Guides to London

The best afternoon tea in Covent Garden

Afternoon tea in Covent Garden

It's hard to get more quintessentially British than indulging in afternoon tea in Covent Garden. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a born-and-bred Londoner, there's just something about the tiered platter of different goodies that makes you feel fancy and cosy at the same time, and one of Londo...
20 Nov 2023
Guide to shopping in Angel

Stores in Angel

There's lots of choice if you're going shopping in Angel. From bustling Chapel Market and the Angel Central shopping centre to the cute boutiques of Camden Passage, there's a whole lot to discover whatever you're looking for. If you're searching for fashion, homeware, books, or delicious things to e...
5 Sep 2023
Guide to outdoor gyms in London

Outdoor gyms

If you’re keen to work on your fitness but don’t want to spend a lot of money on gym fees, heading to an outdoor gym in London can be a fantastic alternative. You’ll get access to quality gym equipment, can often use the facilities 24 hours a day, and most of the time you’ll...
9 Oct 2023
Guide to budget-friendly restaurants in Hackney

Budget-friendly restaurants in Hackney

We've all (reluctantly) checked our bank accounts after a night out or a fancy meal, only to be met with a sudden jaw drop. But don't worry; you're not alone. London is expensive, but if you know where to go, you can certainly cut back a little on spending and enjoy more affordable options. If you'r...
30 Nov 2023
Guide to the best sports bars and pubs in London

Sports bars

Want to watch an important match with a lively crowd of fans, spend some quality time with your mates, or just grab some chow with the footie on in the background? It comes as no surprise that the capital of such a sports-loving nation sports a bunch of lively bars, football pubs, and other venues d...
16 Nov 2023
Guide to the best restaurants in Walthamstow

Restaurants in Walthamstow

An up-and-coming area on the outskirts of the city, Walthamstow has seen an influx of new inhabitants and redevelopment in the past couple of years and is poised to become the next big buzzy London neighbourhood. The dining scene is quickly following suit, with exciting new openings joining establis...
11 Oct 2023
Guide to the best London burger chains

Burger chains

Burger chains might seem like a low-effort affair when it comes to choosing where to eat, but you don't get to run multiple locations around town without doing something right. London offers an incredible array of burger experiences, from classic American-style diners to innovative, locally sourced...
27 Nov 2023
Where to eat at London City Airport

Restaurants at London City Airport

Flying into most of London's airports means that you have to travel into the city but if you land at London City Airport you're immediately in the heart of London. Particularly popular with business travellers, you might be on a tight schedule when you're travelling through this airport but luckily...
15 Nov 2023
Guide to the best butchers in London


London is a carnivore's paradise, especially for those with a discerning palate for prime cuts, artisanal charcuterie, and sustainably sourced meats. Our guide to the best butchers in London covers the full range of meat vendors, from a world-famous London meat market to independent, family-run butc...
12 Oct 2023
Guide to the best bars in Marylebone

Bars in Marylebone

Buzzy Marylebone has lots of cool places to explore, from Michelin-starred restaurants to top-ranked cocktail bars that are great options for beginning or continuing your night. If you fancy a drink in the area you'll find lots of pubs and bars to try out. From rum shacks to wine bars, we've found s...
5 Sep 2023
Where to eat at Gatwick Airport

Restaurants at Gatwick Airport

Airports can be a hectic and stressful environment, and finding a good place to eat can often be a challenge. With so many options and limited time available, it can be overwhelming to decide where to go and what to order. That's why we've put together this guide to help you navigate the food option...
12 Oct 2023
Guide to Indian afternoon tea in London

Indian afternoon tea

The tradition of afternoon tea has been around since the mid-19th century, when Anna, the Duchess of Bedford, decided she needed a 4 pm pick-me-up before her evening meal (relatable). Since then, there have been many different takes on the quintessential British tradition, including Indian varieties...
27 Nov 2023
Guide to budget-friendly restaurants in London

Budget-friendly restaurants

We're all aware that eating out can often be pricey, but you don't have to miss out if you're on a budget. There are plenty of cheap eats in London that offer tasty food and great value for money. From affordable Asian favourites to Italian, Mexican, and even classic British cooking, the capital is...
17 Nov 2023
Guide to London's best croissants


The search for the best croissant in London is ongoing. Buttery, flaky, beautifully glossy pastries aren't particularly hard to come by in the city, but whittling it down to the very best croissants in London is the real challenge. From Popham's marmite, Schlossberger and spring onion pastry to Cris...
21 Nov 2023
Guide to the best fast food in London

Fast food

With a dining scene as reputable as London's, it comes as no surprise that the city is chock-a-block with delicious fast food. From loaded Marmite fries and 22-inch pizzas to giant sushi burritos and lasagne sandwiches, the fast food scene in London is pretty, well, unbeatable, to be honest. Here's...
24 Nov 2023
Guide to shopping in Notting Hill

Stores in Notting Hill

If you're heading to Notting Hill, there are loads of exciting places to explore, from trendy restaurants and cafés to shops and famous markets like Portobello Road Market. There are lots of retail therapy destinations in this area, whether you're looking for fashion, homewares, books, or antiques.
5 Sep 2023
Guide to shoe shops in London

Shoe shops

Fashion fans will tell you that your footwear will make or break your outfit – get things right and it brings it all together but make the wrong choice and your style points go out the window. You can find the ideal pair of shoes and avoid a fashion faux pas in one of London's many shoe shops. From...
15 Sep 2023
The best Italian restaurants in Covent Garden

Italian restaurants in Covent Garden

Welcome to our guide to the best Italian restaurants in Covent Garden. If you're a fan of delicious Italian cuisine, you're in luck because Covent Garden is home to some of the finest Italian eateries in London. From family-friendly pizzerias to sophisticated fine dining experiences, we've scoured t...
20 Nov 2023
Guide to the best record shops in London

Record stores

Music is a big part of life in London and, despite the rise of streaming, there are still plenty of stores that stick to the tried-and-true method of digging through crates of records to find album gems. Whether you’re looking for new releases or second-hand classics, vinyl records, CDs or cas...
20 Nov 2023
The best churros in London


Churros are a popular Spanish dessert that has gained worldwide recognition. The long and slender deep-fried doughnuts are perfect for dipping or filling with different sauces, and they come coated in a generous layer of cinnamon and sugar. London might not boast the temperate climate of most churro...
15 Nov 2023
Where to see the best drag shows in London

Drag shows

Drag performances are unlike any other form of entertainment, combining glamour, talent, a healthy dose of humour, and audience interaction in a spellbinding show. London's drag scene is renowned worldwide, with famous drag queens and kings making their way here from all around the globe, complement...
10 Oct 2023
Guide to shopping in Knightsbridge

Stores in Knightsbridge

Famed as the home of the high-end Harrods department store, the affluent Knightsbridge area is a well-known luxury shopping destination. Knightsbridge shops offer some of the most luxurious products in the world, with brands such as Chanel, jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, and Bulgari all having boutiques...
5 Sep 2023
The best reggaeton parties in London

Reggaeton parties

If you're a fan of Latin music and looking to spice up your nightlife with some fresh reggaeton beats, you've come to the right place. Our curated guide to the best reggaeton parties features the hottest venues in London and the wildest events for fans of this beloved genre, ranging from intimate ba...
19 Sep 2023
Guide to comic book stores in London

Comic book stores

Hollywood films based on comic books have exploded in popularity in recent years. No longer a niche interest, these stories are now reliable material for a blockbuster release. If you’re just as interested in the original comic books as you are in the films, there are plenty of comic book shop...
11 Oct 2023
Restaurants that are open on Christmas Day in London

Restaurants for Christmas Day

Not everyone intends to spend all day in the kitchen on Christmas Day. Perhaps you're visiting London and don't have access to a kitchen or maybe you just don't feel like slaving away over a hot stove this year. If you'd rather have a meal out on Christmas Day, numerous restaurants in London are rem...
29 Nov 2023
Things to do in London this Christmas

Christmas activities

That magical time of year is fast approaching us again. Just like Santa in his workshop, London is gearing up for all kinds of festive fun. There are lots of Christmas events in London to keep people of all ages entertained and get you into the festive mood. From markets to family days out or concer...
28 Nov 2023
The best French toast in London

French toast

Many Londoners are partial to the odd fry-up but sometimes you want to begin your day in a sweeter way. Comforting French toast with fruity, creamy, or chocolatey toppings (or any combination of the above) is a delicious option for breakfast or brunch. If you're a dedicated lover of eggy bread and w...
16 Nov 2023
Guide to hotels for foodies in London

Hotels for foodies

From Michelin-starred dining establishments to tiny eateries tucked away in boutique hotels, this article explores the tasty offerings that you can find in some of London's top hotels. Whether you're seeking innovative cuisine, traditional British fare, or international flavours, these hotels cater...
7 Nov 2023
Guide to pubs with rooms in London

Pub accommodation

London has a vast array of different types of accommodation for visitors. Staying at a pub that has its own guest rooms is one fab idea – it's usually more affordable than a fancy hotel and gives you a boutique hotel experience along with all the fun and atmosphere of a typical British pub. If you'r...
21 Nov 2023
Guide to tasting menus in London

Tasting menus

If you want to really experience the flavour and cuisine of a restaurant without forking out hundreds of pounds ordering every dish, then opt for a set tasting menu. They're an excellent way to get an authentic feel of a place, with dishes that have been hand-picked by the chefs. From Michelin-starr...
10 Oct 2023
Where to find the best sandwiches in London

The best sandwiches

Along with the rest of the UK, sandwiches in London are a staple, great for breakfast, lunch, or a snack. Whilst the supermarket meal deal might be your go-to lunch most of the time, some days you want something more from your sandwich. Whether you prefer to keep it simple and classic, treat yoursel...
28 Nov 2023
Guide to the best jewellery shops in London

Jewellery shops

This guide to jewellery shops in London covers everything from bespoke, timeless pieces to vibrant statement jewellery. Whether you want a diamond necklace that you can hand down through the family for years to come, or you're after a fun pigeon-inspired ring, you'll be able to find it at one of the...
6 Sep 2023
The best pizza in Covent Garden

Pizza in Covent Garden

Picturesque Covent Garden is known for shopping and theatres but it's also home to an exciting choice of restaurants. If you're refuelling after some retail therapy or dining before you see a show, there are many tempting places to eat. These include plenty of locations where you can enjoy authentic...
22 Nov 2023
The best nightclubs in Chelsea

Nightclubs in Chelsea

Chelsea is one of the most affluent areas of London, chock-full of brilliant bars and sophisticated clubs. Every Friday and Saturday, and certain days of the week for some places, the area's nightlife comes to life, and several clubs open their doors for those looking to boogie well into the night.
20 Oct 2023
Guide to brunch in Richmond

Brunch in Richmond

Welcome to our guide to the best brunch in Richmond. From cosy cafés to upscale restaurants, this vibrant borough has something for everyone, and hordes of Londoners converge here every weekend to indulge in their favourite morning meal. Whether you're in the mood for a classic full English o...
2 Oct 2023
Guide to gluten-free bakeries in London

Gluten-free bakeries

You're mistaken if you think that a gluten-free diet means you have to miss out on sweet treats like cookies, cakes, and brownies. London has plenty of specialist gluten-free bakeries and bakeries that offer ranges of gluten-free products where you can get your fix of sweet bakes and fresh bread. Wh...
10 Oct 2023
The best live music venues in London

Concert venues

With music being one of the United Kingdom's favourite pastimes and biggest exports, London with its population of nearly 10 million is a hotbed of up-and-coming bands, new music trends and global stars playing to adoring masses. Though it's taken a hit in recent years, the capital's live music scen...
6 Nov 2023
Where to eat Scottish food in London

Scottish food

When it comes to British cuisine, Scottish food is a great option when you want something hearty and comforting. It’s indulgent, traditional, and packed with flavour thanks to the abundance of top-quality produce available in Scotland – think smoked salmon, langoustines and, of course, h...
6 Sep 2023
The best pubs in Marylebone

Pubs in Marylebone

From traditional boozers to trendy gastropubs, there are plenty of spots where you can quench your thirst or tuck into some tasty pub grub when you're in Marylebone. This sophisticated area has lots of attractions and if you like going to the pub you certainly won't be disappointed. If you're not su...
26 Sep 2023
Guide to the best restaurants in West Hampstead

Restaurants in West Hampstead

West Hampstead might be a residential area but that certainly doesn't mean that it's lacking in fantastic restaurants. If you live in the area or you're just visiting, there are lots of exciting places to go to if you get hungry. If you're craving Asian street eats, seafood, or classic British cooki...
5 Sep 2023
Bars with live music in London

Live music bars

For some of us a great night out just isn't complete without music. From smooth jazz in the background to raucous live bands that get everyone going, music can really be the icing on the cake for your evening. Fortunately London has a huge variety of bars that have live music on regularly. Whatever...
16 Nov 2023
Where to play indoor golf in London

Indoor golf

Not to be confused with mini golf, indoor golf lets you practice your swing and play a round of classic golf without having to worry about the weather outside. It can also be an enjoyable way of spending time with your friends or colleagues, accompanied by a fresh pint or two and some tasty grub. Fr...
10 Oct 2023
Guide to running shops in London

Running shops

Countless shops in the city provide everything you need to run to the best of your ability, from the big boy running chains to independent spots. At most of the shops, you can make the most of gait analysis so that you can get a specially tailored pair of trainers and stock up on tracking gadgets, b...
5 Sep 2023
Where to play shuffleboard in London


Shuffleboard is a popular bar game that's been around for over 500 years, and it's made quite a comeback in the city's nightlife scene thanks to hitting the sweet spot between fun, competitive, and something to do when you've had a few. It's addictive as puck, and our guide will take you through the...
10 Oct 2023
Where to eat insects in London

Insect-based dining

The thought of eating bugs might make you a bit squeamish, but cultures around the world have been using insects in cuisine for centuries. With an increased emphasis on environmental sustainability, this eco-friendly food source, rich in protein and other nutritious substances, is becoming more and...
16 Nov 2023
The best bakeries in Soho

Bakeries in Soho

Soho might be best-known for lively nightlife and entertainment but that's not all the area has to offer. If you're craving a freshly-baked pastry or cake, there are plenty of places around here where you can satisfy your hunger. From globally-inspired bakes to indulgent sweet bites, if you're looki...
9 Oct 2023
Guide to the best healthfood restaurants in London

Healthy restaurants

With the abundance of chippies, kebabs and fast-food franchises on seemingly every street corner of the capital, finding healthier food options in the city might seem like a struggle. With the increasing shift towards health-conscious dining, however, more and more restaurants are featuring wholesom...
13 Nov 2023
Guide to the best bars in King's Cross

Bars in King's Cross

With its transport links to mainland Europe, it’s no surprise that King’s Cross has become a buzzy part of town. The area is now home to a wide variety of restaurants, cafés, pubs, and bars that make it a fun place to be, both for those who live in London and people who are just v...
5 Sep 2023
Guide to the best art galleries in London

Art galleries

London is not only known for having one of the most eclectic, diverse and constantly evolving art scenes in the world, but most of its incredible galleries are also free for anyone to discover. From contemporary art at the Tate Modern and impressionism at the National Gallery to Old Masters at Dulwi...
22 Nov 2023
Guide to the best burgers in London


As much as fine dining restaurants and quirky street food trucks try to steal the limelight on the London food scene, the classic meat-in-a-bun combo remains the capital's number one dish. The quest for the best burger in London seems to be a never-ending debate, from Bleecker burger's NYC-style sma...
24 Nov 2023