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The best outdoor dining areas in Gothenburg

Alfresco dining

When the city's outdoor dining areas start to open up around April 1st it means the summer season has begun. Gothenburg is full of fantastic spots with sunny alfresco areas, perfect for enjoying a summery lunch or a refreshing cocktail on a warm evening. More and more rooftop terraces open up each y...
10 Jun 2024
LGBTQ+ guide to gay-friendly places in Gothenburg


As a LBTQ+ visitor to Gothenburg, there are plenty of rainbow-coloured places to hang out. Several have a specific LBTQ+ focus, others have occasional LBTQ+ clubs and events. This guide points the way to places in Gothenburg where the rainbow flag flies high, from restaurants, bars and cafés...
15 Sep 2023
The guide to Gothenburg's best cocktail bars

Cocktail bars

A really fabulous cocktail is so much more than just a drink, it's a complete sensory experience. Interest in cocktails is growing and Gothenburg has several bars which focus on mixologically advanced cocktails with exciting new flavours and trends. We guide you to Gothenburg's best cocktail bars, b...
10 Jun 2024
Gothenburg's best rooftop bars

Rooftop bars

There's something really special about sipping a perfectly blended cocktail while you enjoy panoramic views from rooftop bars. There are several rooftop bars, roof terraces and sky bars to visit in Gothenburg, if you prefer hanging out at high altitude. Take the elevator up to renowned hotel bars, a...
30 Jan 2024