St. John Smithfield

2 ratings
Michelin restaurant
St. John
2 ratings

Opened in 1994 in a disused smokehouse, St. John is an enduring hit on the London restaurant scene. Credited with reviving the interest in offal dishes, this authentic restaurant has held a Michelin star since 2009. You can experience something different on every visit, with daily changing menus that offer British classics like Welsh rarebit, faggots and mash, and bread pudding.

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29 Jun 2022

Simply the best restaurant in the world (seriously). Somewhere I go every single time I am in London. Truly delicious food, gorgeous wines and a lovely atmosphere.

25 Aug 2022

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You go to St John's because you know this will be one of the highlights of your weekend in London. Feel free to book a Saturday lunch here, the evening is nice but there is something special about a lunch at St. John's. It's so British but at the same time a little French and please o... Show full »