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Guide to the best bars in London


Whether you’re into craft beer, cocktails, or wine, enjoying a drink with friends in a bar can be one of life’s little pleasures. London has a huge choice of bars all over the city, from the small and intimate to the big and raucous. If you’re looking for the ideal spot to savour y...
27 Nov 2023
Guide to the best pubs in London


Is there anything quite like a pub? The welcoming wooden furnishings, the unmistakable tang of joyous nights in the air, the shiny taps poking their marquees above the bar, the simple familiarity of the place, even if you've never been there before – pubs are a quintessentially British place a...
7 Nov 2023
Guide to bottomless dinner in London

Bottomless dinners

Sure, you’ve heard about bottomless brunch but have you ever considered bottomless dinner? On weekdays or when you’re more in the mood to finish your day with endless drinks than start with them, an all-you-can-drink meal is just what you’re looking for. In London you can take your...
19 Oct 2023
The best pub quizzes in London

Pub quizzes

What could be more fun than rolling up to your local pub and annihilating everyone at the quiz? A pub quiz in London is a great way to get your (most intelligent) friends together, show off your brainpower, and enjoy a few drinks and laughs along the way. Plus you can usually find a pub quiz on most...
26 Oct 2023
Guide to activity bars in London

Activity bars

A few drinks with friends is always a great laugh but sometimes you want to inject even more fun into your evening. Visiting a bar with activities in London lets you enjoy yourself, get competitive, and maybe even try something new. From axe throwing to video games and escape rooms, there’s lo...
29 Nov 2023
Guide to the best whiskey tastings in London

Whiskey tastings

Whisky and whiskey are beloved spirits that have been enjoyed for centuries around the world. In London, you can find a plethora of options when it comes to whisky tastings and masterclasses, from intimate, cosy bars to grand, luxurious venues. Whether you're a seasoned whisky connoisseur or a curio...
22 Nov 2023
The best desi pubs in London

Desi pubs

Born as a response to the segregation and racism experienced by South Asian immigrants in the second half of the 20th century, desi pubs are a testament to the power of multiculturalism – failing pubs, taken over by British-Indian landlords and turned into a success story. With food and community at...
20 Nov 2023
Guide to pubs with live music in London

Pubs with live music

London's live music scene is one of the best in the world. From the Amy Winehouse days in Camden to Jimi Hendrix's former stomping ground in Mayfair, the city has always been a hub for some of the most incredible musical talent to exist. Many pubs have played a part in this and continue to provide a...
4 Oct 2023
Guide to the best budget bars in London

Budget-friendly bars

With the cost of living in London constantly going up, it's getting harder and harder to justify splurging on a round of drinks. Despite the rising price tags, however, there are still many cheap bars and pubs around the city that are friendly towards your wallet, offering happy hour deals or just h...
19 Oct 2023
Guide to the best bars in South Bank and Waterloo

Bars in South Bank and Waterloo

Unsurprisingly, London’s riverside South Bank is one of the city’s busier areas to explore, so when it comes to picking the best places to sink a pint or two, it’s always worth planning ahead. We’ve hand-picked our favourite spots to enjoy a drink in this creative district, f...
12 Oct 2023
Guide to alternative bars in London

Alternative bars

It’s always great to go drinking somewhere that has the aesthetic and music you love. If you prefer things a little on the darker or heavier side, you’ll have a great time at some of London’s alternative bars and pubs. Camden Town has long been a hotspot for these places but there...
18 Sep 2023
Guide to the best sports bars and pubs in London

Sports bars

Want to watch an important match with a lively crowd of fans, spend some quality time with your mates, or just grab some chow with the footie on in the background? It comes as no surprise that the capital of such a sports-loving nation sports a bunch of lively bars, football pubs, and other venues d...
16 Nov 2023
Guide to the best bars in Marylebone

Bars in Marylebone

Buzzy Marylebone has lots of cool places to explore, from Michelin-starred restaurants to top-ranked cocktail bars that are great options for beginning or continuing your night. If you fancy a drink in the area you'll find lots of pubs and bars to try out. From rum shacks to wine bars, we've found s...
5 Sep 2023
Guide to pubs with rooms in London

Pub accommodation

London has a vast array of different types of accommodation for visitors. Staying at a pub that has its own guest rooms is one fab idea – it's usually more affordable than a fancy hotel and gives you a boutique hotel experience along with all the fun and atmosphere of a typical British pub. If you'r...
21 Nov 2023
The best pubs in Marylebone

Pubs in Marylebone

From traditional boozers to trendy gastropubs, there are plenty of spots where you can quench your thirst or tuck into some tasty pub grub when you're in Marylebone. This sophisticated area has lots of attractions and if you like going to the pub you certainly won't be disappointed. If you're not su...
26 Sep 2023
Bars with live music in London

Live music bars

For some of us a great night out just isn't complete without music. From smooth jazz in the background to raucous live bands that get everyone going, music can really be the icing on the cake for your evening. Fortunately London has a huge variety of bars that have live music on regularly. Whatever...
16 Nov 2023
Guide to the best bars in King's Cross

Bars in King's Cross

With its transport links to mainland Europe, it’s no surprise that King’s Cross has become a buzzy part of town. The area is now home to a wide variety of restaurants, cafés, pubs, and bars that make it a fun place to be, both for those who live in London and people who are just v...
5 Sep 2023
Guide to the best bars in Knightsbridge

Bars in Knightsbridge

Thanks to the high density of five-star hotels and luxurious shopping opportunities in Knightsbridge, this affluent London district is where to go if you're looking for drinks in an atmospheric, sophisticated setting. From glamorous hotel bars and elegant cocktail lounges to stylish wine bars, Knigh...
5 Sep 2023
Guide to the best bars in Soho

Bars in Soho

If one thing’s for sure, it’s that London isn’t short on places to enjoy a drink or ten. Whether you’re looking for a spot for your next date night or a place to dance well into the early hours, you’ll likely find something apt in Soho. For centuries, Soho has been the...
12 Oct 2023
Guide to the best pubs in Brixton

Pubs in Brixton

Buzzy Brixton is home to a wide variety of restaurants, bars, and pubs, so there’s lots to do in the area. If you fancy bunkering down in a cosy pub or exploring some of London’s most impressive beer gardens, there’s a pub in Brixton where you can do exactly that. We can help you p...
5 Sep 2023
The best mocktails in London


More and more of us are now choosing to drink less alcohol or give it up altogether. That means that zero-alcohol alternatives are becoming more commonplace, including alcohol-free spirits and well-crafted mocktails that give you all the fun of a cocktail without the headache the next day. If you're...
9 Nov 2023
Guide to the best gastropubs in London


Among London's many claims to fame, the capital is considered to be the birthplace of the modern gastropub. Combining elevated cuisine with cosy pub ambiance for a more accessible fine dining experience, the gastropub quickly took root and launched a whole new scene. These days, more or less any pub...
2 Oct 2023
Where to drink natural wine in London

Where to drink natural wine

Many of us are taking more of an interest in the origins of what we eat and drink, and that includes wine. Natural and organic wine in London is becoming the first choice for more and more vino connoisseurs because of its unique style, and there are many destinations in the capital where you can exp...
27 Nov 2023
Guide to the best bars in the City of London

Bars in the City of London

Not only do the fast-paced lifestyle and business dealings of the City of London lend themselves well to enjoying an after-work drink or two, the capital’s financial district is also a place of iconic landmarks and spectacular rooftops to observe them from. All in all, whether you’re aft...
5 Sep 2023
Guide to the best cocktail bars in London

Cocktail bars

Pubs might be the first thing to come to mind where drinking in London is concerned, but the city has an equally rich tradition where cocktail bars are concerned. Bartenders in London have invented numerous classic cocktails and help shape the international cocktail scene to this day, with London’...
18 Oct 2023
Guide to the best bars in East London

Bars in East London

There’s no question that some of the capital’s best nightlife can be be found in East London, with more pubs, bars, and clubs than we can count. Choosing the top bars in East London is certainly tricky with so many buzzy spaces open, catering to a broad array of interests. If you’r...
22 Nov 2023
Guide to the best pubs in Soho

Pubs in Soho

Soho has long been a hotspot for fab nightlife in London. From glam bars, clubs, and theatres to cosy local pubs, there are plenty of places for a night out. You can check out one of the many pubs in Soho if you’re looking for a relaxed spot for a drink in the afternoon or a great place to go...
31 Oct 2023
Where to find London's best secret bars

Secret bars

Sometimes, a door is just a door. And sometimes, it's the portal to a boozy haven where those in the know come to indulge in whispered secrets and mysterious potions. Those who take a look around the capital and think there can’t possibly be any more bars are in for a surprise, as the city hid...
9 Oct 2023
Guide to the best bars in London Bridge

Bars in London Bridge

London Bridge is brimming with cool and quirky bars tucked down unassuming streets; you just have to know where to go. After eating your way around every stall at Borough Market (no judgement here), head to one of these local bars where you can enjoy everything from fine wines and cocktails to craft...
8 Nov 2023
Guide to the best bars in Greenwich

Bars in Greenwich

When you picture a night out in Greenwich, you’re probably most likely to think about the area’s many traditional riverside pubs. If you’re heading out in the area and fancy a change from the pub scene, don’t fret. There are plenty of diverse bars in Greenwich that range from...
6 Sep 2023
Guide to where to go on a first date in London

Where to go on a first date

Planning a first date can be nerve-wracking – you want to make a great impression but without coming on too strong. Whether you met them on a dating app or you’ve been checking them out on Instagram and finally slid into their DMs, you can show them a good time thanks to the variety of a...
30 Nov 2023
Guide to the best beer bars in London

Beer bars

What with the proud British ale tradition and the abundance of corner pubs and local boozers in London, there's certainly no shortage of places where you can get a cold beer after work in the capital. But those looking for a change from their usual pint, perhaps a bold new flavour or just a differen...
24 Nov 2023
Where to play beer pong in London

Beer pong

Beer pong might not have taken off in the UK to the extent it has in the USA, but there are still quite a few places around London where you can get your game on. What's more, some enterprising souls have actually evolved the game and adapted it to the British palate, replacing beer with prosecco as...
11 Oct 2023
Guide to the best bars in Kensington

Bars in Kensington

Kensington is known as a bit of a fancy area – it's even home to a royal residence, Kensington Palace. There's loads going on and that includes lots of cool places to enjoy a drink in stylish surroundings, with plenty of upmarket destinations. There's tons of choice, ranging from fun cocktail bars a...
20 Oct 2023
Guide to the best bars in Chelsea

Bars in Chelsea

Chelsea is an upmarket part of West London with all sorts of high-end shopping and dining options. If you're looking for somewhere to enjoy a few drinks, this sophisticated area won't let you down. From vibrant cocktail bars mixing original drinks to sleek wine bars, the area is full of interesting...
10 Oct 2023
Guide to the best pubs in Notting Hill

Pubs in Notting Hill

From laidback British boozers and classy west London pubs to lively neighbourhood hot spots, Notting Hill is brimming with excellent pubs for every kind of visitor. Every pub offers something different, whether you’re looking for the perfect beer garden for al fresco drinks in the summer sunsh...
7 Nov 2023
Guide to quirky bars in London

Quirky bars

Sometimes your bog standard bar just doesn’t cut the mustard, and you’ve left yearning for something a little more fun, outlandish or cool. Like a bar decked out in your nan’s old furniture or a drinking den in an old abandoned tube station turned air raid shelter (or something alo...
16 Nov 2023
New bars in London

New bars

London has a buzzing food and drink scene, with new bars as well as restaurants opening up regularly. If you're the type of person who's always on the look-out for new venues and experiences, our list of the newest bars in London will keep you in the know about the latest places to go for a drink. W...
27 Nov 2023
Guide to the best bars in Bethnal Green

Bars in Bethnal Green

Visit Bethnal Green and you’ll find a bustling and lively part of East London with a rich history. The diverse population and buzzing atmosphere in this part of the city means there are plenty of cool places to hang out locally, including a variety of enticing bars. If you live or regularly vi...
22 Nov 2023
Guide to the best bars in Shoreditch

Bars in Shoreditch

From cosy joints and dimly-lit basement bars to forward-thinking cocktail spots, Shoreditch certainly isn’t short of excellent places to enjoy a drink or two. This guide to the best bars in Shoreditch covers all bases, from bars with sustainability at their core to rooftop terraces with fantas...
18 Oct 2023
Guide to Beaujolais Nouveau Day in London

Beaujolais Nouveau Day

Beaujolais Nouveau Day is a pretty big deal if you're a wine aficionado. Falling on the third Thursday of November each year (this year it's the 16th), it's the day when the newest red wine from Beaujolais in the Burgundy region of France is released. Unlike other French wines, it's ready to drink i...
14 Nov 2023
The guide to London's best rooftop bars

Rooftop bars

If you're looking for good rooftop bars in London, this guide has all bases covered. From oyster happy hours and home-grown veggie menus to 360-views and rooftop cinema nights, these are just a handful of the things you can expect to come across at some of London's best rooftop bars. Enjoy afternoon...
14 Nov 2023
Guide to the best bars in Victoria

Bars in Victoria

If you spend time in Victoria, or even if you’re just passing through when you’re getting a train or coach, there’s a good chance you might want to enjoy a drink in the area. Fortunately, there are a variety of bars in Victoria that cater to a range of different preferences and are...
10 Oct 2023
The best tiki bars in London

Tiki bars

Looking for a taste of the tropics in London? Look no further than the city's top tiki bars! From subterranean sustainable bars with innovative cocktails to tropical havens with private huts and pirate caves, London's tiki bar scene has something for everyone. Whether you're craving signature fruity...
5 Sep 2023
Guide to the best bars in Camden

Bars in Camden

Camden Town is well-known for many things – the bustling markets, picturesque canal, and its thriving nightlife. If you’re looking for a great atmosphere and delicious drinks, there are lots of exciting bars in Camden that you can visit. Whether you prefer craft beer, cocktails, or a bar...
29 Nov 2023
Guide to the best pubs in Camden

Pubs in Camden

If you’re in Camden Town and you fancy going to the pub then you’re really in for a treat. The area is well-known for pub culture and there are a wide range of venues to choose from. From classic pubs that never change to venues with tempting food or a distinctive atmosphere, there are l...
3 Oct 2023
Guide to the best bars in Hackney Wick

Bars in Hackney Wick

In an area as diverse and creative as Hackney Wick, it’s no surprise that it’s also home to some of the best drinking spots in east London. Whether you want an all-nighter to the sound of live DJs spinning the freshest tracks or looking for a spot to enjoy a quiet glass of wine, there's...
22 Nov 2023
Guide to the best bars in Mayfair

Bars in Mayfair

Mayfair might be the most expensive property on the Monopoly board, but there are still plenty of cool things to do that don't require you to be one of the elites, especially if you like drinking. When you see the W1 postcode, images of fancy hotels with butlers standing outside might instantly pop...
14 Nov 2023
Guide to the best bars in Brixton

Bars in Brixton

There’s loads going on in Brixton. By day it’s a great place to explore buzzing street markets and restaurants and later there’s a vibrant and bustling nightlife. There are plenty of great clubs, pubs, and bars in Brixton that make it a lively destination for a top night out. It do...
30 Oct 2023
Guide to the best hotel bars in London

Hotel bars

Sometimes you fancy a slightly more glamorous experience than just popping down to your local. Whether you’re celebrating something special or you simply deserve a treat, visiting a hotel bar in London means you can enjoy fine drinks in a classy setting. Luckily for us, the capital has a few h...
14 Nov 2023

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