Guide to upcoming restaurants in London

Guide to upcoming restaurants in London

There’s hardly a bigger thrill to be found on London’s crowded restaurant scene than the feeling of being the first through the doors of a brand-new culinary hotspot. With those popping up on a weekly basis, the biggest challenge isn't so much getting your foot in the door as it is keeping track of what’s coming. With our regularly updated guide to the best upcoming restaurants, new openings and future launches, we’ll make sure you're never out of the loop. Get ready to meet some new faces and read on!

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  1. Upcoming restaurant openings in London
    1. Preto – 27 November 2023
    2. Dishoom – 27 November 2023
    3. Jamie Oliver Catherine Street – 28 November 2023
    4. Boca a Boca – 28 November 2023
    5. Sune – 29 November 2023
    6. Donia – 30 November 2023
    7. Phat Buns – 1 December 2023
    8. I Am Döner – 1 December 2023
    9. Roti King – 1 December 2023
    10. Fatto a Mano – 4 December 2023
    11. Gilgamesh – 4 December 2023
    12. The Butcher's Tap & Grill – 5 December 2023
    13. Temper – 6 December 2023
    14. Kinkally – 6 December 2023
    15. Poppies – December 2023
    16. Gaia Restaurant – December 2023
    17. Shrimp Shack – December 2023
    18. Nakanojo – December 2023
    19. Ottolenghi – December 2023
    20. Clap – December 2023
    21. Trejo's Tacos – December 2023
    22. Pizzeria Pellone – December 2023
    23. Bunsik – December 2023
    24. Endo – Winter 2023
    25. Cutfish Sushi Bistro – 2023
    26. Blue Marlin – 2023
    27. The Caviar Bar – 2023
    28. Galaxy Restaurant and Karaoke – 2023
    29. Dez Amore – 2023
    30. Iné – 2023
    31. The Cocochine – 2023
    32. Seven North – 2023
    33. Bread Street Kitchen & Bar – 2023
    34. Emilia's Crafted Pasta – 8 January 2024
    35. Urban Greens – January 2024
    36. Alfi – 7 February 2024
    37. Morchella – February 2024
    38. Arlington – February 2024
    39. The Park – May 2024
    40. El Pastor – Spring 2024
    41. Julie's – Spring 2024
    42. Kricket – Spring 2024
    43. Burnt Ends – 2024
    44. Row on 5 – 2024
    45. Langosteria – 2024
    46. Bocconcino – 2024
    47. Mildreds – 2024
    48. Soul Mama – 2024
    49. Brasseria – 2024
    50. Bangers – 2024
    51. Chango Empanadas – 2024
    52. Effie – 2024
    53. Wildflowers – 2024
    54. Azteca – 2024

Upcoming restaurant openings in London


27 November 2023

Preto is a group of vibrant Brazilian restaurants with a colourful setting, serving rodizio-style buffets. The meats range from gammon to chicken hearts, with the premium cuts complemented by a sides bar with dozens of hot dishes and salads. The Preto Angel branch also features exclusive special offers.


27 November 2023

Top restaurant group Dishoom finally makes it south of the river with its opening in Battersea. Brimming with personality, the decor is inspired by graphic novels and themed on a future vision of Bombay through 1950s eyes. Elevated interpretations of classic street food are served here, including breakfast recipes and location-specific specials.

Jamie Oliver Catherine Street

28 November 2023

Jamie Oliver's Catherine Street restaurant marks the famous chef's UK return, his first eatery here since his British restaurants went into administration. Situated in a Grade-I heritage building in Covent Garden, this ingredient-focused venue celebrates local vendors and British dishes, blending classic Oliver creations with fresh recipes and daily specials. It also features an alfresco terrace.

Boca a Boca

28 November 2023

Boca a Boca offers a taste of Spain throughout the day, presenting a diverse range of tapas and traditional regional delights like paella. Patrons can enjoy a curated selection of Spanish wines alongside their meals. The establishment includes a bar, an in-house jamoneria deli, and a private space available for events, which hosts activities such as wine tastings, live music sessions, and more.


29 November 2023

Developed by two experienced individuals in the hospitality industry, Sune is ideally located alongside the canal at Broadway Market, featuring a delightful outdoor seating area. The restaurant welcomes guests for lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch, offering a menu of meticulously crafted dishes, including options like ricotta gnudi with octopus and n'duja, or lamb neck served with apple mustard and peppercorn gravy.


30 November 2023

A new concept from the backers of notable Filipino ventures like Mamasons and Panadera, Donia joins Kingly Court as a restaurant deeply rooted in Filipino heritage. Patrons can anticipate a captivating selection of inventive Filipino culinary delights.

Phat Buns

1 December 2023

Phat Buns, a popular burger chain with locations across the country, launched its inaugural London branch in 2023. This laid-back eatery is known for its unique build-your-own burgers, offering a wide array of toppings that range from classic to unconventional. For those less creatively inclined, Phat Buns also serves signature house burgers, a variety of sides, and street food options such as hotdogs.

I Am Döner

1 December 2023

I Am Döner is an award-winning kebab chain specialising in Berlin-style döners. Established by a chef with training from Michelin-starred establishments, they seek to elevate the status of kebabs beyond the typical late-night snack. Using the group's own homemade bread and sauces alongside the finest ingredients, the menu also includes loaded fries, salad boxes, rice bowls, and a variety of side dishes. I Am Döner also caters to diverse dietary preferences by offering gluten-free and vegan options.

Roti King

1 December 2023

Roti King Waterloo is another expansion of the Euston original on the south bank of the Thames. The queues for the rotis filled with cheese, chicken, or accompanied by a selection of kari, are less daunting here, with the 50-cap venue offering both dine-in and takeaway options. Notably, the Waterloo location highlights a range of plant-based choices.

Fatto a Mano

4 December 2023

Fatto a Mano made its debut in Brighton in 2015 and soon gained popularity in London. Specialising in authentic Neapolitan pizza, they prepare the dough daily and allow it to prove for at least 24 hours. The pizzas are then adorned with premium toppings, from the staple margherita to innovative variants like lasagna pizza, and popped in the oven for no more than 90 seconds. The Covent Garden location is the first in London to offer Fatto a Mano's complete pizza range.


4 December 2023

Previously boasting the city's largest restaurant space, Gilgamesh London downsized to a more compact venue in 2023. Despite the reduction in size, the establishment maintains a grand presence with a lounge bar, a garden-themed mezzanine, and an intimate dining area on the lower level. The design takes inspiration from the “Epic of Gilgamesh”, while the upscale menu features a diverse array of dishes influenced by culinary traditions from across Asia.

The Butcher's Tap & Grill

5 December 2023

The Butcher's Tap & Grill in Chelsea represents an extension of famed Michelin-starred chef Tom Kerridge's similarly named gastropub in Marlow, albeit with a stronger nod to the "pub" aspect. Kerridge's quintessential pub grub will still feature prominently to complement the drinking, with comforting offerings such as burgers, hot dogs, and more.


6 December 2023

The Temper restaurants are a haven for carnivores, taking a staunch stance against industrial farming practices by featuring in-house butchering. With open kitchens and fire pits placed centrally, they transform barbecuing into both a spectacle and a culinary art. The Paddington location boasts both indoor and outdoor seating options and is notable for being the first within the group to provide an all-day dining experience.


6 December 2023

Kinkally in Fitzrovia offers an upscale spin on classic Georgian dumplings (khinkali), stuffing these miniature delicacies with ingredients like wagyu, butternut squash, and black truffle, or pheasant in a wild-mushroom broth. It also serves other Georgian small plates, desserts, and the like. The restaurant decor incorporates traditional Georgian symbols, yet maintains a light-hearted ambiance, further embracing its cheeky name with Bar Kinky in the basement.


December 2023

Located at various spots across London, this renowned fish and chip shop offers classic British favourites. Traditional fish and chips never go out of fashion here, but there's plenty of other choices – steak pies, fried chicken, sticky toffee pudding, and more. The Portobello shop features original fittings and vintage furnishings for a retro feel.

Gaia Restaurant

December 2023

Gaia, a renowned international dining concept, showcases the essence of Greek cuisine in its London branch located in Mayfair. This restaurant offers an upscale setting for savouring authentic Greek and Mediterranean dishes. Guests can select their fish directly from the display, choose how it's prepared, and pair it with an array of mezze. A salad bar a selection of inventive cocktails round out the culinary experience.

Shrimp Shack

December 2023

Shrimp Shack is a lively and colourful fast-casual dining spot in Streatham, centred around shrimp, often hailed as the crown jewel of seafood. Infusing South African flavours into these succulent sea treasures, Shrimp Shack allows patrons to craft their own shrimp dish, selecting their preferred size, dips, and seasonings. In addition to its shrimp-focused offerings, the restaurant also serves a variety of other seafood and meat dishes.


December 2023

Nakanojo introduces its signature vibrant ambiance to Victoria, featuring Japanese cherry trees, captivating wall art, and various decorative elements. The menu is a fusion of Peruvian and Japanese flavours, spanning an assortment of Nikkei specialties, including tacos, ceviches, and other street food, all complemented by a selection of masterfully mixed cocktails.


December 2023

Renowned chef Yotam Ottolenghi's establishment in Hampstead offers a spacious terrace, the biggest so far, along with the signature salad and cake showcases on pristine white counters. Mornings here are perfect for sipping coffee, indulging in pastries, or enjoying classic Ottolenghi breakfast favourites like shakshuka. Later on, a changing lunch menu and à la carte dinner options are available. Plus, guests can stock up their pantry in the deli section.


December 2023

Clap London is a premium Japanese dining concept originally launched in Dubai. The London branch occupies three floors of the K1 redevelopment in Knightsbridge, with the upmarket venue spanning a café on the ground floor, a lavish restaurant, and a rooftop bar. Expect a range of refined Japanese delicacies on the menu, including sushi and top-grade wagyu, as well as an omakase experience.

Trejo's Tacos

December 2023

Cult Hollywood star Danny Trejo brought his eponymous taco joint from the US to London in 2023, occupying a spacious location in Notting Hill complete with open-air seating and a hidden cocktail bar. Though its celebrity ties are undoubtedly part of the draw, the restaurant's success in the US is also due to its delicious Mexican offerings. Trejo's Tacos London showcases signature tacos filled with specialties like steak asada & pepita pesto, shrimp tostados, and more.

Pizzeria Pellone

December 2023

Pizzeria Pellone initially established itself as a neighbourhood pizza joint in Battersea before joining forces with Elio Barbone, a former chef from L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele, for this specific branch. This collaboration brings authentic Neapolitan traditions to the table, complemented by fresh, seasonal ingredients. The restaurant is famed for its wood-fired oven pizzas, especially the renowned fried calzone


December 2023

Bunsik's debut Soho location ignited a sensation with its unique Korean-style corndogs, enhancing the classic with touches like potato cube-infused batter and generous portions of cheese. The visually tempting treats have made Bunsik a sensation both online and offline, and the group has grown fast since first launching. Their Westfield Stratford City branch further diversifies the appeal with vegetarian menu items.


Winter 2023

Endo Kazutoshi, a third-generation sushi master, elevates his delicate craft to new heights in the refurbished OWO building. The restaurant, located on the grand rooftop of The OWO, offers breath-taking panoramic views of the city along with exquisitely prepared Japanese delicacies, including the chef's table experience. Additionally, outdoor seating is available, and a separate ground-floor entrance leads to an accompanying sake bar.

Cutfish Sushi Bistro


Originating in Moscow, Cutfish Sushi Bistro is a Japanese restaurant that's inspired by Japan's izakayas. You'll find fresh sushi and rolls on one side of the menu and specialities off the Josper grill on the other, resulting in a unique, genuine dining experience.

Blue Marlin


Perched atop the Mondrian Shoreditch hotel, the Blue Marlin members' club comes to London from Ibiza, bringing the island's famed party vibes along for the ride. The rooftop terrace offers a range of seafood dishes infused with Mediterranean and Asian twists, and also features a bar and club area, workspaces, a rejuvenating spa, and more. Expect plenty of DJ-led entertainment as well.

The Caviar Bar


The Caviar Bar joins Mayfair's ever-growing list of must-visit luxury destinations. The snug, glitzy venue is dripping with contemporary opulence and serves carefully sourced seafood. Obviously, caviar is a menu highlight here, but oysters, sushi, and seafood platters are available as well. The high-end food is accompanied by an expertly curated wine list.

Galaxy Restaurant and Karaoke


A popular Chinese restaurant and karaoke bar with a stylish touch, Galaxy is expanding from Elephant & Castle to Broadgate. The fun-loving venue lets you book an elegant private room where you can sing your heart out while enjoying tempting Chinese food such as hot pots and fried rice. The kitchen is open late, so there's no need to cut the gig short, and the drinks list keeps the vibes going with cocktails, Asian beers, and other options.

Dez Amore


Dez Amore, a popular Italian street food joint with a strong market presence, serves a dual menu featuring authentic handcrafted pasta and gourmet burgers, both available for dine-in or takeaway. Classic pasta offerings like tagliatelle cacio e pepe and caserecce carbonara complement the customisable burger. The group's flagship restaurant can be found in Chelsea.



Iné, the younger yet larger sibling of the renowned Taku omakase restaurant in Mayfair, continues the tradition of delivering an impeccable omakase experience, but at a friendlier price point. Located in Hampstead, Iné also features booths for à la carte dining, offering a full sushi and sashimi menu. On the first floor, you'll find a sophisticated bar for sake and snacks.

The Cocochine


The Cocochine, a project by Larry Jayasekara, former National Chef of the Year and ex-head chef at Pétrus, and art dealer Tim Jefferies, is an upmarket Mayfair establishment with a distinctive artistic ambiance. Jayasekara's à la carte menu champions seasonal and regenerative ingredients, treating patrons to a cosmopolitan symphony of flavours. You can also book the chef's counter or the exclusive private dining space.

Seven North


Seven North, located at the new Sircle Hotel, showcases the inventive Mediterranean cuisine of the provocative Israeli chef Eyal Shani, who has already established a strong presence in London through his Miznon pita joints. The restaurant features Shani's characteristically offbeat menu descriptions, including dishes such as "four spicy instruments that will swirl your soul," "the original creation of all roasted baby cauliflower," and “a fennel bulb roasted into perfection.”

Bread Street Kitchen & Bar


Gordon Ramsay's Bread Street Kitchen & Bar combines modern flair with classic British dishes, set against its unique tiled backdrop. You can explore offerings like classic breakfasts, weekend brunch, steak, fish and chips, and the signature Ramsay burger. Catering to all ages, there's a straightforward kids' menu, and the restaurant's location at the 22 Bishopsgate building provides stunning London views.

Emilia's Crafted Pasta

8 January 2024

Emilia's Crafted Pasta evokes the cosy ambience of journeying through Italy's Emilia Romagna area. Naturally, pasta takes centre stage, with fresh pasta and sauces prepared each day, featuring choices such as pesto, creamy walnut, and bolognese. Additionally, a curated selection of Italian wines and beers complements the tasty meal, and you can observe the food prep while you wait for your order.

Urban Greens

January 2024

Urban Greens, founded by a trio of university friends, is on a mission to deliver wholesome, delicious, and satisfying lunchtime fare. Bursting with nourishing ingredients, Urban Green salads are made with locally sourced produce. Customers can explore an enticing selection of globally inspired bowls, including options like Cheeky Hummus and Seoul Chicken. The Kensington branch is the group's first to offer breakfast options as well.


7 February 2024

Alfi is intriguingly billed as a wine pub – a venue combining the traditional cosiness and convivial atmosphere of a pub with the fine drinks offer of a wine bar, including wines on tap. The bar area, opened in December 2023, will be joined in early February by a kitchen offering grilled delicacies such as scorched polenta with girolle mushroom and mornay sauce. Alfi also boasts an outdoor terrace.


February 2024

Morchella, created by the minds behind Perilla in Newington Green, offers a minimalist Mediterranean dining experience, complete with an adjacent wine bar. Echoing the spirit of its sister restaurant, Morchella aims to be a laid-back local haunt, perfect for unwinding and enjoying a variety of seasonal, shareable plates. The restaurant also offers options for private dining and outdoor seating.


February 2024

Famed restaurateur Jeremy King revisits the very spot that marked the beginning of his illustrious career journey. What was once Le Caprice, an iconic celebrity hotspot during the 1980s and 1990s, has been reborn as Arlington, breathing new life into a beloved classic.

The Park

May 2024

Another 2024 opening by veteran restaurateur Jeremy King, The Park sits next to Kensington Gardens. Designed as an upscale brasserie serving food throughout the day, The Park offers a more contemporary setting than King's past ventures.

El Pastor

Spring 2024

El Pastor is one of London's top places for tacos and soon you'll be able to get them at Battersea Power Station with the group's newest location, opening in 2024. Flavour-packed food is dished up in a colourful and vibrant setting, with classic taco fillings to choose from like chicken, mushrooms, or pulled pork. Alternatively, grab a sharing plate for a social meal.


Spring 2024

Once a hotspot for celebrities in West London, the famed Julie's shut its doors in 2022. It made a comeback a few years later, reinventing itself as a French brasserie under the leadership of a chef trained at Le Cordon Bleu. The new establishment stretches across a ground-floor dining room and bar, a basement dining space, and an alfresco terrace. One of Julie's standout features is the martini trolley, which delivers a theatrical cocktail experience right to your table.


Spring 2024

Originally a pop-up, this modern Indian eatery quickly established a permanent presence and expanded to several locations across London. It boasts a menu that skilfully merges traditional Indian flavours with top-notch British ingredients. Signature dishes, such as the Keralan chicken and samphire pakoras, come highly recommended. The Canary Wharf branch will also be accompanied by the group's cocktail bar Soma.

Burnt Ends


Harrods' already premium offer of high-end restaurants is set to grow further in 2024 with the addition of the London branch of Burnt Ends, one of the top restaurants in the world. The Michelin-starred Singaporean restaurant is run by Australian chef Dave Pynt, and we can expect him to bring his signature barbecue delicacies to the iconic London department store as well.

Row on 5


Jason Atherton, the Michelin-starred chef and restaurateur, will be launching his flagship venue in Savile Row, spanning two floors and offering a culinary voyage with multiple courses. The venue includes counter dining and tables, as well as an open kitchen, bar, and cellar for private dining.



Adding to the delectable culinary array of the newly established Old War Office development, Langosteria makes its way from Milan to London. This sophisticated dining destination has garnered a loyal following among the vibrant and fashionable crowds of the Italian city. Specializing in Italian seafood delicacies, Langosteria's menu showcases mouth-watering dishes such as blue lobster pasta, seafood linguine, charcoal-grilled king crab, and more.



Another new outpost of Mayfair's famed Bocconcino, this branch spans two floors beneath the Strand Palace hotel that include both a lively dining room with a bar, and a more intimate chamber for private dining. The Italian food on the menu is treated with prestige, whether it's the homemade pasta, the wood-fired pizzas or the fresh seafood. Everything is crafted with care and authentic Italian ingredients.


Popular plant-based restaurant group Mildreds is expanding fast, with two new sites planned for 2024. Both will feature plenty of seating and outdoor dining, as well as Mildreds' signature vegan recipes with global influences. Mildreds Wimbledon will also serve as the launchpad for MiMA, the group's vegan bakery concept serving fresh pastries, open sandwiches, and sweet treats, along with freshly brewed coffee.

Soul Mama


Soul Mama brings jazz, soul, gospel, and reggae vibes to Islington, along with a fusion of South American, African, and Caribbean cuisine. For an added twist, the dishes are based on recipes passed down by mothers through the generations. The restaurant and live music venue is backed by acclaimed jazz musician and broadcaster YolanDa Brown, and broke the record for the largest-ever Kickstarter crowdfund by a restaurant.



The Brompton sibling of beloved Notting Hill restaurant Brasseria features the same welcoming atmosphere in a spacious setting that encompasses a bar, two outdoor areas – one with views of the Bibendum building – and more. The Italian menu features familiar comforts such as pasta dishes and pizzas, and there's a Mediterranean wine list to pair with your meal.



Bangers, a beloved breakfast bun delivery service originating from East London, has selected Shoreditch for its inaugural brick-and-mortar venue. A fusion of a café and a delicatessen, the new spot serves the iconic Bangers breakfast buns with a range of fillings, as well as offering the opportunity to stock up on house-made goods such as baked beans.

Chango Empanadas


Chango Empanadas was established with the goal of introducing genuine Argentinian empanadas to Britain and soon established a thriving presence, first at various food markets and now at multiple branches around the city. At the Chango bakeries, you can get the traditional South American pastry with an array of delectable fillings. Empanadas are also highly convenient for reheating, making them an excellent choice for a takeaway.



Effie, the fifth establishment by Pachamama Group, is situated at the revamped residential complex of The Whiteley London. This two-level restaurant specialises in Mediterranean culinary delights, focusing on communal feasts featuring grilled fish and meats. It also offers private dining for more intimate gatherings.



Located at the Newson's Yard arcade redevelopment, Wildflowers is helmed by experienced chef Aaron Potter (Maria G's, Elystan Street). The Mediterranean restaurant and wine bar is spread across two floors and boasts a terrace, with private dining options available as well. In addition to the wining and dining, Wildflowers also offers a deli section. 



Visit Azteca for a lively and vivid dining experience. This Mexican cantina and Latin lounge offers a feast for the senses with its striking cocktails and authentic dishes, set in an ambiance adorned with framed artwork, colourful tiles, and captivating decor. You can explore an extensive selection of tequilas, a variety of classic and signature cocktails, and an array of appetising dishes including nachos, tacos, salads, and burritos.

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