Guide to climbing in London

Guide to climbing in London

Explore the exciting world of indoor climbing in London with our comprehensive guide to the best climbing centres in London. From top-notch climbing facilities inside a refurbished castle to bouldering boltholes in different corners of the city, we've handpicked our favourite places to scale and embrace the city's climbing scene. Whether you're a seasoned climber looking for your next climbing wall or a curious beginner, there's something for everyone in London's climbing community.

In this guide
  1. The Castle Climbing Centre – In a repurposed Victorian pumping station
  2. Westway Climbing – Something for everyone
  3. Arch Climbing Wall – Venues around London
  4. Clip 'n Climb Chelsea – Indoor climbing
  5. Mile End Climbing Wall – Heights in Mile End
  6. The Climbing Hangar London – Ever-changing challenges
  7. Yonder – More than just a climbing centre
  8. The Font – A holistic hub
  9. Stronghold Climbing Centre – Coffee and climb
  10. VauxWall Climbing Centre – Climb in railway arches
  11. VauxWall Climbing Centre – Courses for everything
  12. CanaryWall Climbing Centre – A climbing community
  13. BethWall Climbing Centre – Meet n climb

The Castle Climbing Centre

In a repurposed Victorian pumping station

Located in Stoke Newington, the Castle Climbing Centre is the UK's largest climbing centre and one of London's leading indoor climbing facilities, repurposed from a magnificent Victorian water pumping station. It lures in climbing enthusiasts of every calibre, from newcomers taking their first steps to seasoned climbers seeking new challenges. There's even an al fresco garden for those who like to climb outdoors. The centre also houses a shop where you can stock up on all things necessary for climbing, plus a café where most of their dishes are made using produce grown in their organic garden, prepared fresh on-site. They also offer tuition and private classes as well as courses. There are also kids-only classes and climbing clubs aimed specifically at children to enhance their confidence and strength.

Westway Climbing

Something for everyone

The Westway Climbing Centre in London, beneath the iconic Westway flyover, offers diverse climbing experiences for all levels, from novices to experts. It boasts numerous climbing walls and bouldering areas, creating a safe, welcoming environment with experienced staff, quality equipment, and a vibrant climbing community in the heart of London. The centre houses 350 climbing routes on 110 rope lines up to 13.5 metres, and bouldering walls with up to 150 boulder problems. There's also an auto-belay wall and campus board, gymnastic rings, Lapis balls, quadruple Beastmaker finger boards, pull-up bars and stretching mats.

Venues around London

Arch Climbing started as the very first climbing centre in London and has since expanded to four venues around the city. From beginner scalers to seasoned experts, there's something for everyone at each of the centres, all equipped with state-of-the-art climbing walls, bouldering zones, and top-notch training amenities. You'll find 7,500 sq ft of climbing surface in the Surrey Quays centre, 11,500 sq ft at the Burnt Oak location, 15,000 sq ft at the Bermondsey centre and a whopping 20,000 sq ft at the Acton venue, in a magnificent renovated grade 2 listed Art Deco cinema hall. They also offer a range of classes starting with beginner courses to technical classes and 1:1 private sessions.

Clip 'n Climb Chelsea

Indoor climbing

Right in the heart of Chelsea, you'll find Clip 'n Climb Chelsea—an indoor climbing centre. This family-friendly destination caters to climbers of all ages and skill levels. It boasts a lively and colourful array of climbing walls, each presenting a diverse range of challenges and obstacles.

Mile End Climbing Wall

Heights in Mile End

Mile End Climbing Wall welcomes climbers of every level, from newbies to experienced ascenders. With its variety of climbing walls and bouldering areas, it provides an exhilarating climbing experience for everyone. Whether you're looking to start, hone your skills, or simply enjoy the thrill of climbing, Mile End Climbing Wall is the place to be.

The Climbing Hangar London

Ever-changing challenges

At Parsons Green's Climbing Hangar, you'll find ever-changing bouldering challenges, a dedicated training section with a MoonBoard, and essential facilities such as lockers, showers, a cafe, and a shop. Climbing shoes are included, and chalk bags can be leased. They offer special courses, youth programmes, and supervised climbing for kids. The centre is closely connected to British bouldering champion Shauna Coxsey and actively backs her climbing endeavours.


More than just a climbing centre

Yonder is more than just a bouldering studio, it's also a co-working space where you can meet like-minded fitness enthusiasts in a warm and welcoming space. They advertise the studio as a space to explore movement, fitness, well-being and creativity, complete with climbing walls, yoga classes, fitness workshops and more.

A holistic hub

The Font operates two rock climbing gyms in London—one in Wandsworth and the other in Borough. They position themselves as a hub for holistic development, offering rock climbing experiences, wellness programs, and functional fitness areas. At the Wandsworth location, you can enjoy bouldering and fitness, accompanied by specialty coffee, craft beer, and gourmet burgers. This gym boasts 11,000 square feet of bouldering walls with nearly 200 routes, regularly reset by top UK climbing coaches. The Borough gym also provides bouldering, fitness classes, specialty coffee, craft beer, and delicious pizza, featuring 7,000 square feet of bouldering space reset frequently by some of the nation's top route setters.

Coffee and climb

At the Stronghold Climbing Centres, the team is dedicated to elevating the climbing skills of each visitor within a safe and encouraging setting. Both of the bouldering facilities boast over 200 challenges, reset twice a week, including a state-of-the-art kilter board. Engage in weekly workshops led by in-house coaches to refine your climbing abilities under expert guidance. The upper-level café at the London Fields branch boasts panoramic views of Regents Canal through floor-to-ceiling windows, and is the perfect spot to enjoy coffee, baked treats, toasties, beers, ice cream, and more. This centre also offers indoor bike storage for up to 72 bikes.

VauxWall Climbing Centre

Climb in railway arches

The VaxWall West centre has hundreds of climbs located within six railway arches right next to Vauxhall Station. These walls allow visitors to enjoy bouldering on low-height walls without ropes but with the protection of crash mats underneath, a great way to get a full-body workout while working on your problem-solving skills. There's also a stretching studio, training boards, a free-weight gym and classes that focus on climbing for children, such as bouldering clubs with aided instruction and weekly-hour session which are ideal for budding young climbers. There's also private coaching available, which can include up to six participants.

VauxWall Climbing Centre

Courses for everything

VauxWall East is an indoor climbing centre in the heart of the city, located in a magnificent Grade II listed building a short walk from the Northern and Bakerloo lines. Inside, you'll find hundreds of climbs spread across a spacious area. There are also training boards, a power cave and a free-weight gym area. They offer classes and clubs for children and private coaching for up to six participants. There's also a course on learning how to set boulder problems.

CanaryWall Climbing Centre

A climbing community

This climbing centre in Canary Wharf is a great place to dip your toe into the world of climbing or hone the skills you already have. They host regular community events and socials, so it's a great place to meet like-minded people, as well as hosting yoga classes specifically designed for climbers. There's also a training room, a cafe and a gear shop on-site.

BethWall Climbing Centre

Meet n climb

Embark on your bouldering journey in East London at BethWall Climbing Centre. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned climber, everyone is welcome. Arrange inductions or receive guidance as you familiarise yourself with the basics. For those aiming to enhance their skills, private coaching sessions are available. The centre goes beyond climbing by organising social events, providing an opportunity to connect with fellow enthusiasts and create a community of like-minded climbing enthusiasts.

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