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Guide to the best cafés in London


Café, coffee shop, coffee house, espresso bar – no matter what you call them, London has plenty of places to hit up when you need a quick fix of java and a break. The coffee shops in the capital range from speedy takeaway outposts to laidback eateries that place as much of an emphasis on the food as...
22 Apr 2024
The best Turkish breakfast in London

Turkish breakfast

London is a cultural melting pot with cuisines from all around the world, and one of those they excel in is Turkish. From traditional Anatolian flavours to modern twists on classic favourites, explore the flavoursome and diverse breakfast offerings that London's Turkish restaurants have to offer. He...
14 Mar 2024
Guide to affordable afternoon tea in London

Affordable afternoon tea

London is home to a vast range of afternoon teas, including many that are extravagant and expensive. If that's not your style or you want the experience without breaking the bank, you can find a cheap afternoon tea in the capital that gives you the grandeur you want without sending you into your ove...
10 Apr 2024
The best breakfast with a view in London

Breakfast with a view

A delicious meal can only be enhanced by wonderful views and London offers lots of places where you can eat in a scenic spot. Whether you prefer to see parks, the Thames, or the bustling cityscape, the capital has an eatery with a view to match, and many of these venues serve breakfast. We've listed...
29 Dec 2023
Guide to the best cafés in King's Cross

Cafés in King's Cross

With King's Cross being such a major hub for both commuters and travellers from all over the country, caffeine plays a big role in keeping everything running smoothly. If you're a coffee lover, you'll be delighted to know that the area is home to some of the top cafés in London. Whether you'r...
5 Sep 2023
The best halal breakfast in London

Halal breakfast

We love a big breakfast in London but your typical fry-up isn't ideal for Muslim diners. Thankfully London is home to lots of places that offer halal-friendly fry-ups and other mouthwatering breakfast options so that no one misses out on a tasty start to the day. We've put together this list to show...
20 Dec 2023
Guide to the best cafés in Soho

Cafés in Soho

It may measure one measly square mile, but Soho still packs a punch when it comes to gastronomy. It's long been a top spot for wining and dining in London, from cosy speakeasies and revolutionary restaurants to buzzy backstreet bars. But it doesn’t stop there; this eclectic neighbourhood also...
22 Nov 2023
Guide to the best cafés in Victoria

Cafés in Victoria

Home to countless restaurants, bars, cafés, theatres and one of the city’s top transport hubs, Victoria is brimming with places to see and things to do. You don’t have to look too far for a good quality cup of java or a quick bite to eat in Victoria, the district is teeming with c...
19 Feb 2024
Guide to brunch in South Kensington

Brunch in South Kensington

An affluent part of the city that's home to some of London's most famous museums, South Kensington is bustling with both locals and tourists. There's a lot to discover around here, including some fantastic places to eat. You'll be spoilt for choice if you're interested in having brunch near South Ke...
31 Oct 2023
Guide to cat cafés in London

Cat cafés

If coffee, cakes and cats sounds like your idea of heaven, then you’ve come to the right place. Nothing quite beats the feeling of a cat purring in your lap as you take that first sip of your morning coffee. But what if you don’t have a cat? These London cafés have got you covered...
4 Dec 2023
Guide to halal brunch in London

Halal brunch

Londoners love brunch, whether it's a big boozy affair or something a bit more sedate. The city is home to a wide variety of brunches, and when it comes to halal brunch places, London doesn't disappoint. With plenty of options around the capital, we can help you find a delicious halal brunch London-...
12 Apr 2024
The best gluten-free breakfast in London

Gluten-free breakfast

Dietary requirements are no barrier to enjoying delicious food at any time of day in London. Many restaurants in the capital offer tempting breakfast menus that include options for various dietary needs, including gluten-free diners. If you're avoiding gluten but still want a mouthwatering start to...
1 Mar 2024
Guide to the best matcha in London


With its vibrant green colour, distinctive taste, and versatility in both food and drinks, it's no surprise that matcha has become a big hit in London. From traditional tea-drinking experiences to innovative desserts, there are lots of ways to get your matcha fix in the capital. If you're a devotee...
27 Mar 2024
Guide to the best cafés in Richmond

Cafés in Richmond

With its riverside location, wide open park spaces and upmarket lifestyle, Richmond seems tailormade for chilling and socialising in cafés – and it certainly doesn't disappoint in that regard. Whether you're looking to hang out over a drawn-out brunch or need a caffeine jolt to pick you...
22 Apr 2024
Where to eat Scandinavian food in London

Scandinavian food

Scandinavia is the northern and snowy bit of Europe where you'll find Denmark, Norway, and the very place where Thatsup first began – Sweden. Whether you're a Nordic ex-pat or you just want some extra Scandi cosiness in your life, there are lots of restaurants, bars and cafés where you...
26 Feb 2024
Guide to the best cafés in Shoreditch

Cafés in Shoreditch

With all the creative types running around Shoreditch, coffee is undoubtedly the lifeblood of this trendy neighbourhood, and cafés are a vital sanctuary for refuelling, exchanging ideas, getting some work done, or taking a load off. Speciality coffee culture has firmly established itself as p...
21 Nov 2023
Guide to the best afternoon tea in London

Afternoon tea

England is the home of afternoon tea so where better to enjoy this treat than London? There are a huge variety of afternoon teas available throughout the city, ranging from classic experiences to boozy afternoons and creative twists on the traditional tea. Not sure how to find the perfect afternoon...
22 Feb 2024
Guide to the best cafés in Islington

Cafés in Islington

Islington has lots going on, including a wide variety of cafés where you can relax with a speciality coffee or a delicious snack. Whichever part of the borough you're exploring, there's a local venue sure to tempt you, whether you like a proper British caff or a cosy bolthole. If you're wondering ab...
6 Feb 2024
Guide to the best afternoon tea in Covent Garden

Afternoon tea in Covent Garden

It's hard to get more quintessentially British than indulging in afternoon tea in Covent Garden. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a born-and-bred Londoner, there's just something about the tiered platter of different goodies that makes you feel fancy and cosy at the same time, and one of Londo...
22 Feb 2024
Guide to the best cafés in Covent Garden

Cafés in Covent Garden

Bustling Covent Garden is a wonderful spot for people-watching in London. What could be a better way of soaking up the atmosphere than holing up in a comfortable café that serves delicious food and drinks? When you're searching for a coffee shop or café Covent Garden is an ideal place to be. Find a...
20 Mar 2024
Guide to the best cafés in Brixton

Cafés in Brixton

There’s always something going on in Brixton. The area is maybe best known for its bustling markets and lively nightlife but if you’re after something a bit calmer, why not head to a café in the local area? Brixton has a variety of cafés and coffee shops that are the ideal...
5 Sep 2023
Guide to the best patisseries in London


You don't have to hop across the Channel to treat yourself at some of the finest patisseries that the world has to offer. Whether you're on the hunt for the best pastries London has to tantalise your tastebuds, the timeless elegance of a French patisserie, or the delicate intricacies of a Japanese p...
5 Feb 2024
Guide to brunch in Richmond

Brunch in Richmond

Welcome to our guide to the best brunch in Richmond. From cosy cafés to upscale restaurants, this vibrant borough has something for everyone, and hordes of Londoners converge here every weekend to indulge in their favourite morning meal. Whether you're in the mood for a classic full English o...
22 Apr 2024
The best French toast in London

French toast

Many Londoners are partial to the odd fry-up but sometimes you want to begin your day in a sweeter way. Comforting French toast with fruity, creamy, or chocolatey toppings (or any combination of the above) is a delicious option for breakfast or brunch. If you're a dedicated lover of eggy bread and w...
30 Jan 2024
Guide to brunch in Camden

Brunch in Camden

Brunch is a real crowd-pleaser; it can be a relaxing way to ease into your weekend or a boozy opportunity for an all-out party. If you’re spending time in Camden at the weekend and want to join the brunch fun, there are lots of options to help you begin your day in the area. From vegan food to...
5 Sep 2023
Guide to the best cafés in Peckham

Cafés in Peckham

From artisanal roasters in hidden nooks to community hubs and stylish spaces at busy thoroughfares, vibrant Peckham's café scene is both diverse and delightful. There's no shortage of cool spots for a quick bite and a relaxing break among Peckham cafés. Whether you're a local seeking a new haunt or...
6 Oct 2023
Guide to the best cafés in Camden

Cafés in Camden

Camden might be well-known for its nightlife but if you’re craving a good cup of coffee you won’t miss out in this area either. In this part of the city brimming with independent traders, you’ll find lots of independent cafés and coffee shops that are the perfect pitstop for...
22 Nov 2023
Work and study-friendly cafés in London

Work-friendly cafés

Sometimes working remotely can be a bit of a drag and you need to get out of the house. If you're a freelancer or remote worker and you're having one of those days, heading to one of London's work-friendly cafés can be an ideal way to switch up your work environment, feel less isolated, and enjoy ta...
17 Oct 2023
Guide to brunch in Greenwich

Brunch in Greenwich

A riverside brunch sounds like a fab way to start the weekend and there are plenty of places to visit in Greenwich if you’d like to do exactly that. From big parties with bottomless drinks to cosy local cafés who’ll cook eggs for you at any time of day, Greenwich has a great varie...
11 Oct 2023
The best breakfast in London


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so make sure you don't miss it. Whether you wake up craving a full English or you like to start the morning (or afternoon) with something a bit lighter, there are some brilliant breakfasts waiting to help you greet the day in the capital. If you're won...
12 Apr 2024
The best greasy spoons in London

Greasy spoons

Café, caff, greasy it what you will, you know the kind of place we're talking about. It may not be fancy, it may not be Michelin-starred, but this type of café is a must-visit for casual and affordable cooking and all-day breakfasts, whether you're nursing a hangover or you're just hung...
20 Dec 2023
Guide to vegan afternoon tea in London

Vegan afternoon tea

Afternoon tea is an English tradition so it only makes sense that everyone should be able to enjoy it. If you’re a vegan foodie, there are venues across London offering plant-based afternoon teas that are every bit as tempting as the traditional version. Get ready to indulge in tasty savouries...
22 Feb 2024
The best places for tea in London

Tea houses

Here in the UK we have a reputation as big tea drinkers, so it's not too hard to find a great place for a cup of tea in London. It's not only the English style of tea that we have here – there are plenty of global takes on the drink available, including warming spicy chai or green matcha. If you wan...
28 Mar 2024
Guide to the best cafés in London Bridge

Cafés in London Bridge

There have been a string of cool new coffee shops popping up all over the city in recent years, especially in London Bridge where there are a fair few places you can get your much-needed caffeine fix. Whether you fancy an iced latté alfresco in the summer sunshine or you’d rather stay t...
10 Oct 2023
The best vegetarian breakfast in London

Vegetarian breakfast

As more people embrace plant-based diets, London has responded with an array of vegetarian breakfast options that go beyond just switching out the sausage for halloumi in your fry-up. The best vegetarian breakfasts London has to offer can be found in cosy cafés, quaint eateries, and well-established...
14 Mar 2024
The best coffee shops in London

Coffee shops

Although England is often associated with tea, coffee culture has been thriving in London and around the country for quite some time now. If you need some rocket fuel to get you through the day or want a gourmet cup of artisan coffee to savour, this city won’t let you down with its great varie...
23 Apr 2024
The best ice cream in London

Ice cream

When the summer heat kicks in, there’s no better way to cool down than with a nice scoop of delicious ice cream – and if there is, we don’t want to hear about it. Ice cream cones, cups, sandwiches and more, in flavours ranging from classic to wildly experimental, can be found all o...
24 Jan 2024
Guide to the best cafés in Notting Hill

Cafés in Notting Hill

Heading to a café for a fresh cup of coffee and a snack is a fun way to get together with friends or simply kill some time if you’re on your own. With Notting Hill being a buzzy part of the capital, you’ll find plenty of cafés in the area catering to all types of visitors,...
12 Oct 2023
Guide to the best desserts in London


If you’ve got a sweet tooth, London is the place to be. Ranging from trendsetting sugary treats on the go to painstakingly crafted dessert marvels, the capital is where you’ll find some of world’s greatest pâtissiers plying their craft and coming up with creative puddings to...
3 Apr 2024
Guide to brunch in Brixton

Brunch in Brixton

You can certainly have some big nights out in Brixton and brunch is the ideal cure-all for the day after. There are local cafés serving up all-day breakfast dishes, as well as lively venues offering bottomless experiences if you weren’t out the night before. Regardless of what kind of b...
5 Sep 2023
Guide to the best cafés in Hackney Wick

Cafés in Hackney Wick

Located in the heart of East London, Hackney Wick is a buzzy neighbourhood that's made a name for being a hub for all things creative. However, it's also got a pretty impressive café scene, from classic greasy spoons to slightly gentrified but oh-so-nice coffee spots. Join us as we explore the hidde...
23 Oct 2023
Where to eat at London City Airport

Restaurants at London City Airport

Flying into most of London's airports means that you have to travel into the city but if you land at London City Airport you're immediately in the heart of London. Particularly popular with business travellers, you might be on a tight schedule when you're travelling through this airport but luckily...
15 Nov 2023
Guide to gluten-free afternoon tea in London

Gluten-free afternoon tea

Centred around sandwiches, cakes, and pastries, you could easily think that a gluten-free diet means you have to miss out on a traditional afternoon tea. Fortunately that's not the case in London. Around the city there are a variety of venues that offer afternoon tea and cater to special dietary req...
5 Dec 2023
The best full English breakfast in London

Full English breakfast

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? But a classic full English is more like a way of life for us Brits. The full English breakfast dates back to the 1300s when it was deemed a luxury enjoyed by only the wealthiest folk and is one of the oldest traditional dishes in Engli...
21 Feb 2024
Guide to the best cafés in Hackney

Cafés in Hackney

Known for its eclectic community, incredible places to wine and dine, bustling bars and stylish independent shopping opportunities, it’s no surprise that an area as vibrant as Hackney is also chock-full of great cafés. Whether you want to get your head down in a co-working coffee shop w...
18 Dec 2023
Guide to community cafés in London

Community cafés

London may be chock full of chain food and drink options, but if you look beyond the bustling high streets, you’ll find an independent community café scene that does a lot more than simply serve a great cup of coffee. From vegan social enterprise cafés to cafés donating a...
13 Feb 2024
Guide to brunch in Kensington

Brunch in Kensington

Full of national embassies, grand parks, royal residences, and major venues like Olympia London, Kensington is a busy part of the city that's popular with visitors as well as locals. If you're after a delicious brunch Kensington doesn't disappoint. Around this area there are a variety of cafés and r...
2 Nov 2023
The best vegan breakfast in London

Vegan breakfast

A delicious breakfast sets you up for a great day and London is home to tons of eateries serving breakfast when you don't want to make it yourself. This includes places that serve tasty plant-based breakfasts. Some of these establishments are 100% vegan whilst others offer an inclusive menu with gre...
3 Jan 2024
Guide to themed afternoon tea in London

Themed afternoon tea

Afternoon tea is a time-honoured English tradition...but what if you think tradition is boring and you want something a bit more fun? The huge range of afternoon teas available in London means there's plenty of choice, whether you want to try a global take on the experience or a fun and creative the...
10 Apr 2024
Guide to the best cafés in Clapham

Cafés in Clapham

Clapham is jam-packed with great bars, restaurants, and pubs, giving it a well-deserved reputation as a fun and exciting part of the city to be in. Clapham coffee shops don't disappoint either; there are many places in the area where you can go for top-quality coffee, brunch, and tempting snacks. We...
4 Oct 2023