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Guides to London

Guide to wow-factor restaurants in London

Wow-factor restaurants

Due to its sheer size and the variety on offer, London is rightfully regarded as a culinary paradise. But even here there are restaurants that stand above the rest. Whether it's because of the interior decoration, the presentation of the dishes, the flavour combinations or some other factor, these p...
Updated 20 May 2022
The guide to London's best rooftop bars

Rooftop bars

If you're looking for good rooftop bars in London, this guide has all bases covered. From oyster happy hours and home-grown veggie menus to 360-views and rooftop cinema nights, these are just a handful of the things you can expect to come across at some of London's best rooftop bars. Enjoy afternoon...
Updated 21 Jun 2022
London's best al fresco restaurants

Al fresco restaurants

What could be better than a delicious meal outside with a great view on a sunny day? There may not always be blue skies in London but there are plenty of places to eat al fresco when the weather is great. Whether you’re looking for an elegant rooftop terrace or pavement tables where you can wa...
Updated 21 Jul 2022

Best restaurants in Notting Hill

It may be predominantly known for its acclaimed vintage and antique market, high-end boutique shops and for being the setting of the Hugh Grant hit film, Notting Hill, but it’s also got a prestigious and well-deserved reputation within the foodie world. From high-end restaurants and Michelin-s...
Updated 14 Jun 2022

Michelin-starred restaurants

London is seriously spoilt with Michelin-starred restaurants, with some 71 restaurants awarded at least one star by the prestigious Michelin Guide. Michelin restaurants used to be synonymous with French haute cuisine and synchronised dome-lifting, but starred restaurants now include everything from...
Updated 5 Jul 2022
London's hottest restaurants right now

The hottest restaurants right now

In London we’re lucky enough to have a huge range of exciting restaurants and top food trends to enjoy. But with fab new venues opening every day it can be tough to keep up with what’s going on. We’ve got you covered with our guide to the hottest restaurants in town. From well-esta...
Updated 12 Jun 2022

Indian restaurants

With the UK’s historic ties to India, it’s no wonder Indian cuisine is thriving in London. Offering exhilarating spice blends, comforting staples and contemporary takes on authentic dishes, the best Indian restaurants in the capital know how to hit that sweet flavour spot. Whether you’...
Updated 21 Jul 2022
The guide to activities in London


London is a busy city with so much to see and do. Whether you’ve got lots of free time on your hands or only a few hours to spare, how do you decide how to keep occupied? Luckily there are lots of things to do in London, from museums and tours to cultural experiences or exhilarating activities...
Updated 16 May 2022

Afternoon tea in London

England is the home of afternoon tea so where better to enjoy this treat than London? There are a huge variety of afternoon teas available throughout the city, ranging from classic experiences to boozy afternoons and creative twists on the traditional tea. Not sure how to find the perfect afternoon...
Updated 17 Jun 2022

London's best brunch

Ah, brunch, that wondrous meal that makes it okay to order a cocktail with your breakfast. It's become a staple of the capital's culinary scene as well as its social affairs, with restaurants all over the place throwing eggs, avocado toast and bacon around willy-nilly. With so many to choose from, w...
Updated 20 Jul 2022

Bottomless brunch

It's somewhat unclear what kickstarted London's passionate love for bottomless brunches, but then again, they involve inordinate amounts of booze and food in the company of your besties, so it's perhaps more appropriate to wonder why no one had thought of it sooner. In any case, today there are bott...
Updated 20 Jul 2022
The best nightclubs in London


If there's one thing London knows how to do right, it's partying. With the history of music so tightly intertwined with UK culture, it comes as no surprise that the city is at the forefront of the global clubbing scene. The sheer size of the city and the number of events every day might seem dauntin...
Updated 20 Jul 2022

London's best vegetarian restaurants

Whether for ethical, environmental or health reasons, more and more people are choosing to forgo eating meat on a regular basis. And while most of London’s restaurants now offer at least some plant-based options in case a veggie or vegan drops by, fully vegetarian eateries can be harder to fin...
Updated 7 Jul 2022

Brunch in Soho

Brunch is always a popular way to relax and welcome in the weekend in style. Whether you’re full of beans or nursing a sore head, it’s a great opportunity to kick back, enjoy some tasty treats, and probably have a drink or two. When you’re in central London, brunch in Soho is full...
Updated 16 Jun 2022

London's best Chinese restaurants

With London having its very own Chinatown, it’s no surprise that the Chinese cuisine on offer in the city goes far beyond the usual takeout. Whether you’re looking for platters of steaming dim sum, regional specialties, refined dining, family-run joints, the famed Peking duck or any othe...
Updated 5 Aug 2022

Best brunch in Covent Garden

Taking a break between bouts of shopping? Looking to catch up with your mates? Come to see what all the fuss is about? Hanging around until your matinée starts, or just feeling peckish? Whatever the reason, brunch in Covent Garden is sure to hit the spot. Finding the right place in an area wi...
Updated 15 Jun 2022

The best fish and chips

It would be a crime to visit London and not try fish and chips at least once, but knowing where to try them is the real challenge. That's why we've created this guide to the best fish and chip shops around the city, from the legendary Poppies to the old-school Toffs, here's a list of the best fish a...
Updated 7 Jul 2022

London's best Thai restaurants

From typical British pubs and welcoming family-run joints to refined upmarket palaces, Thai cuisine has become a firm favourite on London’s dining scene. You can find the intense flavour combinations of staples such as pad Thai or green curry all over town, often with a jolt of spiciness throw...
Updated 7 Jul 2022

Asian food in London

Asian cuisine is vast and varied, from curries with a kick to elegant sushi, or street food that you can eat on the go. Being such an international city, there’s a wide variety of high quality Asian food in London, showcasing cooking from a number of different countries. You can stick to class...
Updated 7 Jul 2022

Japanese restaurants

Whether you’re looking for a comforting bowl of hot, steamy tonkotsu or a place to indulge in an authentic izakaya experience, you’ll certainly find it at one of London’s exquisite Japanese restaurants. Here’s where you should go to make the most of the city’s excellent...
Updated 7 Jul 2022

Brixton's best restaurants

Vibrancy and culture is everywhere you look in Brixton and that includes the food available here. A wide range of diverse restaurants are available in the area, making it possible to sample a broad choice of global cuisines. If you’re exploring this part of London for the first time or looking...
Updated 15 Jun 2022

The best sushi restaurants in London

From izakaya to bento boxes, the sushi scene in London is next-to-none. All around the city, brilliant sushi chefs are refining delicate dishes that look almost too good to eat. From high-end tasting menus to family-run hidden gems, step straight into Japan at one of these excellent sushi restaurant...
Updated 6 Jul 2022

Flower delivery in London

Whether you want a weekly subscription of the freshest flowers or you just want to find a birthday bunch to send to a friend, we've got you covered with our guide to flower delivery in London. It's never been easier to pick your perfect bouquet and get them delivered directly to your door (or someon...
Updated 6 Jul 2022

Best restaurants in King's Cross

Having been heavily redeveloped in recent years, King’s Cross has become one of the buzziest areas of London, and its role as a hub for both domestic and international travel hasn’t hurt it either. Accordingly, numerous restaurants are choosing the area around St Pancras as their base of...
Updated 15 Jun 2022

London food markets

Restaurants are nice and all, but when you're looking for variety, affordable prices and food you can take with you to a sunny park nearby, there's no place quite like a food market. London's food markets are known around the world for their fresh ingredients, incredible variety and relaxed atmosphe...
Updated 17 Jun 2022
East London's best Vietnamese restaurants

Vietnamese restaurants in East London

Are you seeking the fresh and distinctive flavours of Vietnamese food? This cuisine has exploded in the capital in recent years, and if it’s what you’re in the mood for, you’ll find no shortage of eateries in East London. Hoxton is well-known as a hub for vibrant Vietnamese cuisine...
Updated 12 Jun 2022

London's best dim sum

Do you dream of munching your way through mountains of dumplings? Do you then wake up and wish your pillow were a fluffy steamed bun? Regardless of how big a fan of dim sum you are, there’s something about these bite-sized dishes that sets them apart even in the highly varied and flavourful wo...
Updated 7 Jul 2022

London's best gay clubs

With diversity in all regards an intrinsic and proud part of London life, it’s no wonder the capital’s LGBTQ+ nightlife is some of the very best in the world. From pioneering gay clubs to niche spaces, drag shows to pop extravaganzas, the city has a multitude of safe spaces that champion...
Updated 20 Jul 2022

Best pizza in London

Who doesn’t love pizza? With so many different styles and toppings available, there’s a pizza out there for everyone – it’s a versatile and universally-loved comforting favourite. Whether you like authentic Neapolitan recipes, New York-style slices, unique toppings, or vegani...
Updated 7 Jul 2022

London's best burgers

Every burger-loving, meat-eating Londoner seems to be on a constant quest to find the very best burger in the capital, and boy, there are many. It’s a competitive market in the Big Smoke, but many places are well and truly killing it when it comes to serving up the juiciest and most indulgent...
Updated 5 Jul 2022

London's best swimming pools

Nothing beats taking a refreshing dip on a sweltering city heatwave day (or year-round if you're serious about swimming). From the locals' favourite Brockwell Lido to the iconic Hampstead ponds, here’s our guide on where to go if you fancy doing a few laps in the city.
Updated 22 Jul 2022

Islington restaurants

Islington is home to many exciting restaurants, so whether you live in, work in or visit the borough there’s lots to discover. From Crouch Hill to Clerkenwell, the diversity in Islington is reflected in its eateries – you can try out cuisines like Italian, Thai, Ethiopian, French, and Ge...
Updated 14 Jun 2022

Covent Garden restaurants

As one of London’s most iconic and busiest areas, Covent Garden is regularly packed with throngs of tourists as well as locals, with a choice of restaurants to match all tastes and budgets. With such an abundance of food and people, it can be overwhelming finding the right spot for a bite, but...
Updated 15 Jun 2022

The best steakhouses in London

This one goes out to all of the meat lovers on a quest to find the juiciest, tastiest steak in the city. Even though premium steak can be expensive, there are also some excellent spots where you can pick up a prime piece of meat for a price that won't burn a hole in your pocket. From Zolio's menu of...
Updated 7 Jul 2022

Camden's best restaurants

Camden Town is a world-famous part of London, constantly changing but always with plenty to discover. You’ll find markets, quirky shops, eclectic pubs and a canal, plus a great selection of eateries. Whether you’re willing to fight the crowds on Camden High Street to find a delicious mea...
Updated 15 Jun 2022

Brunch in Shoreditch

If there’s one thing Londoners know how to do properly, it’s brunch, be it bottomless or not, and Shoreditch has its fair share of brilliant brunch spots that are well worth a visit. From fried chicken waffles and truffle-doused mushrooms to Peruvian classics with a twist, the brunch sce...
Updated 28 Jun 2022
The best restaurants for lunch in London

Lunch restaurants

Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely day out in London or you’re after something quick on your break from work, there are lots of places where you can find a delicious lunch. Ranging from speedy bites to lengthy, luxurious meals, foodies in the capital have plenty of choice all over the c...
Updated 10 May 2022