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Guide to Italian restaurants in Soho

Italian restaurants in Soho

Neapolitan pizza, steaming portions of pasta, and tasty antipasti...Italian food is virtually always a winner. There are heaps of Italian restaurants in Soho. If you're in the area and you find yourself craving carbonara you'll be spoilt for choice. We've found some great restaurants to inspire you...
15 Nov 2023
Guide to the best burritos in London


Sometimes all you crave is a big fat burrito stuffed with all the fillings, and there are many places you can get your fix in London. The city is obsessed with Mexican food, and you'll likely find a burrito spot in every district, so knowing where's worth your time is necessary. We've done the leg w...
6 Sep 2023
Guide to the best Moroccan restaurants in London

Moroccan food

Moroccan food is unique and full of spices and flavour. This North African cuisine blends a variety of culinary influences, and fortunately, there are plenty of restaurants where you can try it out in London. If you're looking for flavour-packed tagines, delicious mezze, and mountains of couscous, t...
6 Sep 2023
The best vegan burgers in London

Vegan burgers

A burger can be a convenient fast food meal or a big and indulgent treat – no wonder they're so popular all over the world. Beef might be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of a burger, but the rise of plant-based dining means there are loads of creative vegan burgers out there. If...
27 Nov 2023
Guide to the best restaurants in Canary Wharf

Restaurants in Canary Wharf

The towers of Canary Wharf are an iconic sight in London and if you wander amongst them, you'll find that this riverside area has lots to explore. Whether you're a local resident, a visitor, or an office worker looking for a delicious lunch or dinner, you're spoilt for choice in this bustling area.
7 Nov 2023
Guide to the best hot pots in London

Hot pots

Get stuck into the soul-warming experience of hot pot dining with our carefully-curated selection of London's best hot pot restaurants. Gathered around the simmering broth at the centre of the table, you'll enjoy the task of choosing ingredients to dip, dunk, and cook in the central soup. It's a fan...
15 Nov 2023
Guide to supper clubs in London

Supper clubs

In this guide, we'll explore the hidden gems of the city's underground dining scene via supper clubs, where passionate chefs and hosts invite you into their homes and unique venues for a feast that goes beyond a traditional restaurant meal. Discover the diverse range of cuisines, from global fusion...
16 Nov 2023
Guide to Nigerian restaurants in London

Nigerian restaurants

Nigerian and West African cooking is full of rich flavours and comforting recipes. Whether this cuisine is all new to you or you've been eating it your whole life, you can savour a delicious Nigerian meal at one of the eateries around the capital that specialise in this cuisine. If you're wondering...
25 Sep 2023
Guide to the best private dining rooms in London

Private dining

If you’re on the hunt for a venue where you can celebrate your birthday, organise an intimate get-together, have a dinner party with friends or entertain business partners, the outstanding private dining options at many of London’s restaurants might be just the thing you need. From glamo...
27 Sep 2023
Guide to the best restaurants in Borough Market

Restaurants in Borough Market

There are plenty of ways to fill your belly when you’re visiting Borough Market. Load up on all the free samples, grab some street food from one of the market vendors, or head into one of the restaurants for a sit-down meal. As you’d expect from London’s foodie paradise, there are...
12 Oct 2023
Guide to the best restaurants in South Kensington

Restaurants in South Kensington

Even within the affluent Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea it's a part of, South Kensington stands apart with its bastions of culture such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, upmarket clientele and thrillingly eclectic dining scene. Read our guide to the best restaurants in South Kensington to...
1 Dec 2023
Guide to brunch in Islington

Brunch in Islington

Islington is an area of London famed for its eclectic variety of incredible restaurants, bars and cafés, with Upper Street acting as the borough's bloodline. There's a restaurant for every kind of mood, from the salad-lined windows of Ottolenghi and mouthwatering kebabs of Brother Marcus to T...
15 Sep 2023
Guide to budget-friendly restaurants in Greenwich

Budget-friendly restaurants in Greenwich

Greenwich is an area rich in nature, culture and heritage, famed for its sprawling park and storied maritime history, and easy to reach from the city centre. It also has its fair share of affordable restaurants and cheap eats, serving a range of cuisines, from Korean and British to Vietnamese and mo...
6 Sep 2023
Guide to the best restaurants around Holloway Road

Restaurants around Holloway Road

With Archway at one end and Highbury at the other, Holloway Road is a bustling part of Islington with lots of places to explore. You certainly won't be disappointed if you're looking for something tasty to eat around here. From authentic pizza to Vietnamese cooking or vegan-friendly cuisine, the roa...
6 Sep 2023
The most romantic restaurants in London

Romantic restaurants

Ah, romance. London isn’t quite the City of Love when it comes to amorous pursuits, but when date night rolls around, you won’t be left outside in the rain. Whether you’re planning a momentous occasion, gearing up for a first date or looking to spice up your relationship, you’...
12 Oct 2023
Guide to the best restaurants in South Bank and Waterloo

Restaurants in South Bank and Waterloo

After a stroll along the riverside you will have worked up an appetite, and you’ll probably want to stop for a bite to eat. From Thai-Malay fusion fare to pan-African, there’s something to suit every palette in South Bank. Whether you want to sit and have a riverside picnic along the can...
11 Oct 2023
Guide to bottomless afternoon tea in London

Bottomless afternoon tea in London

Afternoon tea is a great British tradition first introduced in England in 1849 by Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, who enjoyed afternoon tea to curb her appetite as dinner was usually served late in her household. Since we Londoners love to get boozy, we took this quintessential English custom...
22 Nov 2023
Guide to the best restaurants around Oxford Street

Restaurants around Oxford St

Oxford Street may be known primarily for its shopping opportunities, but if you know where to look, it's also home to some of the city's top dining spots. You're probably not going to find the best restaurants on Oxford Street itself, but if you venture down side streets and back roads, you'll find...
25 Sep 2023
Guide to gluten-free restaurants in London

Gluten-free restaurants

Dietary restrictions shouldn't mean that you have to miss out on delicious food, and luckily you don't have to if you're in London. There are countless eateries around the city that cater to different dietary needs, including gluten-free diets. If you're gluten-intolerant and craving pizza, pancakes...
24 Nov 2023
Guide to London restaurants for first-timers

Restaurants for first-timers

It's easy to feel overwhelmed when you're in London for the first time, with such a huge choice of restaurants, bars, and attractions, not to mention the millions of people on the streets. If you're keen to make the most of your time in the city, checking out some of London's top restaurants should...
17 Nov 2023
Where to eat oysters in London


If you're looking for a little bit of luxury (or a cheeky aphrodisiac if you have a special night coming up) why not indulge in some oysters? These sophisticated treats offer a range of health benefits and are available at plenty of restaurants in London. From upmarket dining destinations to long-st...
17 Nov 2023
Guide to the best barbecue restaurants in London

BBQ restaurants

Whether you're a fan of smoky meats, chargrilled vegetables, or a fusion of flavours from around the world, this curated selection of the best barbecue restaurants in London will satisfy your cravings. From traditional Korean BBQ joints to innovative establishments putting a unique twist on the gril...
27 Oct 2023
Guide to brunch in Kensington

Brunch in Kensington

Full of national embassies, grand parks, royal residences, and major venues like Olympia London, Kensington is a busy part of the city that's popular with visitors as well as locals. If you're after a delicious brunch Kensington doesn't disappoint. Around this area there are a variety of cafés and r...
2 Nov 2023
Guide to themed afternoon tea in London

Themed afternoon teas

Afternoon tea is a time-honoured English tradition...but what if you think tradition is boring and you want something a bit more fun? The huge range of afternoon teas available in London means there's plenty of choice, whether you want to try a global take on the experience or a fun and creative the...
1 Dec 2023
Solo dining in London

Solo dining

A meal in a restaurant is often a social activity but that's not always the case. If you're a solo traveller visiting London, you fancy having dinner in a restaurant instead of cooking for one, or you just want to treat yourself, solo dining can be fun and sometimes a necessity if you're travelling.
17 Nov 2023
Where to celebrate Diwali in London

Diwali celebrations 2023

Diwali, the Hindu festival of light, is a prominent annual celebration symbolising the victory of light over darkness. Each year, it falls somewhere between September and November, with the main festival day in 2023 falling on 12 November. People all over the world illuminate their homes, workplaces...
9 Nov 2023
Guide to beautiful restaurants in London

Pretty restaurants

It's not just tempting food that makes a restaurant special – the interiors and atmosphere are also a big part of the experience when you're eating out. If you want to find a restaurant in London with stunning interiors for you to dine in, there are lots of pretty restaurants serving a diverse array...
6 Sep 2023
The best Spanish restaurants in London

Spanish restaurants

It's not just the glorious sun and magnificent beaches that draw millions of visitors to Spain each year – the cuisine is a big part of the appeal as well. While London may be somewhat lacking in the former department, it more than makes up for it in the latter, with an armada of authentic Spanish r...
9 Oct 2023
The best French restaurants in Covent Garden

French restaurants in Covent Garden

Looking for the best French restaurants in Covent Garden? Voila! Covent Garden is renowned for its vibrant dining scene, and French cuisine has a prominent place in it. Whether you're craving classic French dishes like escargots, steak frites, or coq au vin, or seeking more contemporary takes on Fre...
15 Nov 2023
Guide to outdoor brunch in London

Brunch outdoors

When summer gets underway, al fresco dining starts to look more appealing than ever. So why not combine your love of outdoor eating with that other favourite – brunch? Whether you prefer a refined meal or a big bottomless party, London has plenty of al fresco brunches that are a fab way to kick off...
24 Oct 2023
Guide to the best restaurants in Islington

Restaurants in Islington

Islington is home to many exciting restaurants, so whether you live in, work in or visit the borough there’s lots to discover. From Crouch Hill to Clerkenwell, the diversity in Islington is reflected in its eateries – you can try out cuisines like Italian, Thai, Ethiopian, French, and Ge...
30 Oct 2023
The best Mexican restaurants in London

Mexican restaurants

Just as London isn't widely recognised for its warm and pleasant climate, it's also fair to say that it isn't particularly well-known for its Mexican food. But don't believe everything you hear – Mexican cuisine is popular in the capital and there are plenty of places where you can explore it. From...
17 Oct 2023
Guide to the best steakhouses in London


This one goes out to all of the meat lovers on a quest to find the juiciest, tastiest steak in the city. Even though premium steak can be expensive, there are also some excellent steakhouses in London where you can pick up a prime piece of meat for a price that won't burn a hole in your pocket. From...
30 Nov 2023
Guide to the best pasta in London


There's nothing better than a warming plate of comforting pasta. Whilst it originated in Italy, it's become a favourite worldwide, including in London. From classic recipes to steaming plates of lasagne or innovative flavour combinations, there are lots of places where you can enjoy top-quality past...
28 Nov 2023
Guide to the best American restaurants in London

American restaurants

Sometimes all you want to do is chow down on some finger-lickin' wings or indulge in classic American comfort food. But with so many restaurants to choose from, how do you know which ones are actually worth going to? There are plenty of London spots to get your American food fix, from Dirty Bones' f...
1 Nov 2023
Guide to the best restaurants in London Bridge

Restaurants in London Bridge

London Bridge is synonymous with being an excellent place to grab a bite to eat, primarily thanks to Borough Market’s legendary old-school stalls that have been serving Londoners for more than 1,000 years. But, as amazing as this historic market is, the area is also chock-full of fantastic pub...
19 Sep 2023
Guide to the best restaurants in Mayfair

Restaurants in Mayfair

You’d be right to assume that with a postcode as prestigious as W1, the dining options are as fancy as they come. But it isn't all centred around Mayfair glitz and glam, and if you know where to look, there are restaurants for every palette. From chilled-out pizzerias and elaborate izakaya set...
13 Nov 2023
Guide to halal restaurants in London

Halal restaurants

London’s diversity means that it’s not too tough to find restaurants that serve halal food. With over one million Muslims living in London, there’s certainly a market for it. From Asian street eats to global fine dining, there are a huge range of halal-friendly eateries to discover...
21 Nov 2023
Guide to the best restaurants in Wimbledon

Restaurants in Wimbledon

Wimbledon is famous around the world for its Grand Slam tournament, with hordes of tennis fans, celebrities and pro players flocking to the area every summer. It therefore comes as no surprise that there are plenty of quality eateries catering to the crowds and providing nourishment to those who com...
10 Oct 2023
Guide to bottomless brunch in Brixton

Bottomless brunch in Brixton

The weekend is for relaxing and what could be more relaxing than kicking back and enjoying some delicious food, drinks, and laughs? If that sounds like your idea of a good time, checking out a bottomless brunch might be the perfect activity. If you’re based in Brixton, there are a number of li...
22 Nov 2023
The best tacos in London


Just like elsewhere around the world, tacos have become a staple in many Londoners' diets, and the city's dining scene has responded with an array of amazing taquerias to satisfy all taco cravings. We've scoured the streets of London to bring you the top taco spots, offering authentic Mexican tacos...
27 Oct 2023
Guide to crêperies in London

Crêperies in London

Crêpes have been around since 13th century Brittany, back when people weren't inclined to waste even the smallest amount of ingredients. Now, they're enjoyed all over the world and come in an assortment of different sweet and savoury flavours. There are plenty of places you can get your fill of Fran...
30 Oct 2023
Guide to Italian restaurants in Notting Hill

Italian restaurants in Notting Hill

Well-heeled Notting Hill has no shortage of choice when it comes to eating out and sampling international cuisines. If you're in the area and you're hankering after some Italian food, there are loads of tempting restaurant for you to discover. When you're after Neapolitan pizza, fresh pasta, or auth...
5 Sep 2023
Guide to the best restaurants in Hackney

Restaurants in Hackney

The diverse and exciting food on offer in the Borough of Hackney is definitely one of the main reasons why this East London area has become so popular. From up-and-coming culinary talent to famed chefs planting their flags, from affordable street food eateries to classy Michelin-starred establishmen...
6 Nov 2023
Guide to the best vegetarian restaurants in London

Vegetarian restaurants

Whether for ethical, environmental or health reasons, more and more people are choosing to forgo eating meat on a regular basis. And while most of London’s restaurants now offer at least some plant-based options in case a veggie or vegan drops by, fully vegetarian eateries can be harder to fin...
11 Oct 2023
Guide to family-friendly restaurants in London

Family-friendly restaurants

Going out for a meal is one of life's little pleasures but finding a restaurant that keeps the whole family happy can often be tough. Whether you're taking the kids out for a treat or you want to get the whole crew together, there are lots of family restaurants in London offering exciting food for a...
23 Nov 2023
Guide to the best restaurants in Victoria

Restaurants in Victoria

With a major train station, bus station, hotels, and theatres showing some of the biggest shows in town, Victoria is a bustling area and transit hub that many people visit every day. Whether you’re just passing through and need to refuel or you’re often in the area and want to find some...
20 Oct 2023
The best restaurants for lunch in Shoreditch

Lunch in Shoreditch

Whether you’re looking for a place to take your team for a celebratory lunch or you’re looking to escape the office for a solo-lunch date, this guide has got you sorted. Shoreditch is jam-packed with excellent restaurants; you can travel around the world with your tastebuds in just a few...
15 Nov 2023
Guide to brunch in Brixton

Brunch in Brixton

You can certainly have some big nights out in Brixton and brunch is the ideal cure-all for the day after. There are local cafés serving up all-day breakfast dishes, as well as lively venues offering bottomless experiences if you weren’t out the night before. Regardless of what kind of b...
5 Sep 2023
Where to eat pancakes in London


If we had it our way, we'd be eating pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day. Classic with lemon and sugar, fluffy buttermilk American-style or French-style crêpes, we're not really fussy. Lucky for Londoners, there are heaps of flippin' great places to get your fill of panca...
27 Nov 2023