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The guide to Gothenburg's best brunch


Whether you want to get a group of friends together for a weekend treat, surprise your beloved or just ward off the effects of the night before, a hearty brunch is always a winning concept. Brunch is a more luxurious, relaxing and tasty alternative to a hotel breakfast and allows you to enjoy an ext...
19 Sep 2023
Where to find Gothenburg's best breakfast


Waking up early and eating breakfast out on the town can really kickstart your day. Do you like to grab a crisp croissant and an espresso while standing at a counter reading the newspaper? Or do you prefer to charge up your batteries for the day with porridge, eggs, juice and a latte? We all know br...
9 Nov 2023
Gothenburg's best cafés

Cafés in Gothenburg

Fika is a Swedish word that means having a coffee and something to eat but, more than that, it's a social institution; these coffee breaks (preferably two a day) have an almost sacred place in Swedes' hearts. Of course you can always drink your coffee at home or at work, but nothing beats a creamy c...
9 Nov 2023
Gothenburg's best afternoon tea

Afternoon tea

The British tea-drinking tradition is said to have begun with the 6th Duchess of Bedford, who introduced the custom of partaking in afternoon tea between 3 and 5pm. Whether tea should be drunk weak or strong is up to the individual, but accompanying it with a few savoury and sweet tasty treats is ne...
15 Sep 2023
The guide to study- and work-friendly cafés in Gothenburg

Work-friendly cafés

Working with the entire city as your workspace is becoming more and more popular, and city-dwellers and visitors alike are choosing to swap their office or library for a welcoming café with wifi. Gothenburg is packed with fantastic cafés and most of them offer free wifi connectivity al...
15 Sep 2023
LGBTQ+ guide to gay-friendly places in Gothenburg


As a LBTQ+ visitor to Gothenburg, there are plenty of rainbow-coloured places to hang out. Several have a specific LBTQ+ focus, others have occasional LBTQ+ clubs and events. This guide points the way to places in Gothenburg where the rainbow flag flies high, from restaurants, bars and cafés...
15 Sep 2023
Where to find the best "semlor" Lenten buns in Gothenburg

Lenten buns

Semlor (singular: semla) Lenten buns were traditionally eaten on Shrove Tuesday but are now available from January until Easter so if you're in Gothenburg during this period don't miss the chance to sample these creamy, cardamom-scented delights. In recent years, bakeries have begun to play around w...
15 Sep 2023
Where to find leafy cafés in Gothenburg

Leafy cafés

Leafy park cafés, flower-filled courtyards and sun-baked rocks by the sea - Gothenburg is a fantastic summer city. We guide the way to verdant garden cafés, charming park restaurants and other spots to while away magical summer days. Some are by the sea or lakes, perfect for taking a d...
15 Sep 2023