A massive Yoko Ono retrospective is coming to Tate Modern

In 2024, Tate Modern will host the UK's largest exhibition of Yoko Ono's work, "Yoko Ono: Music of the Mind," showcasing over 200 works from the influential artist and activist. 

The “Yoko Ono: Music of the Mind” exhibition, developed in collaboration with Ono's studio, spans seven decades and includes instruction pieces, installations, films, and music, highlighting the famed artist's role in the avant-garde circles of New York and Tokyo. Central themes include peace, feminism, and engagement with the everyday, frequently employing the sky as a metaphor for peace and freedom, a theme rooted in Ono's childhood experiences during World War II. Ono's collaborative peace campaigns with John Lennon, such as “Acorns for Peace”' and the “WAR IS OVER!” billboard campaign, are also featured, alongside the film “BED PEACE” documenting their famous bed-in events for peace. The exhibition culminates with the participatory installation “My Mommy Is Beautiful,” inviting visitors to contribute photos and messages about their mothers. 

The high-profile exhibition presents a comprehensive view of Yoko Ono's multifaceted work as an artist, musician, and activist, firmly establishing the Japanese artist, unfairly known best for her involvement with The Beatles, as a pioneering figure in conceptual and participatory art.

“Yoko Ono: Music of the Mind” is on at Tate Modern from 15 February to 1 September. Find out more and book tickets here.