Nightlife for a more mature crowd

Clubbing and living it up isn't just for the under forties. You'll find a broad target audience at most restaurants and bars in Stockholm, both age and interest-wise. There are, however, a range of places around town whose style, music and menus appeal to a slightly older demographic and that's where we come into the picture. We lead the way to the best bars and clubs in Stockholm for an older and delightfully mature crowd.


Götgatan 78 (Skrapan), Södermalm

Cocktails in the sky bar

It doesn't get much more sophisticated than cocktails in a glass-walled sky bar. On the top floor of Himlen the unbeatable view over Stockholm is combined with a fabulous drinks menu and well-mixed cocktails 100 metres from the ground. The perfect bar scene for a more mature crowd.

Golden Hits

Kungsgatan 29, City/Norrmalm

Be a star for the evening

Golden Hits' packed nightclub consists of four different bars, all with a lively atmosphere. You'll often find an older crowd here, but they sure know how to party. You can even take to the stage, if the fancy takes you, and sing your heart out, or book dinner and stay the whole evening.


Jakobsbergsgatan 17, City/Norrmalm


Boqueria within the MOOD Stockholm shopping arcade welcomes everyone and anyone. A great meeting spot where you can nibble Spanish tapas, drink sangria and celebrate with cava. The "torget" (square) area has a lively atmosphere at weekends, with DJs and plenty of guests in a party mood. Centrally located, Boqueria is the kind of place you can drop into for a glass of wine and stay for the entire evening.


Stureplan 2, City/Östermalm

Stylish nightlife for all ages

A stylish spot which attracts all ages. The outdoor seating area is particularly popular and, whether it's winter, spring, summer or autumn, you'll find guests sitting out with front row seats over Stureplan. Stay and have a drink and see where the evening takes you or book a celebratory meal. If you suddenly feel young at heart, you can head upstairs to Obaren, which draws a younger crowd. 



Birger Jarlsgatan 4, City/Östermalm

Swanky hangout from dinner to the early hours

Riche is a glamorous spot to come for a bite to eat and a fabulous cocktail in the bar and then stay on until the small hours. The tempo of the music and crowd gradually increases throughout the evening and towards closing time there's usually a really great atmosphere. The al fresco seating on Birger Jarlsgatan is always packed when the sun's out.


Fou Club

Hamngatan 2, City/Östermalm/Norrmalm

Dance to classic hits

Fou is the place to go when you want to dance to really great music and have a fun evening with like-minded people in elegant, relaxed surroundings. There are two floors with dancefloors and some more peaceful, intimate areas where you can hang out by the bar, relax in the lounge or sip a drink in the cocktail bar.


Söder Mälarstrand Kajplats 19, Södermalm

Everyone welcome aboard

All kinds of people find their way to Patricia's nightclub, housed in the boat's original hold. This party boat rocks to the beat of both new and old music well into the early hours. Let Patricia decide how your evening should end.



Berzelii Park, City/Norrmalm

Dance the night away

Soul, disco, funk and house – the club concept Soul Train Party premiered at Nalen in 2010 and they still offer a fun, lively night out for a more mature crowd, with a focus on dance. The club night has been held on cruises and nightcubs around the country and it's now landed at Berns and Sturecompagniet in Stockholm. Keep an eye on their website and Facebook for their programme and events.


Blekingegatan 40, Södermalm

For a sophisticated night at the bar

From this historic, classic restaurant you can slip next door to the sister bar Kristallen, to sit and enjoy chilled music late into the evening. Perfect if you're after a sophisticated evening in a bar, where you can accompany deep and meaningful conversations with a few drinks and order traditional Swedish dishes in the restaurant if you get peckish. Pelikan is in SoFo (South of Folkungagatan), close to lots of other restaurants and bars.


The Big Ben

Folkungagatan 97, Södermalm

Party at the pub

Big Ben is more of an English pub than a nightclub but that won't stop you from partying hard to the pub's live music. You can also try out more than 50 different kinds of beer if the mood should take you. Keep an eye out on their website for live performances, stand-up comedy nights and party cover bands.

Pub Anchor

Sveavägen 90, Vasastan

Rock out

Pub Anchor is a meeting place where guests of all ages come together to hang out at the bar and rock out to rock music. There's live music and entertainment every day of the week, as well as quiz evenings and rock karaoke. You don't need to be a rock geek to hang out here though, you can just come by for the great atmosphere.