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Where to find the best children's clothes shops in London

Children's clothes shops

Buying children’s clothes isn’t always easy – they’ve got to make your kids feel comfortable, stand up to some wear and tear, fit growing bodies, and look decent too. It might sound like an impossible task but fortunately there are lots of kids’ clothing shops in London...
15 Nov 2023
The best sneaker shops in London

Sneaker shops

Over the years, London has developed a sneaker culture that easily rivals the US, with trainers a key status symbol among the city's youth, particularly on the flourishing and influential grime music scene. With the rise of athleisure as a global fashion trend, London's obsession with creps only int...
5 Sep 2023
Guide to shopping in Soho

Stores in Soho

Known for its rich history and cultural diversity, Soho has retained an independent spirit to this day. Even though many of the world's top commercial brands have moved in, this vibrant London area is still home to eclectic record stores, quirky specialist shops, and other unusual retailers, making...
11 Oct 2023
Guide to music shops in London

Music stores

Whether you're a professional musician or you play an instrument as a hobby, having the right kit for making great music is essential. Luckily London is a creative city and around the capital you'll find a range of musical instrument stores like guitar shops and piano showrooms, typically staffed by...
11 Oct 2023
Guide to shopping in London


Online shopping might be on the rise but London is still world-renowned as a fantastic shopping destination. Shopping in London has something for everyone – glitzy department store? We’ve got them! Cool markets? That too. Something for that very niche interest you have and only admit to...
12 Oct 2023
The guide to great gift shops in London

Gift shops

Choosing the right gift can be tricky sometimes, and we all know that some of our loved ones are easier to buy for than others. From extravagant gifts to little tokens of your affection, there are great options all over the city, from gift shops in North London stocked with unique items to impress o...
17 Nov 2023
Guide to Asian supermarkets in London

Asian shops

One of the advantages of living in London is having access to so many global cuisines, in terms of both restaurants and shops and supermarkets. If you're after authentic Asian ingredients and products for your recipes or you're an ex-pat craving a taste of home, there are a wide variety of Asian sup...
11 Oct 2023
Guide to shopping in Angel

Stores in Angel

There's lots of choice if you're going shopping in Angel. From bustling Chapel Market and the Angel Central shopping centre to the cute boutiques of Camden Passage, there's a whole lot to discover whatever you're looking for. If you're searching for fashion, homeware, books, or delicious things to e...
5 Sep 2023
Guide to shopping in Notting Hill

Stores in Notting Hill

If you're heading to Notting Hill, there are loads of exciting places to explore, from trendy restaurants and cafés to shops and famous markets like Portobello Road Market. There are lots of retail therapy destinations in this area, whether you're looking for fashion, homewares, books, or antiques.
5 Sep 2023
Guide to shoe shops in London

Shoe shops

Fashion fans will tell you that your footwear will make or break your outfit – get things right and it brings it all together but make the wrong choice and your style points go out the window. You can find the ideal pair of shoes and avoid a fashion faux pas in one of London's many shoe shops. From...
15 Sep 2023
Guide to shopping in Knightsbridge

Stores in Knightsbridge

Famed as the home of the high-end Harrods department store, the affluent Knightsbridge area is a well-known luxury shopping destination. Knightsbridge shops offer some of the most luxurious products in the world, with brands such as Chanel, jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, and Bulgari all having boutiques...
5 Sep 2023
Guide to the best record shops in London

Record stores

Music is a big part of life in London and, despite the rise of streaming, there are still plenty of stores that stick to the tried-and-true method of digging through crates of records to find album gems. Whether you’re looking for new releases or second-hand classics, vinyl records, CDs or cas...
20 Nov 2023
Guide to comic book stores in London

Comic book stores

Hollywood films based on comic books have exploded in popularity in recent years. No longer a niche interest, these stories are now reliable material for a blockbuster release. If you’re just as interested in the original comic books as you are in the films, there are plenty of comic book shop...
11 Oct 2023
Guide to the best jewellery shops in London

Jewellery shops

This guide to jewellery shops in London covers everything from bespoke, timeless pieces to vibrant statement jewellery. Whether you want a diamond necklace that you can hand down through the family for years to come, or you're after a fun pigeon-inspired ring, you'll be able to find it at one of the...
6 Sep 2023
Guide to shopping in Shoreditch

Stores in Shoreditch

Uncover the trendiest boutiques, unique stores, and hidden gems that this East London neighbourhood has to offer. From curated fashion and arts brands to independent retailers, the shopping scene in Shoreditch is eclectic, and there's something for everyone. Enjoy tasty street food and drinks while...
11 Oct 2023
Guide to shopping in Covent Garden

Stores in Covent Garden

Covent Garden is an iconic district in the West End renowned for its rich history, bustling atmosphere, and excellent shopping. The historic Covent Garden Market is the epicentre of the area, housed in an impressive glass-covered building featuring a wide range of boutiques, craft stalls, restaurant...
6 Sep 2023
Guide to the best interiors shops in London

Interiors shops

Home is where the heart is so it’s fun to make your home comfy, cosy, and stylish. From major home makeovers to little touches to spruce the place up, interior design shops in London are fantastic for getting inspiration and finding the perfect pieces for your property, whatever your preferred...
30 Aug 2023
Guide to the best fishmongers in London


Going out for a gourmet meal is always a great treat, but cooking something special at home can be equally enjoyable. And for a top-quality homemade meal you need top-quality ingredients, so you need to know where in London you can buy delicious food. If you like to eat fish and seafood at home, it'...
9 Oct 2023
Guide to the best pet shops in London

Pet stores

Whether you're searching for a cherished new companion, looking for the perfect toy for your current pet, or seeking expert advice on pet care, London's pet shops cater to every pet owner's needs. From the welcoming family-run businesses brimming with community spirit, to the modern superstore stock...
6 Sep 2023
The best cheese stores in London

Cheese stores

Are you a cheese lover on the hunt for the best cheese shops in London? Look no further! In this guide to the best cheese shops in London, we'll take you on a tour of the city's finest cheese stores, from traditional cheesemongers with centuries of history to trendy new spots offering the latest art...
18 Sep 2023
Guide to shopping in King's Cross

Stores in King's Cross

Thanks in part to the development of Coal Drops Yard, King's Cross is a fantastic place to shop for London locals as well as visitors who are about to hop on a train. When it comes to King's Cross shopping you'll discover plenty of modern spots including stores for ethical fashion, home decor pieces...
12 Oct 2023
Guide to the best toy shops in London

Toy shops

Whether your kids have been saving up their pocket money or you need a great last-minute birthday gift for a child, London’s toy shops have fantastic toys and games for little ones of all ages. From educational toys to soft and fluffy ones and everything in between, there’s lots for kids...
19 Sep 2023
Guide to shopping in Camden

Stores in Camden

Camden is known as a great place to go shopping in London. The area is particularly well-known for its markets but you'll also discover a wide variety of independent Camden shops. If you're looking for records, distinctive fashion, or fun gifts, there's sure to be a store around here that's right up...
15 Nov 2023
Guide to shopping in Chelsea

Stores in Chelsea

Chelsea is one of the most prestigious neighbourhoods in London, and the shopping here reflects the affluent clientele. Known for its elegant streets and fashionable allure, Chelsea is home to upscale boutiques, world-class designers, luxury brands, and independent shops that cater to well-off patro...
6 Sep 2023
The best bike shops in London

Bike shops

Cycling is a fast and convenient way to get around the city and, whilst London certainly isn't the most bike-friendly place out there, it's still home to a vast number of keen cyclists. If you're looking for a new bike or you need parts or repairs for your trusted transport, there are plenty of bike...
16 Nov 2023
Guide to department stores in London

Department stores

Shopping can be a fun way to spend a day and when you visit a department store you can get everything you need under one roof. Even though online shopping is growing in popularity, there are still a number of fantastic department stores in London that are ideal for some retail therapy or just a litt...
20 Sep 2023
Guide to shopping around Oxford Street and Regent Street

Stores near Oxford Street and Regent Street

Everybody knows that Oxford Street and Regent Street are where you'll find numerous flagship stores from big name brands and high street giants. Whilst they're often the main draw to this area, you'll also find independent brands and exclusive boutiques in and around these well-known shopping street...
9 Oct 2023
Guide to shopping in Bond Street and Mayfair

Stores in Bond Street and Mayfair

They may be the most prestigious squares on a Monopoly board, but that's because these affluent districts are the height of luxury. If you're looking to shop high-end, then you've come to the right place. You can shop 'til you drop in Bond Street and Mayfair with this comprehensive guide, which delv...
5 Sep 2023
The best wine shops in London

Wine shops

If you're entertaining or enjoying a drink at home and you want a fantastic bottle of wine, there are no shortage of wine merchants London-wide stocking great quality vintages from all over the world. If you're wondering about the best wine shops London has to offer, including natural wine shops, we...
14 Nov 2023
Guide to shopping in Broadway Market

Stores in Broadway Market

At the weekend, Broadway Market comes alive with a bustling street market that features an array of vendors selling fresh produce, artisanal food, unique clothing, vintage items, handmade crafts, and much more. But, beyond the market stalls, it's also home to various independent shops and boutiques,...
6 Sep 2023
Guide to shopping in Marylebone

Stores in Marylebone

Village charm merges seamlessly with a sophisticated, bustling London neighbourhood in Marylebone. Situated in the heart of the city, Marylebone offers a comprehensive range of trendy boutiques, high-end fashion houses, quirky independent stores, and hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Our guide t...
6 Sep 2023
Guide to the best vintage shops in London

Vintage shops

If you’re looking for the very best second-hand and vintage shops in London, then you’ve come to the right place. Shopping sustainably in London is a breeze when there are so many vintage and second-hand shops scattered all over the city. From high-end and handmade pieces to warehouses f...
4 Sep 2023
The guide to the best bookshops in London


Even in this day and age – or perhaps even more so – there’s nothing quite like curling up in a comfy chair with your favourite book. Our guide to the best bookshops in London will guide you to the stores where that spirit is still alive, where getting lost among stacks of dusty to...
6 Sep 2023
Guide to the best shopping centres in London

Shopping centres

London is a great place to be if you’re ready to shop til you drop. As well as more independent stores than we can count, there are also a great number of shopping centres and malls in London where you can shop for big brands, luxury brands, independent brands, and everything in between. If yo...
9 Oct 2023
Guide to spiritual shops in London

Spiritual shops

London is full of diversity, with venues and shops to cater to every interest, including things that are outside of the mainstream. If you're into crystals, energy, chakras, and healing, you'll find a number of different New Age and spiritual shops offering beautiful gifts, incense, books, cards, an...
5 Sep 2023
Guide to bridal shops in London

Bridal shops

Planning a wedding is a lot of work and one top priority for most brides-to-be is what they're going to wear. Finding the right bridal shop is a must when you're looking for a wedding dress or outfit that makes you feel beautiful and confident, whether you favour classic styles or distinctive modern...
12 Oct 2023
Guide to farmers' markets in London

Farmers' markets

You don't always have to head to the supermarket to buy food essentials to have at home. Visit one of London's farmers' markets and you can support local producers and find the delicious fresh food you need, as well as enjoy a fun atmosphere. All over the city you'll find gourmet markets where you c...
18 Sep 2023
The best ethical fashion shops in London

Ethical fashion shops

Increased awareness about exploitative manufacturing processes, harmful environmental impact and negligent business practices is spearheading a consumer shift away from fast fashion and towards ethical, sustainable products. A wide range of garments, accessories and footwear for both men and women c...
6 Sep 2023
Guide to sweet shops in London

Sweet shops

In this guide we'll take you on a sugary journey through the city's most enchanting sweet shops. From little boutiques reminiscent of a bygone era to contemporary confectionery shops, London offers plenty of tempting treasures to satisfy every sweet tooth. Explore the sugary landscape of London's to...
2 Nov 2023
Guide to shopping in Dalston

Stores in Dalston

Aside from being a hotspot for nightlife, jazz clubs, cocktail bars and top-notch restaurants (shout out to House of Momo), Dalston is also home to various excellent shops. Whether you're looking for your next pre-loved jazzy festival outfit or want to rummage through piles of records to see if you...
16 Nov 2023
The best chocolate shops in London

Chocolate shops

Ask a crowd of people what their favourite food is and you're likely to hear plenty of them say chocolate. Whether you fancy treating yourself to something tasty or you want a gourmet gift to delight someone else, chocolate is often a great choice. London is home to some fab chocolate shops where yo...
23 Nov 2023
Guide to the best antique shops in London

Antique shops

From vintage silverware and ancient grandfather clocks to old-school cameras and vintage costumes, London is brimming with some of the best antique shops in the country filled with all kinds of second-hand treasures. So, if you consider yourself an antiquarian, read this guide to the best antique sh...
12 Oct 2023
Guide to shopping in Central London

Stores in Central London

Discover the epicentre of London's shopping scene with our detailed guide to shopping in Central London. From iconic streets to hidden alleys, this guide unveils the city's retail gems. Explore independent boutiques, uncover unique stores, and indulge in a hefty dose of retail therapy right in the h...
6 Sep 2023
Guide to celebrating Mother's Day in London

Mother's Day

She loves you, supports you, and was literally responsible for keeping you alive at one point, so when Mother's Day rolls around each year your mum definitely deserves a treat. If you're looking for fun activities to do together, delicious meals to enjoy, or just the perfect gift to show her how spe...
15 Nov 2023
Businesses that support charitable aims in London

Businesses with charitable aims

If you're striving to lead an ethical lifestyle, you might prefer shops, restaurants, and other businesses that support charitable initiatives. There's plenty of choice in London if you want to do some good by supporting organisations that make charity donations or social enterprises that offer oppo...
16 Nov 2023