Winter Wonderland is getting some serious competition this festive season

Kingdom of Winter, a brand-new festive destination, will take over the ExCel Centre from early December to early January.

For some people, it's never too early to start thinking about the holidays, and with this year's summer being on the decidedly weaker side of things, weather-wise, it's no wonder thoughts are turning towards cooler days already. It's with this sort of mindset that a new London destination for winter fun has been announced – the Kingdom of Winter.

Setting up Santa's workshop at the ExCel Centre, Kingdom of Winter is promising loads of festive entertainment. This includes traditional activities such as learning how to ice skate before falling on your bum three times in a row and calling it quits, browsing stall after stall of essential holiday tat, carefully sipping mulled wine in an attempt to not repeat last season's follies, and overdoing it on indulgent street food and sweets “because it's the holidays”, even though it's only the first week of December and your cholesterol levels still have to get through all the office parties and family dinners. Fairground rides for all ages and thrill-seeking levels will also be set up, as well as an immersive ice expedition trail and a spectacular circus show put on multiple times per day.

Finally, it's worth mentioning one major difference with the iconic Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park: Kingdom of Winter is an indoor event. It's up to you to decide whether this is a pro or a con, but considering the festive season now apparently starts as early as August, you should have plenty of time to come to the right conclusion.

Kingdom of Winter will be open every day from 8 December to 7 January, with entry tickets starting at £5.50 and certain attractions priced individually. Find out more here and happy holidays!