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Summer in Stockholm: the complete guide to a great holiday

Summer in Stockholm

Are you planning on spending the whole summer, or a short summer holiday, in Stockholm? Lucky you! Our beautiful capital really blossoms during the summer months - in both senses of the word. Whether you want to take it easy and do as little as possible, or are happiest when you're keeping busy with...
4 Apr 2024
Guide to the Stockholm archipelago

Stockholm archipelago

The Stockholm archipelago is a source of great pride and pleasure, with good reason - there's an endless variety of idyllic large and small islands and skerries just beyond the city to explore. Even if you don't belong to that lucky group of people who own a summerhouse on Sandhamn or Utö, ther...
5 Oct 2023
Tourist in Stockholm - your complete guide

Tourist in Stockholm

Stockholm provides the best of both worlds. Global influences make their presence felt in the city's restaurants, hotels and cultural life, while its Nordic heritage is preserved in everything from Skansen to the traditional 'fika' coffee break and minimalist design. Getting around Stockholm is easy...
2 Apr 2024
Weekend in Stockholm: 48 hours

48 hours in Stockholm

If you've only got one weekend to experience Stockholm, you want to make every hour count. The Swedish capital consists of various neighbourhoods all with their own charm, whether you want to eat out in upmarket Östermalm, wander around hip Södermalm, visit Vasastan, do the tourist thing i...
12 Feb 2024
24 hours in Stockholm: experience the city in one day

24 hours in Stockholm

Sweden's capital city isn't just growing size-wise - Stockholm also offers an ever-increasing choice of new restaurants, cafés and other great places to visit. All parts of town have their own particular charm and the central area is small enough to allow you to walk between destinations. Gra...
4 Sep 2023