Wellcome Collection launches relaxed openings of a new exhibition

Attending events like exhibitions can be more of a challenge when you're neurodivergent, but Wellcome Collection is taking steps to ensure that everyone can enjoy its thought-provoking shows. The museum in Euston has announced a number of relaxed openings of its latest exhibition, which explores notions around beauty spanning across time periods and different cultures. 

The first relaxed opening of “The Cult of Beauty” will take place on 28th December, with two further events happening on 18th February and 20th April. During these events, the museum is putting in place a number of measures to make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable for neurodivergent visitors and their families and friends.

During the relaxed openings, the lighting will be kept lower than usual and the gallery space will be quieter. Comfortable seating, mats, and cushions will be available and there will also be a chill out room that visitors are welcome to go to whenever they need some space. Ear defenders and ear plugs will be available, plus board games and sensory boards.

The events in December and February will take place during the museum's usual opening hours and the rest of the building will be running as normal. The April event will be outside of the gallery's opening times, with the rest of the building being closed. Find out more about the relaxed openings and get your tickets on Wellcome Collection's website.