See more than 300 pieces by one of Italy's greatest designers at the Design Museum

An exhibition celebrating one of the greatest Italian designers of the previous century has opened at London's Design Museum.

Enzo Mari, a towering figure in 20th-century design, was an artist, teacher, theorist, and more, known for his countless timeless designs and critical stance towards the design industry, advocating for social responsibility in design, especially relevant in today's ecological and ethical contexts. The comprehensive retrospective in partnership with Triennale Milano covers his 60-year career, showcasing a vast array of his works including furniture, children's books, games, and conceptual installations, enriched by archival material that illuminates his research process and fundamental principles. 

The curated exhibition at the Design Museum spans Mari's diverse and influential career and includes various project types, from tangible designs to conceptual pieces, providing a deep dive into his creative journey and ethos through more than 300 exhibits. Additionally, the museum offers a free display of tributes by contemporary London-based designers, celebrating Mari's impact. This homage to Mari not only celebrates his legacy but also connects his influence to the current generation of designers, underlining the enduring relevance of his principles and work.

“Enzo Mari” is on at the Design Museum from 29 March to 8 September 2024. Tickets start at £8.16 for children and £16.33 for adults and can be booked here.