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Fish restaurant
Seafood restaurant
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Heurlins in one sentence: Marine bistro combined with café and bar
About the food: Prawn platter, fish and chips, éclairs
About the drinks: Wine, local draught beers, bubbly on tap

Heurlins, inside the Clarion Hotel Draken, describe themselves as a salty bistro serving beer, wine and seafood, but also a quirky konditori where they love a glass of bubbles to go with their sweet treats. Crayfish and cakes, craft beer and cookies, prawns and pastries, bubbly and buns - the best of both worlds, quite simply. 

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What type of bar is Heurlins?

We have categorised Heurlins as:

  • Beer bar
  • Wine bar

What is the cost of dining at Heurlins?

We have categorised Heurlins in the price range Mid-range (£££).

What kind of food is served at Heurlins?

We have categorised the cuisine at Heurlins as:

  • Small dishes
  • Swedish
  • Fish
  • Scandinavian
  • International

Can I bring my dog to Heurlins?

Yes, Heurlins is dog friendly, which means you can bring your dog.

Does Heurlins serve lunch?

Yes, you can have lunch at Heurlins.

Where is Heurlins?

Heurlins is located at Heurlins Plats 11, 413 01, Linné. Nearby is Tredje Långgatan.