Carousel's guest chefs are bringing the heat in July

The wine bar and kitchen Carousel in Fitzrovia has again assembled an enviable line-up of culinary talent from around the world for July, including the chefs from one of CDMX's most stunning restaurants, a Colombian chef with a Michelin star-studded CV, and one of the best restaurants in Latin America. Read on and get booking!

Emme Prieto & Chris Domit, Taverna (2–6 July)

One of the most stunning restaurant in Mexico City, Taverna is set in a traditional Juarez hacienda and showcases live-fire Mediterranean cuisine by Emme Prieto and Chris Domit. Both chefs, with experience in top global restaurants, craft meticulous menus using the finest Mexican ingredients, creating dishes like Fire Baked Whole Fish and Wild Boar Ribs. Emme, familiar from a previous Charlotte Street residency, now returns with Chris to present Taverna's signature dishes, promising an exceptional dining experience.

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Leonardo Fonseca Celis (9–13 July)

Leonardo Fonseca Celis, with a CV boasting stints at top restaurants like Hiša Franko, El Chato, and Noma, is a culinary talent well-acquainted with the World's 50 Best. Despite starting late in the kitchen, he quickly rose to head chef at El Chato and later at Slovenia's renowned Hiša Franko, where viewers around the world got to know him via Netflix's “Chef's Table”. Now planning to open his own restaurant in 2025, Leo is hosting pop-ups worldwide, including London, showcasing a menu inspired by his travels and Colombian heritage.

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Pablo Díaz, Mercado 24 (16–20 July)

Cult chef Pablo Díaz has elevated Guatemala City's culinary scene with his acclaimed restaurant, Mercado 24, currently ranked No. 49 in Latin America's 50 Best. Mercado 24 offers vibrant indoor-outdoor dining with seasonal, produce-driven dishes that showcase Pablo's deep connections with local growers and his skill in maximizing flavour. Known for his pop-up collaborations, Pablo is set to impress again soon at the WildKitchen on Guy Ritchie's Wiltshire estate, following a successful multi-sensory Chef x DJ dining experience with Carousel last April.

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Jamie Smart (23–27 July)

Jamie Smart is highly acclaimed, described as "one of the most intuitively brilliant chefs" by Tim Hayward of The FT. Since summer 2022, he has garnered universal praise for his seasonal approach at Cadet in Newington Green. Now, after establishing Cadet as a neighbourhood icon, Jamie is launching his solo venture. His Carousel menu blends British and French influences, featuring refined dishes like 'Langoustine, Raw Cream, Sorrel' and 'Chocolate Sabayon Tart, Malted Rye, Smoked Tea.'

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