The best Balkan restaurants in London

The best Balkan restaurants in London

Ćevapčići, pljeskavice and ražnjići might be a mouthful to pronounce – but they're a delicious mouthful. If you're looking to explore the tantalising flavours of cuisine from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and other countries from the Balkan region, our guide to the best Balkan restaurants in London is here to help you discover the top spots. Indulge in traditional Balkan dishes, from hearty stews to succulent skewers and loaded meat platters, at the various Balkan-inspired spots around the capital. Whether you're a long-time fan of Balkan cuisine or simply curious to try something new, our guide has you covered.

In this guide
  1. Mystic Burek – Phyllo dough magic
  2. Fulham Kitchen – Award-winning Mediterranean restaurant
  3. Caffè Bonego – Community hub
  4. Rea's Place – Balkan parklife
  5. Kod Pirketa – Homely West London spot
  6. Queens Arms Kilburn – A Balkan-inspired boozer
  7. Mugi's Coffee Bar – Pig out in Ealing
  8. The Corner Terrace – Balkan party vibes
  9. Paya & Horse – Colourful and eccentric
  10. The Lacy Nook – Updating Balkan classics

Mystic Burek

Phyllo dough magic

Mystic Burek came to life when Spasia, the owner, embarked on a culinary journey to recapture the heartwarming flavours of the burek phyllo pastries made by her Macedonian grandmother. Initially gaining traction as a delivery service through Instagram, Mystic Burek transitioned to a physical location in 2023, offering an assortment of handmade burek pies, baklava, and a variety of Balkan delicacies.

Fulham Kitchen

Award-winning Mediterranean restaurant

One of the area's top restaurants, Fulham Kitchen is a local favourite with a varied offer of dishes from around the Mediterranean. The menu standouts include an assortment of traditional Serbian specialities, including grilled beef mince sausages – ćevapi, stuffed peppers, pasulj bean stew, sarma cabbage rolls, and breaded Karadjordjeva schnitzel. The venue can also host parties or other events.

Caffè Bonego

Community hub

Caffè Bonego is a classic neighbourhood restaurant in Shepherd's Bush that serves food from breakfast through to dinner. The menu features dishes that will be familiar to anyone who's eaten in the Balkans before – cheesy bureks, meaty ćevapi, mixed grill platters, pasulj stew, and more, accompanied by freshly baked lepinja flatbreads and large helpings of ajvar spread. Caffè Bonego also hosts events for expats, live music nights, and more.

Rea's Place

Balkan parklife

Rea's Place, located at the edge of Childs Hill Park, is a wallet-friendly restaurant that serves straightforward Balkan dishes. Their menu includes sujuk sausages, pleskavica burgers, and freshly baked burek pastries with a variety of fillings. They also offer creamy kajmak spread, hot lepinja bread, and other regional delicacies. During pleasant weather, customers can make use of their ample outdoor seating.

Kod Pirketa

Homely West London spot

Kod Pirketa, situated in Acton, is a relaxed Balkan eatery and café that specialises in serving authentic cuisine from the former Yugoslavia region. The restaurant offers scrumptious sharing platters overflowing with grilled meat, freshly baked flatbreads, and traditional condiments such as kajmak and ajvar to complement your meal. Indulge in their decadent desserts and polish things off with a shot of strong spirits.

Queens Arms Kilburn

A Balkan-inspired boozer

Kilburn's renowned Queens Arms, which has been around since the late 19th century, is a welcoming corner pub with a generous amount of space across its bar, dining room, outdoor terrace, and function room. Considering its Balkan roots – it's owned by Rita Ora's father – it's no wonder you'll find a selection of traditional Balkan specialities alongside the usual pub grub on the menu.

Mugi's Coffee Bar

Pig out in Ealing

At the heart of West London, Mugi's Coffee Bar welcomes you with a traditional kafana ambiance. The eatery caters to its customers' needs from dawn until dusk, offering a satisfying array of home-cooked Balkan dishes, including pljeskavica burgers, ćevapi minced meat sausages, burek pastries, stuffed red peppers, and more. For special occasions, you can even pre-order a whole rotisserie suckling pig or lamb. 

The Corner Terrace

Balkan party vibes

The Corner Terrace is a Balkan-style restaurant located in Ealing that offers a lively and relaxed atmosphere. The ambiance is set by the Balkan music that plays through the speakers, contributing to the overall vibe of the restaurant. The menu is a mixture of Mediterranean dishes, featuring various Balkan specialities such as pasulj stew, Karadjordjeva schnitzel, pork skewers, and more. Al fresco dining is available as well.

Paya & Horse

Colourful and eccentric

Paya & Horse is a traditional pub in Battersea that boasts a unique touch. Run by a characterful owner, the interior is decorated with his own art, adding to the cosy atmosphere. Alongside the classic drinks and pub food, Paya & Horse also offers a genuine Balkan dining experience, serving up generous portions of grilled meats, lepinja flatbreads, and other authentic dishes. The pub regularly features live music performances, making it a popular spot for those seeking a fun night out. You can also watch sports and play pool or darts here. 

The Lacy Nook

Updating Balkan classics

Stokey regulars might remember The Lacy Nook from when it was based in the area, but following its shutdown and subsequent pop-up phase, the eatery has now reopened in the bustling Wood Street area of Walthamstow. The self-taught proprietor and chef's Balkan roots inspire the menu, featuring contemporary, original takes on regional staples such as beef ćevapi, shopska salad, and moussaka. The restaurant has a welcoming, intimate atmosphere, as well as outdoor seating.

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