Avon's Michelin-starred Salt passionately expresses his adoration for British beef of the highest quality. Emphasising sustainability and ethical sourcing, the restaurant takes pride in serving the most exquisite cuts, expertly cooked over hot coals to preserve their natural flavours and textures. 


13 March 2023

Sheesh, originally launched in Chigwell, is a refined celebrity hotspot, frequented by the likes of Harry Kane, Olly Murs, Russell Crowe, and Tyson Fury. The restaurant offers upmarket dishes such as wagyu burgers, truffle steaks, and lobster rolls, as well as charcoal-cooked shish kebabs that give it its name. The London branch, which recently opened, aims to attract similar patrons and features a coolly elegant setting with iron-wrought chairs and chandeliers, as well as a bar.

New seafood restaurants

Pearly Queen

11 November 2023

Located in Shoreditch, Pearly Queen is a trendy place to sample oysters and other inventive seafood dishes, paired with ocean-themed cocktails developed by drinks legend Max Venning. Visit the bar for drinks and snacks like shellfish hummus or have lunch or dinner in the restaurant, featuring indulgent seafood platters and 100-layer cuttlefish lasagne.


19 October 2023

One of Aqua Group's luxe eateries, Azzurra serves upscale Italian seafood in an ambiance that evokes the sea, complete with shimmering water projections and nautical decor. Drawing inspiration from the Amalfi Coast, the brunch, lunch, and dinner menu offers delicacies such as Scottish langoustine tartare or seafood carbonara. A raw bar, pizza station, pastries, and a cocktail bar are available as well.


26 July 2023

Located opposite its sister restaurant Opso, Kima is a seafood haven in Marylebone, offering contemporary Greek cuisine featuring the freshest fish and seafood. The cosy eatery boasts a counter showcasing the daily catch, allowing guests to select their seafood of choice. The kitchen then crafts a personalized menu tailored to each diner's preferences. Kima also prides itself on following a "fin-to-gill" approach, utilizing every part of the fish in their dishes.

Fish Game

10 July 2023

The evocatively named Fish Game finds its niche in where fans of fish and venison overlap. A new venture by Roberto Costa, the founder of the Macellaio RC steakhouses, Fish Game promises to grill fish and game meat over charcoal under the guidance of head chef Lello Favuzzi. The bar, meanwhile, will specialise in tequila.


29 June 2023

Inspired by a renowned, now-closed London seafood establishment of the same name, this new restaurant in Soho continues the tradition of fine seafood. Across two floors in Bateman's Buildings, including an outdoor terrace, the new Manzi's serves the catch of the day, fresh shellfish and other seafood delights in a nautically themed space. A private chamber is also available.


21 April 2023

Celebrating the elegance of Southern France, Riviera introduces the flavours of the Côte d'Azur to Mayfair, with a generous sprinkling of glamour. The restaurant is lavishly furnished, exuding opulence and luxuriousness in every aspect, from the interior decor to the decadent menu and meticulously chosen wine list. Anticipate relishing in lobster, scallops, king crab and other seafood sourced from the French Riviera, along with premium Champagne, all of which can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors on the terrace.

New vegan restaurants

Studio Gauthier

3 July 2023

The second of acclaimed chef Alexis Gauthier's plant-based eateries at the BFI Stephen Street building, Studio Gauthier continues the work of his Soho flagship, offering 100% vegan delicacies in a more laidback setting.

New halal restaurants


19 May 2023

The Coco Restaurants promote a teetotaller lifestyle by providing a variety of non-alcoholic options such as mocktails and alcohol-free wine. Despite the absence of alcohol, patrons can still indulge in extravagant dishes like gold-flaked steaks. The Canary Wharf location boasts a lavishly sophisticated ambiance that complements the upscale cuisine.

New gastropubs

The Butcher's Tap & Grill

5 December 2023

The Butcher's Tap & Grill in Chelsea represents an extension of famed Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge's similarly named gastropub in Marlow, albeit with a stronger nod to the "pub" aspect. Kerridge's quintessential pub grub will still feature prominently to complement the drinking, with comforting offerings such as burgers, hot dogs, and more.

The Devonshire

3 November 2023

The Devonshire in Soho is a traditional pub infused with contemporary culinary finesse and is the collaborative effort of two seasoned industry veterans: Oisin Rogers, the former landlord of The Guinea Grill, and Charlie Carroll, the founder of Flat Iron. On the ground floor, guests can revel in a lively pub atmosphere with homemade bar food, while the restaurant above showcases ambitious wood ember grilling.

The Parakeet

23 March 2023

The Parakeet is a new Kentish Town pub, taking over the space of the former The Oxford pub. Backed by the people behind The Blues Kitchen, the gastropub has chef Ben Allen, formerly of acclaimed restaurants such as Brat and Steirereck, overseeing matters in the kitchen. He'll be preparing a menu of ingredient-led, contemporary European fare, cooked over fire and changing according to the seasons. The usual drinks offerings will also be available from the bar.

New burger restaurants


3 October 2023

Supernova is situated in the heart of the capital and specialises in crafting mouth-watering burgers. Putting premium ingredients to work, the Supernova menu features just two versions of the classic burger – that's how sure of their abilities they are. To go with your burger at this takeaway joint, you can order fries or sundaes.

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