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Gothenburg's hottest restaurants

Hottest restaurants

New restaurants pop up in Gothenburg the whole time and it's not easy staying up to date with everything, especially if you're just passing through the city. To help keep you in the know, we've created a guide to Gothenburg's hottest restaurants right now. You'll find everything from trendy food tru...
19 Feb 2024
The guide to Gothenburg's best lunch restaurants

Lunch restaurants

Finding the perfect restaurant for a business lunch, or a great spot for a daytime date over some food, isn't always that simple. The lunchtime jungle can be hard to traverse, particularly if you're just visiting Gothenburg, and to help you on your way we've listed Gothenburg's best lunch restaurant...
9 Apr 2024
The guide to activities in Gothenburg


Whether you're new to the city and want to discover everything it has to offer in one weekend or you're a seasoned Gothenburger looking for new ideas, Gothenburg has masses of unique, fun activities to offer. We've gathered together plenty of great tips for all kinds of activities, outings and adven...
7 Mar 2024
The guide to Gothenburg's best brunch


Whether you want to get a group of friends together for a weekend treat, surprise your beloved or just ward off the effects of the night before, a hearty brunch is always a winning concept. Brunch is a more luxurious, relaxing and tasty alternative to a hotel breakfast and allows you to enjoy an ext...
8 Apr 2024
The guide to Gothenburg's best pizza


Pizza has a very special place in our hearts and in recent years the perenially popular dish has managed to find its way onto menus beyond the purely Italian. This guide gathers together both pizzerias and other restaurants in Gothenburg that serve pizza as part of their menu. Pizzas these days are...
14 Feb 2024
Where to find Gothenburg's best breakfast


Waking up early and eating breakfast out on the town can really kickstart your day. Do you like to grab a crisp croissant and an espresso while standing at a counter reading the newspaper? Or do you prefer to charge up your batteries for the day with porridge, eggs, juice and a latte? We all know br...
13 Dec 2023
Gothenburg's best cafés


Fika is a Swedish word that means having a coffee and something to eat but, more than that, it's a social institution; these coffee breaks (preferably two a day) have an almost sacred place in Swedes' hearts. Of course you can always drink your coffee at home or at work, but nothing beats a creamy c...
11 Apr 2024
Where to find the best weekend lunch in Gothenburg

Weekend lunch

Going out for lunch mid-week is standard practice in Gothenburg. But what could be nicer than taking a break from your Saturday shopping trip with a long weekend lunch? You can find weekend brunch spots all over the place but if you don't fancy a buffet full of hangover casualties, a proper à...
8 Apr 2024
The best restaurants in Linnéstan

Linné restaurants

Linnéstan is one of Gothenburg's most popular restaurant neighbourhoods. Linnégatan, which runs from Järntorget up to Slottsskogen, is lined with restaurants and bars, and you'll also find numerous foodie gems hidden away on the neighbourhood's smaller streets. To make it easier f...
7 Mar 2024
The guide to the best restaurants in Gothenburg city centre

City centre restaurants

Gothenburg city centre isn't exactly short on restaurants, but it's not always easy to know which ones are best. There are plenty of really good central restaurants and whether you want to round off a shopping trip around Kungsportsplatsen or kickstart an evening out on Magasingatan there are plenty...
15 Apr 2024
The guide to Gothenburg's best hair salons

Hair salons

Extensions, Brazilian blowouts and Keratin treatments - hairdressing trends come and go, with inspiration from fashionable cities such as New York, Paris and London. The result? Modern, minimalist, classic, industrial chic or even kitsch styles. Great hair salons of all kinds are constantly opening...
30 Jan 2024
The guide to Gothenburg's best nightclubs


Whether you're a hardened clubber or in the mood for a rare night out while passing through town, it can be hard for even the most street-smart among us to find the right nightspot. To help guide you through the club jungle, we've collected Gothenburg's best nightclubs in one guide. We've summarised...
19 Mar 2024
The guide to good-value restaurants in Gothenburg

Good-value restaurants

When your wallet's feeling a bit thin but you're hungry for a culinary experience, dinner out can feel like an incredible luxury. The truth is that dinner out on the town doesn't have to cost the earth. There are a whole range of really reasonable restaurants in Gothenburg where you can eat well and...
19 Feb 2024
New restaurants in Gothenburg

New restaurants

New restaurants frequently open up their doors in Gothenburg and, for those of us who love trying out new places, the city is a foodie dream. This guide is updated regularly to ensure you're kept in the loop with all the latest news on the restaurant scene. We list restaurants that have opened in th...
9 Apr 2024
Family-friendly restaurants in Gothenburg

Family-friendly restaurants

Going out to eat with the whole family may sound like a nice idea. But finding a restaurant in Gothenburg with space for buggies, a children's menu and tolerance from fellow guests when the kids start to get restless can be a challenge. We've picked out family-friendly restaurants in Gothenburg that...
18 Mar 2024
Where to find Gothenburg's best burgers


You don't need to travel across the Atlantic to find the ultimate hamburger - Gothenburg seriously delivers in this genre. Whether you're in the mood for a cheese-smoothered budget burger or a slightly posher variation, you're sure to find your favourite in the city. Follow our guide to finding a re...
5 Feb 2024
Gothenburg's best afternoon tea

Afternoon tea

The British tea-drinking tradition is said to have begun with the 6th Duchess of Bedford, who introduced the custom of partaking in afternoon tea between 3 and 5pm. Whether tea should be drunk weak or strong is up to the individual, but accompanying it with a few savoury and sweet tasty treats is ne...
13 Feb 2024
Gothenburg's best Asian restaurants

Asian restaurants

Asian food and Eastern influences have been popular in Gothenburg for some time. The concept is an extremely broad one and covers everything from sashimi to noodles and dumplings, not to mention fusion cuisines serving up unexpected flavour combinations. In Gothenburg, you'll find restaurants servin...
5 Mar 2024
Where to find Gothenburg's best prawn sandwich

Prawn sandwiches

For many, prawn (or shrimp) sandwiches are synonymous with a visit to Gothenburg - if you're in town, you've got to eat at least one prawn sandwich. Opinions vary widely on how the perfect prawn sandwich should taste. Most agree on the basics - hand-peeled prawns, egg and mayonnaise - but after that...
11 Apr 2024
The guide to Gothenburg restaurants serving home cooking

Home cooking

The restaurant scene is constantly evolving but traditional flavours and tried-and-tested recipes will always influence modern cuisine. Home cooking is a perennial favourite and there are plenty of places in Gothenburg still rolling meatballs and frying herring the way grandma used to. We've gathere...
8 Apr 2024
The guide to Gothenburg's best Italian restaurants

Italian restaurants

Italian cuisine, with its passion for simple, pure flavours and quality ingredients, is not hard to fall in love with. Creamy risotto, flavoured with parmesan and white wine, or a garlic-scented pasta vongole, can make almost anyone teary eyed. Gothenburg boasts a parade of Italian restaurants, all...
18 Apr 2024
Where to find Gothenburg's best pasta


Italian restaurants are popping up all over Gothenburg. In certain parts of town, Italian restaurants are a dime a dozen, but who cares - we love Italian food! Several places make their own pasta from scratch and cook it using both traditional and modern recipes from all over Italy. In the mood for...
17 Jan 2024
The guide to Gothenburg's cosiest restaurants

Cosy restaurants

When Gothenburg is being battered by storms and driving, horizontal rain, what could be better than holing up at a warm, cosy restaurant? Whatever the weather, it's always a treat to sit down to a beautifully laid table and be taken care of. We've selected the restaurants in Gothenburg that are part...
19 Mar 2024
The best outdoor dining areas in Gothenburg

Alfresco dining

When the city's outdoor dining areas start to open up around April 1st it means the summer season has begun. Gothenburg is full of fantastic spots with sunny alfresco areas, perfect for enjoying a summery lunch or a refreshing cocktail on a warm evening. More and more rooftop terraces open up each y...
15 Apr 2024
Gothenburg's best day spas

Day spas

Whether you're looking for a relaxing mid-week treatment, a deep-cleansing facial after work or to sweat out the stress and toxins in a sauna there are some fabulous spa facilities to choose from in Gothenburg. Treat yourself to a moment of peace and quiet in one of the city's oases with our guide t...
5 Mar 2024
The guide to affordable restaurants in Gothenburg

Affordable restaurants

When life feels permanently like the day before payday, Gothenburg's budget-friendly restaurants can reach out a hand - or rather, a steaming plate of food. And there's no shortage of wallet-friendly places to eat on the west coast. Choose from a wide selection of good value options such as pasta, p...
15 Feb 2024
The guide to Gothenburg's best cocktail bars

Cocktail bars

A really fabulous cocktail is so much more than just a drink, it's a complete sensory experience. Interest in cocktails is growing and Gothenburg has several bars which focus on mixologically advanced cocktails with exciting new flavours and trends. We guide you to Gothenburg's best cocktail bars, b...
19 Feb 2024
The guide to Gothenburg's best vegetarian restaurants

Vegetarian restaurants

Looking for a vegetarian or vegan restaurant in Gothenburg? We've picked out the greenest and best places in Gothenburg serving plant-based food. Perhaps you're a dyed-in-the-wool vegetarian or vegan, you want to take a plant-based pal out to dinner, or just vary your own eating habits and flavour e...
9 Apr 2024
The guide to study- and work-friendly cafés in Gothenburg

Work-friendly cafés

Working with the entire city as your workspace is becoming more and more popular, and city-dwellers and visitors alike are choosing to swap their office or library for a welcoming café with wifi. Gothenburg is packed with fantastic cafés and most of them offer free wifi connectivity al...
15 Sep 2023
Gothenburg's best shopping


Gothenburg is famous for being a fantastic shopping destination with several different retail areas around town, all charming in their own way. The city offers everything from huge department stores to small stores with unique designs and flagship stores with exclusive ready-to-wear fashion. Wander...
19 Mar 2024
Gothenburg's best rooftop bars

Rooftop bars

There's something really special about sipping a perfectly blended cocktail while you enjoy panoramic views from rooftop bars. There are several rooftop bars, roof terraces and sky bars to visit in Gothenburg, if you prefer hanging out at high altitude. Take the elevator up to renowned hotel bars, a...
30 Jan 2024
Getting around Gothenburg - how to hire an electric scooter

Electric scooters

Since electric scooters and electric bikes hit the streets of Gothenburg, it's never been easier to get around the city. Parking is as straightforward as getting from A to B - once you're done with your scooter you just leave it where you are with no need to worry about the risk of theft. With a sim...
15 Sep 2023
LGBTQ+ guide to gay-friendly places in Gothenburg


As a LBTQ+ visitor to Gothenburg, there are plenty of rainbow-coloured places to hang out. Several have a specific LBTQ+ focus, others have occasional LBTQ+ clubs and events. This guide points the way to places in Gothenburg where the rainbow flag flies high, from restaurants, bars and cafés...
15 Sep 2023
Gothenburg's best beauty salons

Beauty salons

Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves, and treating yourself to a pampering beauty treatment can often be just the pick-me-up you need. In this guide we've gathered together Gothenburg's best beauty salons. It includes specialists in everything from eyebrows to advanced skincare, hi-tech m...
24 Jan 2024
The guide to hotels with spas in Gothenburg

Hotels with spas

Staying at a hotel is a luxury in itself, but if you want to add icing to the cake there's a wide selection of hotels with spas in Gothenburg. Enjoy steaming hot tubs, massage, energising yoga and a glass of bubbles before heading back to your comfy hotel room. Whether you're celebrating a birthday,...
15 Sep 2023
The guide to Gothenburg's best hotels

Gothenburg's best hotels

Whether you're visiting Gothenburg for the first time or enjoying a staycation, being pampered at a hotel is always a pleasure. Several hotels in Gothenburg offer luxurious package experiences and have top-notch restaurants, allowing you to stay "at home" for your entire stay. Why not check into an...
2 Apr 2024
Where to celebrate New Year's Eve in Gothenburg

New year in Gothenburg

Out with the old and in with the new! The last weeks of the year tend to fly by and before long it'll be time to don your gladrags and toast in 2024. How to celebrate the new year in Gothenburg? Many of the city's restaurants and bars are preparing for a glamorous end to the year so follow our guide...
31 Jan 2024
The guide to outings outside Gothenburg

Out-of-town outings

Are you in Gothenburg, but looking for a little change of scene? There are masses of fantastic outings and day trips both in and outside Gothenburg. Within an hour's journey from the city, you can experience idyllic islands, award-winning gastronomic destinations, historical spots, magnificent castl...
31 Aug 2023
The best seafood restaurants in Gothenburg

Seafood restaurants

With its close proximity to the sea, Gothenburg has a deservedly good reputation for excellent fish and shellfish. There are a number of well-known fish restaurants in the city which have long held a special place in the salty, sea-loving hearts of locals. True seafood enthusiasts should also take t...
14 Sep 2023
Tourist in Gothenburg - your complete guide

Tourist in Gothenburg

Gothenburg has everything you could wish for as a tourist: a rich cultural life, world-class food and drink, great shopping, fascinating history and proximity to the sea and the countless islands of the archipelago. In other words, there's plenty to do. In order to tailormake your holiday in Gothenb...
19 Mar 2024
The guide to escape rooms in Gothenburg

Escape rooms

Getting locked into an exciting - and sometimes scary - adventure, and having to find a way out within an hour, has become a popular activity wth friends, colleagues or family. The idea behind an escape room is to find your way out of a themed room by solving tricky clues and riddles. Teamwork, alon...
31 Aug 2023
Where to find leafy cafés in Gothenburg

Leafy cafés

Leafy park cafés, flower-filled courtyards and sun-baked rocks by the sea - Gothenburg is a fantastic summer city. We guide the way to verdant garden cafés, charming park restaurants and other spots to while away magical summer days. Some are by the sea or lakes, perfect for taking a d...
12 Feb 2024
A weekend in Gothenburg: experience the city in 48 hours

48 hours in Gothenburg

Getting a feel for Gothenburg in 48 hours is totally doable. Tuck into fresh seafood at a Michelin-starred waterfront restaurant, check out the latest exhibitions at Röhsska museum, do some vintage shopping in trendy Majorna, kayak around the islands of the archipelago, and maybe follow in the...
12 Dec 2023
The guide to Gothenburg's Christmas markets

Christmas markets

The Christmas season is fast approaching and it's time to go all-in on the festive spirit. What could be better than eating Christmas treats and drinking spiced mulled wine at an atmospheric Christmas market? The number of Christmas markets in Gothenburg varies from year to year but we've gathered t...
22 Nov 2023
Where to find the best "semlor" Lenten buns in Gothenburg

Lenten buns

Semlor (singular: semla) Lenten buns were traditionally eaten on Shrove Tuesday but are now available from January until Easter so if you're in Gothenburg during this period don't miss the chance to sample these creamy, cardamom-scented delights. In recent years, bakeries have begun to play around w...
13 Feb 2024
Glamping in Gothenburg


If you prefer your experience of the great outdoors to come complete with comfortable beds, wood-fired stoves and a breakfast basket served to your front door, glamping - glamorous camping - is definitely for you. A couple of places in and just outside Gothenburg have hopped on the glamping trend, p...
25 Jan 2024
The guide to Gothenburg's best Christmas julbord


Christmas 2023 is fast approaching and it's not long until julbord Christmas buffets are laid out around Gothenburg - some with pickled herring and Janssons Temptation, others with lobster and oysters. Naturally there are also restaurants where vegetarian and vegan options take centre stage. Are you...
26 Mar 2024
The guide to winter activities in Gothenburg

Winter activities

There's plenty to do in Gothenburg during the winter months, whether you want to get out into the open air, treat yourself to some rest and relaxation or find a fun indoor activity. There are plenty of lovely parks and recreation areas when you want to take a walk or enjoy winter activities, such as...
13 Feb 2024
Sportlov half-term holiday in Gothenburg - where to find fun things to do

Half-term activities

Sportlovet - the February half-term holiday - is a wonderful opportunity to spend some time with the family and engage in some fun activities together. Whether you fancy some snowy winter sports, getting fit on a sandy beach or doing something completely non-sport related, there are plenty of exciti...
29 Jan 2024
The best New Year's Eve dinner kits to take away

New Year's Eve at home

New Year's Eve is soon upon us and if you're celebrating the new year in Gothenburg it's high time to start planning your dinner. Hosting a new year dinner at home takes a great deal of planning and preparation. Luckily, several Gothenburg restaurants offer ready-made new year's eve meal kits and me...
19 Dec 2023