Carousel brings global flavours to Fitzrovia with February's line-up of guest chefs

Following its Murra series of some of Italy's most exciting chefs to start the year, Fitzrovia's Carousel is back to hosting some of the finest culinary talent from around the world in February 2024. This month's highlights include Thailand's first female chef to earn two Michelin stars, a sushi master from Kyoto, and a returning favourite from Iceland.

Tam Chudaree Debhakam (30 Jan–3 Feb)

Tam Chudaree Debhakam has become Thailand's first female chef to earn two Michelin stars, celebrated for her exceptional skills and humble demeanour. Her restaurant, Baan Tepa, ranked #45 in Asia's 50 Best, is set in her ancestral home in Bangkok and offers an immersive culinary experience featuring contemporary Thai dishes that highlight local produce, some of which is grown on-site. Her menus not only reflect her locavore philosophy but also celebrate the craftsmanship of Thai producers.

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Jan Ostle (6–10 Feb)

Jan Ostle's outstanding cooking, focused on nature and sustainability, has established Bristol's Wilsons as a top dining destination in the UK. Jan and his partner Mary prioritise sustainability in their daily operations, involving their team in a “ground-up” approach that they see as both an ethical choice and a viable economic model. Their evolving tasting menus are crafted from fresh produce grown in their own garden-farm and ethically sourced meat, fish, and dairy, a commitment that earned them a Michelin Green Star in 2022.

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Takashi Taniguchi (13–17 Feb)

The relocation of Sushi Saeki, formerly an exclusive Osaka establishment, to the historic Nijo-jo castle in Kyoto caused a stir in the sushi world, bringing the restaurant's acclaimed sushi to a wider audience. Sushi Saeki chef Takashi Taniguchi's menu combines modern touches with traditional Edomae techniques. Expect a tasting menu that includes appetisers like crab chawanmushi and ten exquisitely prepared nigiri, highlighting ingredients such as torotaku and shoyu ikura.

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Amandine Sepulcre-Huang (20–24 Feb)

Amandine Sepulcre-Huang is revolutionising the Parisian culinary scene with her unique fusion of French, Chinese, and Réunionese influences. Having honed her skills at notable Paris restaurants like Dersou, Le Copenhague, and Bleu Bao, she now leads Le Mary Celeste in Le Marais, offering a compact menu of seasonal sharing plates that blend French cuisine with Asian touches. Her distinctive style combines French culinary techniques with Asian flavours and a focus on seafood.

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Gísli Matthías Auðunsson (27 Feb–2 Mar)

Gísli Matthías Auðunsson of Slippurinn, a renowned culinary destination on Iceland's Vestmanaeyjar archipelago, is returning to Carousel. Run by the family team of fisherman father Audunn, chef Gísli, and front-of-house manager Indíana, Slippurinn combines traditional Icelandic recipes with contemporary flair, earning widespread acclaim. Gísli's inventive menus, which showcase his family's passion for the islands and commitment to the local ecosystem, are crafted with seasonally foraged ingredients, resulting in distinctive Icelandic cuisine.

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