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The best music festivals in London

Music festivals

London is a city steeped in music culture, with a rich and diverse history of musical styles and genres. From classical to punk, from jazz to pop, London has something for everyone when it comes to concerts and music festivals. Whether you're a die-hard fan of a particular artist or simply looking t...
12 Jun 2024
Guide to the best restaurants near Liverpool Street

Restaurants near Liverpool Street

There are plenty of awesome restaurants located around Liverpool Street, from grab-and-go sandwich spots to Michelin-starred sit-down eateries. However, there are also heaps of restaurants you should definitely avoid, and that's where this guide to eating in and around Liverpool Street comes in hand...
7 Jun 2024
Guide to cat cafés in London

Cat cafés

If coffee, cakes and cats sounds like your idea of heaven, then you’ve come to the right place. Nothing quite beats the feeling of a cat purring in your lap as you take that first sip of your morning coffee. But what if you don’t have a cat? These London cafés have got you covered...
4 Dec 2023
Guide to affordable restaurants in Richmond

Affordable restaurants in Richmond

Despite being home to one of London's best free sights – Richmond Park – Richmond as a whole isn't exactly low-cost, with the upmarket neighbourhood a favourite among those with money to spend. Nonetheless, you can still find decent cheap eats and affordable restaurants here, and our guide tells you...
21 Feb 2024
The best Italian restaurants in London Bridge

Italian restaurants in London Bridge

If you're a fan of Italian cuisine and you find yourself in London Bridge then you're in luck, because this vibrant area is home to some of the finest Italian eateries in the city. From traditional trattorias to contemporary fusion restaurants, there's something for everyone in this culinary hotspot...
21 Feb 2024
Guide to affordable afternoon tea in London

Affordable afternoon tea

London is home to a vast range of afternoon teas, including many that are extravagant and expensive. If that's not your style or you want the experience without breaking the bank, you can find a cheap afternoon tea in the capital that gives you the grandeur you want without sending you into your ove...
10 Apr 2024
The best art supply stores in London

Art supplies

Whether you're a student, a professional, or simply a keen hobbyist, London is a great place to be if you love art. We have access to some of the world's finest art galleries and a lively community of artists, as well as fantastic shops where you can buy exactly what you need for creating impressive...
16 May 2024
Family-friendly Italian restaurants in London

Child-friendly Italian restaurants

Getting the whole family out for a meal and keeping everyone happy can certainly feel like a challenge for parents. Luckily London is home to a wide variety of family-friendly restaurants serving a range of different cuisines, including Italian food. From established chains to a family-run Italian r...
19 Feb 2024
Guide to the best London burger chains

Burger chains

Burger chains might seem like a low-effort affair when it comes to choosing where to eat, but you don't get to run multiple locations around town without doing something right. London offers an incredible array of burger experiences, from classic American-style diners to innovative, locally sourced...
17 Apr 2024
Guide to brunch in Richmond

Brunch in Richmond

Welcome to our guide to the best brunch in Richmond. From cosy cafés to upscale restaurants, this vibrant borough has something for everyone, and hordes of Londoners converge here every weekend to indulge in their favourite morning meal. Whether you're in the mood for a classic full English o...
22 Apr 2024
Guide to tasting menus in London

Tasting menus

If you want to really experience the flavour and cuisine of a restaurant without forking out hundreds of pounds ordering every dish, then opt for a set tasting menu. They're an excellent way to get an authentic feel of a place, with dishes that have been hand-picked by the chefs. From Michelin-starr...
24 Jan 2024
Guide to organic hair salons in London

Organic hair salons

There are plenty of hair salons all over London covering all kinds of treatments, but finding a reputable and trustworthy organic hair salon can be pretty challenging. If you’re looking for an 100% vegan spot or a salon that uses natural products with no nasties, you’ve come to the right...
23 Feb 2024
Restaurants where you can BYOB in London

BYOB restaurants

Eating out in London can be pricey so why wouldn’t you make it cheaper if you can? If you’re watching the pennies you can still enjoy a meal out if you visit a BYOB restaurant in London. Save on the cost of drinks, get exactly what you like the most, and you can still have a tasty meal i...
18 Jun 2024
Guide to restaurants for big groups

Restaurants for big groups

So, you've been given the overwhelming task of finding a restaurant to cater for a gigantic group of fussy eaters. But where do you even start? A quick Google search with thousands of results from all over the city? Maybe. Or you could just bookmark this guide to restaurants for big groups; we updat...
5 Jun 2024
Guide to London's best afro hair salons

Afro hair salons

Knowing that your hair looks great can help you feel fantastic too, whatever your hair type is. Afro hair can be styled in so many different ways, from braiding and protective styles, wigs and weaves, to expertly maintaining your natural curls. To get the most out of your hair, no matter what your f...
22 Feb 2024
Guide to shoe shops in London

Shoe shops

Fashion fans will tell you that your footwear will make or break your outfit – get things right and it brings it all together but make the wrong choice and your style points go out the window. You can find the ideal pair of shoes and avoid a fashion faux pas in one of London's many shoe shops. From...
23 Jan 2024
Where to play table tennis in London

Table tennis

Welcome to our guide to the best places to play table tennis in London. Whether you're a seasoned player or a beginner looking to improve your skills, this guide has got you covered. We've scoured the city to bring you the top locations for ping pong, from members-only clubs to casual bars, beautifu...
12 Jun 2024
Where to celebrate Pride Month in London 2024

Pride Month 2024

This year, London is again gearing up for a fantastic celebration of queer culture and identity throughout June. Pride Month is an annual event that brings together people of all backgrounds to celebrate and support the LGBTQIA+ community. It's a time for people to show their solidarity, to have fun...
19 Jun 2024
Guide to the best Moroccan restaurants in London

Moroccan food

Moroccan food is unique and full of spices and flavour. This North African cuisine blends a variety of culinary influences, and fortunately, there are plenty of restaurants where you can try it out in London. If you're looking for flavour-packed tagines, delicious mezze, and mountains of couscous, t...
6 Sep 2023
Guide to the best Nepalese restaurants in London

Nepalese restaurants

Asian food is full of diverse flavours and ingredients. Whilst some Asian cuisines are famous all around the world, others aren't so well known, with Nepalese cuisine being an example. Just because it's not well-known doesn't mean it's not packed with flavour – think steaming momo dumplings with tas...
28 Feb 2024
Buildings and architecture in London

Buildings and architecture

From centuries-old historical landmarks to cutting-edge modern design, London architecture is eclectic and tells the city's fascinating stories. From the Medieval Tower of London and the avant-garde, contemporary Shard to the Brutalist Barbican and iconic London skyscrapers, London buildings are a k...
5 Jun 2024
Guide to spa afternoon tea in London

Spa afternoon tea

Yes, you can have your cake and eat it, too – at least when it comes to combining two of the most indulgent experiences London has to offer. If you're looking for an afternoon of pampering for yourself or a loved one, a spa and afternoon tea package is just the thing. Combining the relaxation of wel...
21 Nov 2023
Guide to the best restaurants in Chinatown

Restaurants in Chinatown

Wander between Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus and you might spot an unexpected sight – red lanterns blowing in the wind, street signs in English and Chinese, a colourful and imposing Qing dynasty-style gate, and an abundance of Asian restaurants and stores. If you can see all that, you...
30 Jan 2024
How to spend a day in Shoreditch

A day in Shoreditch

There's no shortage of things to do in Shoreditch, as this popular and vibrant East London area is home to some of London's most creative communities and exciting new developments. You'll find time flies by quickly while you're wandering around this urban area, marvelling at street art and taking th...
11 Apr 2024
Guide to the best restaurants in Muswell Hill

Restaurants in Muswell Hill

If you're looking for great places to eat Muswell Hill won't disappoint. This elegant North London suburb is known for its village atmosphere, independent boutiques, and being home to the very first Wetherspoons pub, as well as the varied range of eateries you can find here. Whatever type of food yo...
7 Jun 2024
Guide to weekday, Saturday, and Sunday brunch in London

Weekday and weekend brunch

It doesn't matter what day of the week it is – Londoners are always up for brunch. From lively bottomless parties to more refined menus, there's a tasty brunch menu to enjoy, whether it's a weekend or a weekday. From something special at the weekend to a weekday brunch London diners love, we've put...
17 Apr 2024
The best brunch in Chelsea

Brunch in Chelsea

Brunch is a fun and tasty way to kickstart the day, and in London we're fortunate to have fab places serving this meal all over the city. If you're looking for somewhere to have brunch in Chelsea, this part of West London doesn't disappoint. From breezy all-day dining spots to unique gastropubs, the...
2 Apr 2024
The best new restaurants in East London

New East London restaurants

East London has a buzzing food scene with diverse new venues serving a range of global cuisines opening up regularly. If you're looking for an exciting new restaurant in areas like Canary Wharf, Shoreditch, or Mile End, you'll find new places to discover regularly. Stay up-to-date with all the hotte...
18 Jun 2024
The best gluten-free pizza in London

Gluten-free pizza

With steaming portions of pasta and pizza fresh from the oven, you'd be forgiven for thinking Italian cuisine isn't great for those on a gluten-free diet. However, the diversity of London's food scene means that no one has to miss out. All around the city, you can find pizza places that serve gluten...
8 Jan 2024
Guide to the best chicken burgers in London

Chicken burgers

From crispy, succulent patties to creative toppings and sauces, this guide is your go-to for unpacking London's delicious chicken burger scene. Join us as we navigate through the city's top spots for chicken burgers, highlighting the must-try locations that'll help you satisfy your craving. Whether...
16 Apr 2024
How to spend a day in Richmond

A day in Richmond

With the time it takes to journey to Richmond from most other parts of London, quick trips there and back aren't really the area's forte. Thankfully, there are plenty of things to do in Richmond, so going all in and making a day of it is a very welcome option. Our guide on how to spend a day in Rich...
22 Apr 2024
New bars in London

New bars

London has a buzzing food and drink scene, with new bars as well as restaurants opening up regularly. If you're the type of person who's always on the look-out for new venues and experiences, our list of the newest bars in London will keep you in the know about the latest places to go for a drink. W...
19 Jun 2024
Guide to the best barbecue restaurants in London

BBQ restaurants

Whether you're a fan of smoky meats, chargrilled vegetables, or a fusion of flavours from around the world, this curated selection of the best barbecue restaurants in London will satisfy your cravings. From traditional Korean BBQ joints to innovative establishments putting a unique twist on the gril...
21 May 2024
Where to play shuffleboard in London


Shuffleboard is a popular bar game that's been around for over 500 years, and it's made quite a comeback in the city's nightlife scene thanks to hitting the sweet spot between fun, competitive, and something to do when you've had a few. It's addictive as puck, and our guide will take you through the...
6 Jun 2024
The best salads in London


Had enough of the junk and looking to freshen up your meal plan with some tasty veggies? Well then, our guide to the best salads in London is your new best bud. We've explored the top places to find delicious, healthy salads throughout the capital, from one-off surprises hidden on refined restaurant...
17 Jun 2024
Guide to shopping in Knightsbridge

Stores in Knightsbridge

Famed as the home of the high-end Harrods department store, the affluent Knightsbridge area is a well-known luxury shopping destination. Knightsbridge shops offer some of the most luxurious products in the world, with brands such as Chanel, jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, and Bulgari all having boutiques...
4 Jan 2024
Guide to vegan fish and chips in London

Vegan fish and chips

Whether you're a full-time vegan in London or more of a flexitarian, you never have to miss out when it comes to delicious plant-based food. If you find yourself craving fish and chips but don't fancy the real thing, there are plenty of vegan incarnations all around the city that will impress the mo...
2 Jan 2024
Guide to the best restaurants in Notting Hill

Restaurants in Notting Hill

It may be predominantly known for its acclaimed vintage and antique market, high-end boutique shops and for being the setting of the Hugh Grant hit film, Notting Hill, but it's also got a prestigious and well-deserved reputation within the foodie world. From high-end restaurants and Michelin-star ea...
7 Jun 2024
Where to play pool in London

Where to play pool

Whether you're an amateur player or you reckon you can give Efren Reyes a run for his money, nothing quite beats a bit of competitive pool playing on a night out. Countless places in the city have their own pool table moments, but, with so many to choose from, how do you know where's worth playing a...
6 Jun 2024
Work and study-friendly cafés in London

Work-friendly cafés

Sometimes working remotely can be a bit of a drag and you need to get out of the house. If you're a freelancer or remote worker and you're having one of those days, heading to one of London's work-friendly cafés can be an ideal way to switch up your work environment, feel less isolated, and enjoy ta...
17 Oct 2023
Guide to the best pubs in Soho

Pubs in Soho

Soho has long been a hotspot for fab nightlife in London. From glam bars, clubs, and theatres to cosy local pubs, there are plenty of places for a night out. You can check out one of the many pubs in Soho if you’re looking for a relaxed spot for a drink in the afternoon or a great place to go...
31 Oct 2023
Guide to running shops in London

Running shops

Countless shops in the city provide everything you need to run to the best of your ability, from the big boy running chains to independent spots. At most of the shops, you can make the most of gait analysis so that you can get a specially tailored pair of trainers and stock up on tracking gadgets, b...
11 Jun 2024
Gluten-free bakeries in London

Gluten-free bakeries

You're mistaken if you think that a gluten-free diet means you have to miss out on sweet treats like cookies, cakes, and brownies. London has plenty of specialist gluten-free bakeries and bakeries that offer ranges of gluten-free products where you can get your fix of sweet bakes and fresh bread. Wh...
22 Dec 2023
The best new restaurants in West London

New openings in West London

Covering affluent areas such as Chelsea and Notting Hill, West London is where Londoners go when they're in search of an elegant meal in posh surroundings, with new classy bistros and high-end eateries popping up regularly. That's not to say all new West London restaurants will break the bank, as yo...
19 Jun 2024
The best adrenaline activities in London

Thrilling activities

Welcome to the ultimate guide for thrill-seekers in London. If you're an adrenaline junkie in search of heart-pumping experiences and adventurous activities, you've come to the right place. Get ready to discover a plethora of thrilling things to do in London that will satisfy your cravings for excit...
7 Jun 2024
Guide to outdoor brunch in London

Outdoor brunch

When summer gets underway, al fresco dining starts to look more appealing than ever. So why not combine your love of outdoor eating with that other favourite – brunch? Whether you prefer a refined meal or a big bottomless party, London has plenty of al fresco brunches that are a fab way to kick off...
30 May 2024
Guide to the best afternoon tea in London

Afternoon tea

England is the home of afternoon tea so where better to enjoy this treat than London? There are a huge variety of afternoon teas available throughout the city, ranging from classic experiences to boozy afternoons and creative twists on the traditional tea. Not sure how to find the perfect afternoon...
22 Feb 2024
The complete guide to brunch in London


Ah, brunch, that wondrous meal that makes it okay to order a cocktail with your breakfast. It's become a staple of the capital's culinary scene as well as its social affairs, with restaurants all over the place throwing eggs, avocado toast and bacon around willy-nilly. With so many to choose from, w...
19 Jun 2024
Guide to vegetarian afternoon tea in London

Vegetarian afternoon tea

Afternoon tea is a time-honoured treat that you can enjoy all over the city. Dietary requirements are no obstacle either, with many London venues offering a choice of tea menus to suit different needs. Vegetarian diners certainly aren't left out, with a great range of veggie-friendly afternoon tea m...
24 Nov 2023
Chef's tables in London

Chef's tables

A meal in a restaurant is often a great way to celebrate a special occasion but bagging a seat at the chef's table can make the experience even more memorable. If you like your meals to be on the theatrical side and you want to see the inner workings of the kitchen – and maybe even try out some excl...
6 Feb 2024