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The guide to the best dim sum in London

Dim sum

Do you dream of munching your way through mountains of dumplings? Do you then wake up and wish your pillow were a fluffy steamed bun? Regardless of how big a fan of dim sum you are, there’s something about these bite-sized dishes that sets them apart even in the highly varied and flavourful wo...
28 Feb 2024
Guide to the most Instagrammable restaurants in London

Instagrammable restaurants

London is chock-full of aesthetically pleasing restaurants with cool interiors that feel like they’ve been designed for snapping the perfect Instagram pic. Since we’ve moved beyond sharing pictures of avocado on toast with a cappuccino that looks more like a work of art than a beverage,...
5 Feb 2024
Guide to affordable lunch in London

Affordable lunch

London has a reputation for being an expensive city where it's hard to find somewhere to eat without having to remortgage your house. That's where this page comes in handy; a list of the best cheap eats for lunch in the city, all around £15 or less, aimed to keep hungry Londoners full and simultaneo...
19 Jul 2024
Guide to halal restaurants in London

Halal restaurants

London’s diversity means that it’s not too tough to find restaurants that serve halal food. With over one million Muslims living in London, there’s certainly a market for it. From Asian street eats to global fine dining, there are a huge range of halal-friendly eateries to discover...
17 Jun 2024
Guide to brunch in Clapham

Brunch in Clapham

Clapham is undoubtedly a buzzy part of the city and that means it’s not too difficult to find the buzziest meal of them all around here – brunch. From refined weekend meals to raucous bottomless brunch parties, there’s plenty of choice if you want to enjoy food, drinks, laughs, and...
22 Nov 2023
Where to eat oysters in London


If you're looking for a little bit of luxury (or a cheeky aphrodisiac if you have a special night coming up) why not indulge in some oysters? These sophisticated treats offer a range of health benefits and are available at plenty of restaurants in London. From upmarket dining destinations to long-st...
5 Jul 2024
Guide to the best restaurants in Victoria

Restaurants in Victoria

With a major train station, bus station, hotels, and theatres showing some of the biggest shows in town, Victoria is a bustling area and transit hub that many people visit every day. Whether you're just passing through and need to refuel or you're often in the area and want to find some great new pl...
7 Jun 2024
Guide to the best restaurants in Borough Market

Restaurants in Borough Market

There are plenty of ways to fill your belly when you’re visiting Borough Market. Load up on all the free samples, grab some street food from one of the market vendors, or head into one of the restaurants for a sit-down meal. As you’d expect from London’s foodie paradise, there are...
7 Jun 2024
Guide to the best restaurants in Wembley

Restaurants in Wembley

Perhaps you're a resident of Wembley or you're heading to the area for a show or football at the stadium or to explore buzzy Wembley Park. Whatever the circumstances, if you're looking for tasty food in Wembley or a great meal near Wembley Stadium you'll find lots of exciting options. As well as the...
7 Jun 2024
German restaurants in London

German restaurants

If hearty comfort food washed down with plenty of beer sounds good to you, heading to one of London's German restaurants might be a great plan for your next meal. Whilst German cuisine arguably isn't the most popular on the world stage, meaty sausages, fresh pretzels, or loaded German-style kebabs u...
11 Mar 2024
The best new restaurants in Central London

New restaurants in Central London

It's no secret that London is home to some of the top restaurants in the world, and the best part is it's constantly evolving with brand new places to grab a bite. If you find yourself in Central London and want to check out the latest dining spots, you're in the right place. In this guide to the be...
16 Jul 2024
Guide to the best restaurants in Shoreditch

Restaurants in Shoreditch

The hipster HQ of Shoreditch is firmly on the map as one of London’s culinary hot spots. Over the years, this buzzy area has seen a boom in the restaurant and street food scene like nowhere else in the city; it’s exciting, eclectic and constantly evolving. From street eats and fine dinin...
7 Jun 2024
Guide to the best restaurants in Soho

Restaurants in Soho

Soho is to London's food scene what rhythm is to blues, and it's injecting a tasty lease of life into the streets of London via its seemingly never-ending selection of award-winning restaurants and eateries. Whether you want to sip on natural wines whilst snacking on seasonal dishes or slurp spicy u...
7 Jun 2024
Guide to the best restaurants for takeaway in South London

South London takeaways

Sometimes you crave that one dish you can't get enough of, but you don't fancy leaving the snug cosiness of your warm house. Fear not; some of the best restaurants in the city also offer delivery, meaning you can enjoy your favourite Indian takeaway or a steaming bowl of tonkotsu without having to s...
22 Jan 2024
The best Korean restaurants in London

Korean restaurants

Asian food is very diverse, and whilst you might be familiar with Chinese, Japanese and Indian, Korean food may not be on your culinary radar yet. South Korean food and culture has exploded across the world in recent years and there are lots of Korean restaurants in London where you can try it for y...
10 Jun 2024
Guide to upcoming restaurants in London

Upcoming restaurants

There’s hardly a bigger thrill to be found on London’s crowded restaurant scene than the feeling of being the first through the doors of a brand-new culinary hotspot. With those popping up on a weekly basis, the biggest challenge isn't so much getting your foot in the door as it is keepi...
24 Jun 2024
Guide to the best Piccadilly restaurants

Restaurants in Piccadilly

Piccadilly Circus, with its statue of Eros, is one of London's most famous sights. Piccadilly stretches off from it and down to Hyde Park, and is packed with lots to see and do along the way. In and around the road you'll find restaurants, world-famous stores, and major attractions like the Royal Ac...
7 Jun 2024
Guide to the best afternoon tea in Covent Garden

Afternoon tea in Covent Garden

It's hard to get more quintessentially British than indulging in afternoon tea in Covent Garden. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a born-and-bred Londoner, there's just something about the tiered platter of different goodies that makes you feel fancy and cosy at the same time, and one of Londo...
22 Feb 2024
The best sustainable restaurants in London

Sustainable restaurants

Welcome to our guide to the best sustainable and zero-waste restaurants in London! As the world becomes more conscious of environmental impact, London's culinary scene is leading the way with innovative dining experiences that prioritise sustainability. From pioneering zero-waste policies to champio...
26 Jun 2024
The best new restaurants in East London

New restaurants in East London

East London has a buzzing food scene with diverse new venues serving a range of global cuisines opening up regularly. If you're looking for an exciting new restaurant in areas like Canary Wharf, Shoreditch, or Mile End, you'll find new places to discover regularly. Stay up-to-date with all the hotte...
15 Jul 2024
Guide to the best burritos in London


Sometimes all you crave is a big fat burrito stuffed with all the fillings, and there are many places you can get your fix in London. The city is obsessed with Mexican food, and you'll likely find a burrito spot in every district, so knowing where's worth your time is necessary. We've done the leg w...
15 Jan 2024
Guide to affordable afternoon tea in London

Affordable afternoon tea

London is home to a vast range of afternoon teas, including many that are extravagant and expensive. If that's not your style or you want the experience without breaking the bank, you can find a cheap afternoon tea in the capital that gives you the grandeur you want without sending you into your ove...
10 Apr 2024
The best new restaurants in West London

New restaurants in West London

Covering affluent areas such as Chelsea and Notting Hill, West London is where Londoners go when they're in search of an elegant meal in posh surroundings, with new classy bistros and high-end eateries popping up regularly. That's not to say all new West London restaurants will break the bank, as yo...
19 Jul 2024
Guide to brunch in Covent Garden

Brunch in Covent Garden

Taking a break between bouts of shopping? Looking to catch up with your mates? Come to see what all the fuss is about? Hanging around until your matinée starts, or just feeling peckish? Whatever the reason, brunch in Covent Garden is sure to hit the spot. Finding the right place in an area wi...
22 Nov 2023
The best restaurants serving game in London

Game restaurants

If you're hunting for the best game restaurants in London, you've come to the right place. UK land is chock full of highly-prized game meat that you can only find on UK soil, such as Highland venison and mountain hare, and restaurants are getting better and better at showcasing it. From sustainable...
22 Apr 2024
Guide to affordable restaurants in Central London

Affordable restaurants in Central London

If you feel like it costs you money every time you step outside in London, don't worry – you're certainly not alone. The city can be expensive, including when it comes to eating out. If you're wondering how you'll ever afford a delicious meal in Central London, you can rest assured that there are pl...
9 Jul 2024
Guide to the best brunch spots in Soho

Brunch in Soho

Brunch is always a popular way to relax and welcome in the weekend in style. Whether you’re full of beans or nursing a sore head, it’s a great opportunity to kick back, enjoy some tasty treats, and probably have a drink or two. When you’re in central London, brunch in Soho is full...
18 Dec 2023
Guide to the best ramen in London


Hot, steamy, creamy bowls of ramen aren't hard to come by in London, but a seriously good bowl is. That's why we've shortlisted our favourite places to pick up a bowl of noodle soup in the city. From Bone Daddies' broths that come with a western twist to Ippudo's award-winning Michelin-star ramen, h...
26 Jun 2024
The best full English breakfast in London

Full English breakfast

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? But a classic full English is more like a way of life for us Brits. The full English breakfast dates back to the 1300s when it was deemed a luxury enjoyed by only the wealthiest folk and is one of the oldest traditional dishes in Engli...
21 Feb 2024
The best tacos in London


Just like elsewhere around the world, tacos have become a staple in many Londoners' diets, and the city's dining scene has responded with an array of amazing taquerias to satisfy all taco cravings. We've scoured the streets of London to bring you the top taco spots, offering authentic Mexican tacos...
24 Jun 2024
Guide to Italian restaurants in Soho

Italian restaurants in Soho

Neapolitan pizza, steaming portions of pasta, and tasty antipasti...Italian food is virtually always a winner. There are heaps of Italian restaurants in Soho. If you're in the area and you find yourself craving carbonara you'll be spoilt for choice. We've found some great restaurants to inspire you...
29 Jan 2024
Guide to Nigerian restaurants in London

Nigerian restaurants

Nigerian and West African cooking is full of rich flavours and comforting recipes. Whether this cuisine is all new to you or you've been eating it your whole life, you can savour a delicious Nigerian meal at one of the eateries around the capital that specialise in this cuisine. If you're wondering...
25 Sep 2023
Guide to the best restaurants in Ealing

Restaurants in Ealing

Ealing is a bustling area of West London with a lively local community and great links to the rest of the city. Whether you live locally or you're just visiting, there are no shortage of fantastic places if you fancy a meal out. In Ealing you'll find restaurants serving a broad array of global cuisi...
7 Jun 2024
Guide to the best Wagyu steak restaurants in London

Wagyu steaks

If you're big on meat, it doesn't get better than Wagyu beef. Known for its rich marbling and unparalleled tenderness, this luxurious and sought-after Japanese beef has become a symbol of gastronomic indulgence, and London offers some of the choicest cuts. From special occasions to business lunches...
22 Apr 2024
Guide to the best restaurants in Chiswick

Restaurants in Chiswick

Chiswick is a culinary treasure trove in West London, boasting an eclectic mix of restaurants that cater to every taste and occasion. From quaint family-run eateries offering authentic global cuisines to sophisticated, Michelin-starred establishments, dining in Chiswick is both diverse and exciting.
7 Jun 2024
Italian restaurants near theatres in London

Italian restaurants near theatres

A night at the theatre is certainly exciting, and a tasty pre-theatre meal can make the experience even more special. Italian food is a crowd-pleaser and a great option if you're off to see a show and want to make a night of it. There are a number of Italian restaurants located near theatres in Lond...
5 Feb 2024
Solo dining in London

Solo dining

A meal in a restaurant is often a social activity but that's not always the case. If you're a solo traveller visiting London, you fancy having dinner in a restaurant instead of cooking for one, or you just want to treat yourself, solo dining can be fun and sometimes a necessity if you're travelling.
17 Jun 2024
Guide to celebrity hotspots in London

Celeb hotspots

London, one of the world's greatest cities, attracts celebrities from all corners of the globe, from movie stars and superstar musicians to fashion models, famous entrepreneurs, and other wealthy, powerful people. Our guide to celebrity hotspots in London will take you on an exclusive journey throug...
7 Feb 2024
Guide to the best dog-friendly restaurants in London

Dog-friendly restaurants

London’s urban jungle doesn’t make for the most dog-friendly of cities, but there are still plenty of pooches out and about with their owners at any given time. As a consequence, you can find dog-friendly pubs and restaurants all around the capital, with some even catering to their four-...
17 Apr 2024
Guide to the best restaurants in Putney and Barnes

Restaurants in Putney and Barnes

The leafy-green suburb of Putney is famous for being one of the most pleasant areas of London, primarily thanks to its perfect riverside location and lush green open spaces. Neighbouring Barnes is only a short walk away and shares many of the qualities that make Putney so appealing. It’s proba...
7 Jun 2024
Guide to gluten-free afternoon tea in London

Gluten-free afternoon tea

Centred around sandwiches, cakes, and pastries, you could easily think that a gluten-free diet means you have to miss out on a traditional afternoon tea. Fortunately that's not the case in London. Around the city there are a variety of venues that offer afternoon tea and cater to special dietary req...
5 Dec 2023
Guide to the best restaurants around Holloway Road

Restaurants around Holloway Road

With Archway at one end and Highbury at the other, Holloway Road is a bustling part of Islington with lots of places to explore. You certainly won't be disappointed if you're looking for something tasty to eat around here. From authentic pizza to Vietnamese cooking or vegan-friendly cuisine, the roa...
7 Jun 2024
Guide to brunch in Islington

Brunch in Islington

Islington is an area of London famed for its eclectic variety of incredible restaurants, bars and cafés, with Upper Street acting as the borough's bloodline. There's a restaurant for every kind of mood, from the salad-lined windows of Ottolenghi and mouthwatering kebabs of Brother Marcus to T...
15 Sep 2023
Guide to bottomless brunch in Covent Garden

Bottomless brunch in Covent Garden

Bottomless brunch is a Londoner’s favourite weekend pastime, and luckily for them, many restaurants offer countless boozy brunch deals that are perfect for letting your hair down with your BFFs. Whether you fancy buttermilk pancakes, classic avo on toast or something a little more adventurous...
22 Nov 2023
Where to eat pancakes in London


If we had it our way, we'd be eating pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day. Classic with lemon and sugar, fluffy buttermilk American-style or French-style crêpes, we're not really fussy. Lucky for Londoners, there are heaps of flippin' great places to get your fill of panca...
30 Jan 2024
The best French toast in London

French toast

Many Londoners are partial to the odd fry-up but sometimes you want to begin your day in a sweeter way. Comforting French toast with fruity, creamy, or chocolatey toppings (or any combination of the above) is a delicious option for breakfast or brunch. If you're a dedicated lover of eggy bread and w...
30 Jan 2024
Guide to brunch in Mayfair

Brunch in Mayfair

Mayfair, one of London's most prestigious and historic areas, isn't just known for its high-end boutiques, art galleries, and luxurious residences. Nestled among its elegant streets are culinary gems waiting to be discovered, particularly when it comes brunch. For brunch Mayfair pulls out all the st...
26 Oct 2023
The best breakfast in Central London

Breakfast in Central London

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day and there are many places in Central London where you can embrace that. Whether you're after a classic fry-up in a greasy spoon cafe or you want to chow down on something a little fancier, this guide to the best breakfast in Central London has...
29 Dec 2023
Romantic Italian restaurants in London

Romantic Italian restaurants

When you're planning a romantic meal, you need somewhere that looks good, has the right atmosphere, and serves up delicious food for you and your date to enjoy together. London has loads of places that fit the bill, including Italian restaurants that set the scene for a romantic meal. We'll help you...
29 Jan 2024
Guide to organic restaurants in London

Organic restaurants

Whether you're following a clean organic diet or you're just looking for somewhere you can enjoy a farm-to-table meal, there are plenty of organic restaurants in the capital that will cater to your dietary preferences. From farm-to-fork establishments to vegan and vegetarian eateries committed to et...
22 Feb 2024