Londoners can see a new Andy Warhol exhibition for free

If you fancy getting up close to works by one of modern art's leading names, you have the chance at Halcyon Gallery. This upscale art gallery in Bond Street has opened a new exhibition by Andy Warhol. You might have to spend a fair amount on tickets if you wanted to see his work in a major art gallery, but this exhibition is completely free to visit. 

“Andy Warhol: Beyond The Brand” is a new show of work by one of the art world's most recognisable artists, including rare and previously unseen pieces. A series of works based on adverts is being shown for the first time, alongside iconic piece's of Warhol's work like his portraits of Marilyn Monroe and pieces based on Campbell's soup cans.  

The exhibition includes work spanning Warhol's entire career, from some of his earliest pieces to works made towards the end of his life. There will also be an immersive space looking at the artist's influence on art, pop culture, and the world more widely. The exhibition is now open and will run until 24th March.