Skärgårdslinjen M/S Trubaduren

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M/S Trubaduren
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The M/S Trubaduren was first launched in 1965 and over the years she's become a well-known feature of Gothenburg harbour. The ship has been moored at Packhuskajen, just a few minutes walk from Stenpiren travel centre, since 2016 and from there she regularly chugs out into the Gothenburg archipelago.

The ship hosts tasteful cruises all year round, including food and glamorous shows onboard. Their fish and shellfish buffets are always extremely popular - passengers enjoy delicacies such as langoustines, prawns, mussels and salmon as the islands and skerries of the archipelago glide by outside. M/S Trubaduren has two bars, a dancefloor and a sundeck where you can soak up the rays and enjoy the views during the warmer months.

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What kind of food is served at Skärgårdslinjen M/S Trubaduren?

We have categorised the cuisine at M/S Trubaduren as:

  • Fish
  • Buffet
  • Seafood
  • Vegetarian

What is the cost of dining at Skärgårdslinjen M/S Trubaduren?

We have categorised Skärgårdslinjen M/S Trubaduren in the price range Mid-range (£££).

Does Skärgårdslinjen M/S Trubaduren have outdoor seating?

Yes, Skärgårdslinjen M/S Trubaduren offers outdoor seating for guests to enjoy their drinks outside.

What is the atmosphere like at Skärgårdslinjen M/S Trubaduren?

We would categorise the atmosphere at Skärgårdslinjen M/S Trubaduren as cosy.

Does Skärgårdslinjen M/S Trubaduren offer vegetarian options?

Yes, Skärgårdslinjen M/S Trubaduren has vegetarian dishes on their menu.

Where is Skärgårdslinjen M/S Trubaduren?

Skärgårdslinjen M/S Trubaduren is located at Packhusgatan 6, 411 13, Centrum. Nearby is Lilla torget, Göteborg.