This exhibition spotlights the women artists who forged a path for generations to come

This new exhibition at Tate Modern spans 400 years and follows women on their journeys to becoming professional artists. Artists such as Mary Beale, Elizabeth Butler, Angelica Kauffman, and Laura Knight paved the way in the art world for generations of women to come. From Tudor times to the First World War, these brave women challenged the stereotypes of working women by going against society's expectations—which meant pursuing a career as an artist and participating in public exhibitions.

The show includes over 150 works and deciphers the classic stereotypes surrounding women artists in history, who were often overlooked and not taken seriously. But they refused to be restricted and chose to paint what, at the time, were considered to be subjects for male artists: history works, battle scenes and nudes.

The exhibition, which runs until October 13, examines what it has meant to be a woman in the art world throughout history.