Guide to the best healthfood restaurants in London

Guide to the best healthfood restaurants in London

With the abundance of chippies, kebabs and fast-food franchises on seemingly every street corner of the capital, finding healthier food options in the city might seem like a struggle. With the increasing shift towards health-conscious dining, however, more and more restaurants are featuring wholesome, nutritious choices on the menu. Read on to discover some of the best healthfood restaurants in London.

In this guide
  1. The best healthfood restaurants in London
    1. Farmacy – Biodynamic farm-to-table
    2. Farm Girl – Health-conscious brunch cafés
    3. Avobar – All about that avo
    4. Andina – 100% gluten-free
    5. Cojean – Healthy fast food
    6. Grain Kitchen – Grain-based bowls
    7. The Good Life Eatery – BYO avo toast
    8. Mildreds & Mallow – Plant-based pioneers
    9. Raw Press – Cold-press juices and plant-based food
    10. 26 Grains – Life's quieter pleasures
    11. Cocotte – Full range of free-range chicken
    12. The Gate – Fine veggie cuisine
    13. Atis – "Food that tastes good and does good"
    14. Rude Health Café – Championing a brighter way
    15. Linnaean – Luxury lifestyle destination
    16. Granger & Co. – All-day Australian dining
    17. Daylesford Organic – Combination farm shops and cafés
    18. The Skinny Kitchen – Hearty party spot
    19. Itadakizen – Vegan and organic Japanese food
    20. Lantana Café – Antipodean trendsetters
    21. Natural Kitchen – Healthy food throughout the day
    22. Kastner & Ovens – Takeaway salad buffet
    23. Koshari Street – Egyptian street food
    24. Urban Greens – Refreshing salad shop concept
    25. The Salad Project – Award-winning grab-and-go concept
    26. Kaleido Rolls – Summer fresh
    27. The Avocado Show – Putting the "avo" in flavour
    28. Acai Berry – Berry delicious
    29. Oakberry Açai – 100% organic açai berries

The best healthfood restaurants in London

Healthy restaurants with healthy food


Biodynamic farm-to-table

Farmacy has its own biodynamic farm in Kent and complements the freshly grown ingredients with locally-sourced produce. The Notting Hill establishment focuses on healthy, plant-based seasonal fare, drawing on international influences for its all-day organic menus. You can even treat yourself to weekend brunch and high tea at this airy, contemporary venue, or enjoy one of the different organic wines or sugar-free cocktails.

Health-conscious brunch cafés

Originally launched with the goal of giving London’s food scene a boost in healthiness, the Farm Girl cafés around the city are inspired by Australian coffee culture. Using fresh, organic ingredients, they serve quality coffee and health-minded brunch staples such as granola and eggs. Their Rose Latte, a holistic alternative to bullet coffee with rose water-infused milk and petals, is a particular highlight.

Avobar – Healthy restaurants
Avobar – Healthy restaurants
Avobar – Healthy restaurants
Avobar – Healthy restaurants
Avobar – Healthy restaurants
Avobar – Healthy restaurants
Avobar – Healthy restaurants
Avobar – Healthy restaurants
Avobar – Healthy restaurants
Avobar – Healthy restaurants


All about that avo

The bright, green-hued Avobar uses ethically-sourced avocados in a variety of ways, starting, of course, with a range of avocado toasts. There are various salads and bowls to give you a light boost of avo freshness as well. If you’re in the mood for something more sizeable, however, try one of the burgers or sandwiches – the avocado here comes either as a filling or instead of the bun!


100% gluten-free

Inspired by traditional family-run Andean eateries, Andina in Shoreditch serves weightier Peruvian classics such as a confit pork belly sandwich with a fried egg. However, the completely gluten-free restaurant offers plenty of health-conscious options as well, including freshly prepared, sustainable seafood, salads, ceviches and more. There is a lot of choice for vegans and vegetarians as well.

Healthy fast food

Exported from France, the award-winning Cojean group provides a healthy take on fast food. You can choose from a variety of light bites, more filling dishes, salads, juices and other revitalising options, available throughout the day. The business is certified as meeting the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility and has adopted an ethical approach in all fields.

Grain Kitchen

Grain-based bowls

Specialising in hot bowls, Grain Kitchen stacks all sorts of vegetables, sauces and ingredients such as chicken, fish, cheese and more atop a foundation of rice, lentils, couscous or other grains. The independent eatery provides a casual lunchtime setting near Liverpool Street Station, and finds inspiration for its nutrient-packed bowls of health in culinary traditions from all around world.

BYO avo toast

At their branches in London, The Good Life Eateries encourage improved, healthier dietary habits among their patrons. The all-day menus feature nourishing, wholesome dishes such as wraps, waffles and salads, which can be adapted to suit different dietary requirements. A popular choice aty this health-food restaurant is the build-your-own avo toast, and there are cold-pressed juices and superfood smoothies to go with your meal as well.

Plant-based pioneers

The now fully plant-based Mildreds restaurants, along with their sister restaurant Mallow in Borough Market, are a pioneering vegetarian and vegan chain with locations around the city. They serve a variety of internationally inspired dishes across their breakfast, brunch and all-day menus, with choices ranging from whipped avocado and porridge to kofte and burgers. There’s even a dedicated onion- and garlic-free selection.

Raw Press

Cold-press juices and plant-based food

The Raw Press brand began as a café that focused primarily on cold-pressed juices and smoothies. Over time, it expanded into a range of nutritional plant-based dishes, salads, raw snacks, sugar-free treats and more. They’re all available at their Chelsea café, which also serves their Green Street Diner vegan, health-conscious fast-food menu in the evening. You can also order delivery.

26 Grains

Life's quieter pleasures

This modern restaurant in Neal’s Yard serves a simple yet nutritious breakfast menu throughout the day, with wholesome choices such as porridge, ragu on sourdough, and a smoked salmon plate. 26 Grains is a popular choice among both health-conscious diners and those in search of that particular Scandi hygge-type cosiness.

Cocotte Shoreditch – Healthy restaurants
Cocotte Shoreditch
Cocotte Shoreditch – Healthy restaurants
Cocotte Shoreditch

Full range of free-range chicken

The French farm-to-table Cocotte restaurants use homegrown produce, including free-range chicken from the Loire Valley, to offer nutritious brunch options such as organic acai bowls and avo toast, as well as healthy homemade rotisserie dishes. You can also indulge here on cheat days, as there are less wholesome options such as chicken burgers or truffled mac & cheese to be found on the menu as well.

Fine veggie cuisine

One of London’s most respected health-food establishments, The Gate is a set of vegetarian restaurants that promote wholesome living through their globally-inspired fine dining. You don’t have to be avoiding meat to enjoy the tortillas, katsu curry, beetroot burgers and other international favourites here. The brunch menu includes nutritious options such as coconut yoghurt & seasonal berries or avocado toast.

"Food that tastes good and does good"

The Atis healthfood eateries revolve around the concept of “powerful food” – food that’s not just good for the body, but also the soul and the planet. You can choose from among different plant-rich hot and cold bowls, adding ethically sourced animal products if you like. If the regular bowls on the menu don’t suit you, however, you can build your own out of the available ingredients.

Rude Health Café

Championing a brighter way

Fulham’s Rude Health Café is run by the eponymous brand, known internationally for its dairy-free alternatives to milk. The eatery advances its founders’ mission by providing healthy flavourful meals from organic ingredients. There’s a range of wholesome breakfast and lunch dishes to choose from, and you can complement them with a refreshing smoothie or seasonal drink.

Linnaean – Healthy restaurants
Linnaean – Healthy restaurants
Linnaean – Healthy restaurants
Linnaean – Healthy restaurants
Linnaean – Healthy restaurants
Linnaean – Healthy restaurants
Linnaean – Healthy restaurants
Linnaean – Healthy restaurants


Luxury lifestyle destination

The vibrant garden-style setting of the completely vegan Linnaean reflects the establishment’s commitment to sustainability, seasonality, zero waste and exploring man’s connection to nature. The plant-rich menu is quite varied, with options ranging from a Full English Breakfast to falafel and matcha pancakes, with afternoon tea and bottomless brunch also available. The venue also includes a hair salon and beauty and wellness treatments for the full wellbeing package.

All-day Australian dining

At his various elegant branches around London, restaurateur Bill Granger offers his trademark combination of Aussie informality, classic international dishes a sunny disposition. In addition to healthy staples such as salads and bowls, most of the menu at the Granger & Co. restaurants is slanted towards wholesome dining, with lighter fare, vegetables a-plenty and nutritious ingredients a constant presence.

Combination farm shops and cafés

Bringing garden-fresh produce its organic farm in the Cotswolds to London daily, Daylesford Organic serves sustainable, wholesome takes on international classics such as pizza and burgers, as well as health-focused breakfast dishes, daily specials and more. Its stylish, nature-inspired cafés also double as farm shops, so you can stock up on quality ingredients while you're there.

The Skinny Kitchen

Hearty party spot

Islington’s Skinny Kitchen is a popular choice for immersive dining experiences, for example their Bottomless Brunch or Supper Club, which bring together high-energy entertainment and health-conscious dishes. In the bright, vibrant setting, youthful partiers can enjoy an array of international classics, from breakfast bowls and avo toast to falafel and more. There’s a wide assortment of beverages on offer as well, including fresh juices, cocktails and different sangrias.


Vegan and organic Japanese food

Japanese cuisine is known for being healthy but Itadakizen gets a special shoutout as the food here isn’t just Japanese, it’s also vegan and organic. The first of its kind to open in Europe, the snug King’s Cross serves wholesome, authentic takes on classics such as gyoza, curries and ramen.

Antipodean trendsetters

Another part of the Aussie café culture thriving in London, the tastefully furnished Lantana cafés draw on different cuisines for their breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner menus. Included among them are healthier options such as poke bowls, salads, smashed avocado or curries, with freshly-pressed juices and smoothies to wash them down.

Healthy food throughout the day

At their various sites around the capital, the Natural Kitchens offer all-day dining. The global favourites on the menu range from fish ‘n’ chips to falafel and more, all homemade and prepared with fresh, quality produce for a wholesome boost. You can choose from an array of more health-focused specialities, for example salads or protein curry, as well. Most of the branches have a cocktail bar and outdoor seating.

Takeaway salad buffet

A refreshing option for when you’re in a rush and want a nutritious lunch to go, the Kastner & Ovens joins prepare a changing buffet of salads each day, along with a selection of savoury snacks such as homemade quiches and sausage rolls, as well as soups and other hot dishes. The food at these takeaway joints is fresh, health-minded and flavourful.

Koshari Street

Egyptian street food

This takeaway joint in Covent Garden specialises in the titular koshari, an Egyptian national dish that’s great for when you’re on the move. A bowl based on a mixture of pasta, rice and lentils with tomato sauce, the koshari can be customised with your choice of toppings such as jackfruit, chicken or lamb for a nutritious, health-packed lunch. You can also choose one of the pre-built house bowls.

Refreshing salad shop concept

Urban Greens was founded by three college mates with a mission to offer wholesome, delectable, and satisfying lunchtime fare. Packed with essential nutrients and nourishing elements, the Urban Green salads are crafted from locally-sourced ingredients. The menu features a selection of internationally-inspired bowls, for example the Cheeky Hummus or Seoul Chicken options. Takeout is also available.

Award-winning grab-and-go concept

The Salad Project is an award-winning health food concept that is rapidly expanding its presence in the capital. Their focus is on serving fresh, nutritious food, combining grab-and-go convenience with a commitment to an excellent customer experience. The Salad Project provides a variety of delicious salads and bowls, and customers can also create their own. Catering services are also available.

Summer fresh

At Kaleido Rolls, the focus is on modernising the traditional Vietnamese summer rolls. These freshly prepared and healthy rolls offer a range of fillings, including classic vegetables as well as options like parma ham, salmon, or falafel. Whether you need a light lunch, a convenient snack, or a pick-me-up to-go, these rolls are the perfect nutritious choice.

Putting the "avo" in flavour

As you might imagine, avocado is the star of the show at this trendy pink eatery, from avocado pattern prints to the menu highlighting unique avo concoctions such as avocado fries and beetroot-avo patties. All of the dishes are made with sustainable avocados, so there's no need to feel guilty as you tuck into things like avocado-topped toasts, pancakes, salads, poke bowls, burgers, and more.

Berry delicious

The Acai Berry branches are dedicated to providing nourishing, wholesome, and convenient superfood-infused acai bowls. The smoothie cafés take immense pride in incorporating superfoods into the majority of their dishes and beverages, utilizing only top-notch ingredients to guarantee quality across all products. Their expertly crafted bowls feature an array of toppings, ranging from various fruits and berries to a high-protein, sugar-free peanut butter option.

100% organic açai berries

Oakberry Açai is a global chain focused on serving health-conscious food, specifically specialising in bowls and smoothies made with premium açai berries. These berries are guaranteed to be 100% organic, vegan, and devoid of any artificial preservatives. Customers have the flexibility to personalise their bowls or smoothies with a variety of wholesome toppings at the brand's convenient takeaway counters.

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