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Guides to Stockholm

Stockholm's hottest restaurants right now

The hottest restaurants right now

It's no secret that Stockholm is overflowing with happening restaurants and new food trends. But how to keep track of them all? To point you in the right direction, follow our guide to the hottest restaurants the city has to offer right now; from trendy foodie joints and hyped flavour concepts to in...
Updated 9 Jun 2022
The guide to Stockholm's best al fresco restaurants and bars

Al fresco dining

There's not much that beats enjoying the warmth of the summer sun at an al fresco dining spot. Who wouldn't want to kick off the weekend with something good to eat, a glass of wine, a cold beer or a tropical cocktail - and get some colour in their cheeks at the same time? We've listed the best and b...
Updated 9 Jun 2022
Guide to wow-factor restaurants in Stockholm

Wow-factor restaurants

Stockholm has really outdone itself in recent years in terms of popular, must-visit restaurants. New restaurants and concepts constantly appear on the scene, while old favourites retain and fine-tune their charm. To find that really special somewhere among Stockholm's best restaurants we've picked o...
Updated 9 Jun 2022
The best lunch restaurants in Stockholm

Lunch restaurants

In this guide we've selected some of the best lunch restaurants in the whole of Stockholm, but if you'd rather search locally we also have separate guides for the different parts of the cities (links below). These have been divided up into smaller areas within each neighbourhood.
Updated 7 Jun 2022
The guide to the best nightclubs in Stockholm


Fancy a night out with friends, a pumping dancefloor, DJs and drinks? Stockholm is famous for its bustling nightlife, but what kind of club do you prefer? We guide you to Stockholm's best nightclubs for all ages and tastes. Whether you're in the mood for some trendy, city-centre Stureplan action, hi...
Updated 29 Mar 2022
The guide to the best spas in Stockholm


Stockholm has a large selection of spas and wellness centres. Escape the bustling city and treat yourself to a spa-break - what could be more relaxing than a deep tissue massage, body scrub, facial and other spa treatments? Or simply enjoy a change of scenery; recline by the pool in a fluffy terrycl...
Updated 19 Jan 2022
The best restaurants in Södermalm

Restaurants in Södermalm

There's hardly a shortage of restaurants in the city, and Södermalm is a real foodie mecca where new restaurants pop up seemingly every week. Södermalm combines hip all-in-one concepts, gourmet bistros with experimental fusion restaurants and relaxed hangouts. So as to make it all a bit ea...
Updated 23 May 2022
The best Italian restaurants in Stockholm

Italian restaurants

Pasta and pizza in all their glory are not the only components of Italian cuisine; its various regions have so much more to offer. Are you longing for cosy tavernas, lively piazzas, candlelight and checked tablecloths? Or modern restaurants with a New York Little Italy vibe? Stockholm has masses of...
Updated 1 Dec 2021
Guide to Stockholm's outdoor swimming pools

Outdoor pools

As the sun beats down and the mercury rises so too the need to cool off with a refreshing dip. Stockholm isn't exactly short on swimming spots but if you're not keen on swimming in the waters of the Baltic Sea or Lake Mälaren there are plenty of great outdoor swimming pools in the city. As well...
Updated 19 Aug 2021
Where to find Stockholm's best vintage and secondhand shops


Secondhand is a fun and sustainable way to bag a bargain - but it's not always easy knowing where to look. To make your hunt a little easier, we've rounded up the best vintage boutiques in Stockholm, with masses of one-off, pre-loved clothes to add to your wardrobe. Södermalm is a well-known se...
Updated 24 Jan 2022
The complete guide to activities in Stockholm


Figuring out what to do on your day off can seem like a daunting task - but fear not, we've got it all figured out. There is an abundant array of activities and things to do in Stockholm, but choosing between them can be difficult. Therefore we have made it our mission to help you decide on what to...
Updated 5 Jul 2022
The guide to Stockholm's best hairdressers


There are lots of hairdressers in Stockholm and it can be tricky to find the right one. Your hair is quite literally your crowning glory and it's important to ensure it's in safe hands. This guide will help you find a hairdresser in Stockholm that feels right for you. We recommend Stockholm's best s...
Updated 19 May 2022
The complete guide to the best restaurants in Stockholm

Best restaurants

Time to eat out? We've created guides to all Stockholm's best restaurants, divided up into the city's different areas. We also have guides to the city's hottest restaurants, as well as guides to restaurants that are particularly luxurious and those that have that indefinable wow-factor. Click on the...
Updated 3 Dec 2020
The guide to day trips outside Stockholm

Day trips

In need of a change of scene? There are plenty of lovely places to visit just outside Stockholm. You don't need to travel more than an hour by car to find picturesque small towns, historical sites, idyllic archipelago islands, rolling countryside and magnificent castles. Naturally you can also trave...
Updated 8 Sep 2020
Stockholm's best day spas

Day spa

A quick massage in your lunch hour, a deep facial treatment after work or an entire spa day with clay masks and aromatic foot baths? There are plenty of spas in Stockholm where you can enjoy all imaginable wellness cures and treatments. If you're in need of a little extra relaxation in the heart of...
Updated 25 Mar 2022
Guide to the best sushi in Stockholm


Jiro may dream of sushi, but it is safe to say that Stockholm natives are also hooked. Stockholm may have a sushi restaurant on every other block, but quality and freshness vary widely. Beyond the world of black plastic trays and too-salty soy sauce, there exists a selective clique of top-quality su...
Updated 7 Jun 2022
Getting around Stockholm - how to rent an electric scooter

Electric scooters

Getting around central Stockholm has never been easier - often all you need is an app. Hire an electric scooter, explore the city on an electric bike, rent an electric car or take a classic Vespa for a spin. Many of the new transport methods are both cheap and environmentally friendly and you'll fin...
Updated 26 Jun 2020
The guide to the best pizza in Stockholm


Can't live without your monthly, weekly or daily doses of pizza? No judgement - neither can we. Stockholm boasts an abundance of pizza restaurants, regardless of whether you're in the mood for wafer-thin or thicker crust, extra sauce or more cheese, simple-and-plain or loaded with toppings. The offe...
Updated 1 Feb 2022
Stockholm's best bars


Craft beer, wine or a well-blended cocktail with a twist. Finding a good bar in Stockholm isn't exactly hard, but where are the real gems? We've checked out the selection and rounded up some great bars that hit the right spot. The guide to Stockholm's best bars is divided up into several different g...
Updated 16 Feb 2022
Waterside restaurants in Stockholm

Waterside restaurants

The Swedish summer is hard to beat - weather permitting, that is. Stockholm is so beautifully situated by the water it would be a crime not to make the most of its seaside setting. Who wouldn't want to sit in the afternoon sun and listen to waves lapping against a jetty while enjoying a good meal in...
Updated 17 Jun 2022
Where to find study- and work-friendly cafés in Stockholm

Work-friendly cafés

Tired of working in the office, library or your student digs? Or are you just longing for a good cup of coffee and fast internet connection? Lots of people prefer to study or work from cafés in Stockholm, but it's important to find the right spot where you can get wi-fi, a nice working enviro...
Updated 15 Nov 2021
The best glamping spots around Stockholm


If you prefer the great outdoors to come complete with creature comforts such as proper beds, luxury linen, wood-fired stoves and breakfast delivered to your door, glamping could be the thing for you. Glamping - "'glamorous camping" - is a relatively new concept in Sweden but a few places have hoppe...
Updated 21 Apr 2022
Best lunch restaurants in the city centre

Lunch in the city

A working lunch in the city centre, a break from a shopping trip or a lunch date with friends. We expect a lot from lunch in the heart of the city, and it's easy to go wrong when the lunchtime rush is on and our blood sugar's low. To make it easier to find the right spot, we've gathered together som...
Updated 8 Jun 2022
The guide to the best cocktail bars in Stockholm

Cocktail bars

So many cocktails, so little time. Cocktails have sure come a long way from the classic old-fashioned and over the past few years Stockholm bartenders have made mixology into an art form. Whether you're on the lookout for an artisanal cocktail, cool speakeasy joint or sophisticated lounge, Stockholm...
Updated 31 Mar 2022
The best Asian restaurants in Stockholm

Asian restaurants

Asian cuisine - sometimes associated with cheap and sticky sweet-n-sour sauce, metallic lucky cats and stale fortune cookies, but more often than not; exotic and flavoursome dishes with an innovative fusion twist. Stockholm houses an abundance of Asian restaurants; opulent Chinese temple-style resta...
Updated 16 May 2022
Good value restaurants in Stockholm

Good value restaurants

Got a desperate desire to eat out but a long time until pay day? Going out for dinner can be one of life's little highlights, especially when the restaurant is really good value for money. We guide you to the Stockholm restaurants with great concepts, delicious food, a good atmosphere or other plus...
Updated 5 May 2022
Guide to budget bars in Stockholm

Budget bars

Stockholm is packed with style-conscious bars and expensive hipster hangouts, but there are also plenty of popular budget alternatives for when your wallet's feeling rather thin. Follow our guide to a bunch of budget bars in Stockholm where you'll find cheap beer, as well as wine and spirits at real...
Updated 20 Apr 2022
Stockholm's best hotel breakfasts

Hotel breakfast

Breakfast - the most important meal of the day - is often skipped, rushed or forgotten. Though lets be honest, who doesn't love a big breakfast, add a hotel in the mix for a winning combination. Whether you are in Stockholm on holiday or business or simply in the mood to treat yo' self, hotel breakf...
Updated 7 Feb 2022
Stockholm's best brunch buffets

Brunch buffets

There are few things in life as relaxing as celebrating the weekend with a fully-laden brunch buffet. Stockholm is packed with great brunch spots with tempting buffets to get stuck into. Grab the chance to recharge after a long week and come back to life with a table filled with delicious brunch dis...
Updated 7 Mar 2022
The best restaurants in Östermalm

Restaurants in Östermalm

Ă–stermalm has a well-established reputation for extensive culinary offerings. The rumoured stiff facade has softened with the influx of exciting fusion restaurants and hip all-in-one concepts combined with the traditional establishments and neighbourhood taverns that the area is famous for. So...
Updated 19 May 2022
The complete guide to Stockholm's best brunch

Best brunch

Brunch has become an increasingly popular phenomenon in Stockholm - a little bit of luxury to treat yourself to at the weekend, preferably after a long lie-in. Lots of restaurants and cafés have jumped on the trend and serve really great brunches and weekend lunches of various kinds. Maybe yo...
Updated 7 Jun 2022
The guide to the best cafés in Stockholm


Fika is a notoriously Swedish word that is practically non-translatable into any other language. The Brits pride themselves on afternoon tea, the Swedes on fika. This coffee break is often synonymous with coffee - no surprises there - and cinnamon buns, but not restricted by it. Stockholm boasts an...
Updated 2 May 2022
The best restaurants for meat in Stockholm

Meat restaurants

The latest culinary trend in Stockholm is clear - it's all about meat. The number of meat restaurants in Stockholm has greatly increased over the last few years. Highly ambitious with an emphasis on local and organic meat, quality cuts and unique concepts - Stockholm houses an abundance of restauran...
Updated 16 May 2022
The guide to great swimming spots in central Stockholm

Swimming in Stockholm

When the summer warmth finally spreads over Stockholm, you need to know where you can cool off with a refreshing dip. There aren't many capital cities where you can swim from sandy beaches and bathing rocks right in the city centre, but Stockholm is a real outdoor urban swimmer's paradise. Follow ou...
Updated 8 Apr 2020
The guide to Stockholm's best spots for live music

Live music

DJs are all well and good, but it's hard to beat the thrill of good old-fashioned, rhythmic, pulsing live music. Stockholm is bursting with places that appreciate the magic of live music, so it can be hard to keep track of them all. This guide helps you find just the right spot to suit your taste in...
Updated 19 May 2022
The guide to family-friendly restaurants in Stockholm

Family-friendly restaurants

Thursday evening, starving and refused entry to an empty restaurant because of a buggy? Finding a children-friendly restaurant in Stockholm is not always child's play; despite the fact the city is packed with places to eat. And it gets even more difficult when you are looking for an eatery that is b...
Updated 17 Jun 2022
Where to find bars in Stockholm that are open late

Late-night bars

Nightclubs and heaving dancefloors aren't the only options in Stockholm once most bars have closed for the evening. If you want to keep going after 1am without going all-in, there are plenty of bars that don't close until 2 or 3am. Some only on Fridays and Saturdays, others on both weekdays and week...
Updated 14 Oct 2021
The guide to Stockholm's best gyms


Stockholm has been at the forefront of health and fitness trends for some time. Which means plenty of healthfood restaurants, as well as a huge selection of gyms. Whether you're a die-hard gym junkie who's new in town or, possibly even more likely - someone who has good intentions about getting off...
Updated 12 Jan 2022
The best restaurants in Vasastan

Restaurants in Vasastan

The Vasastan culinary scene has a lot to offer and is home to some of the best restaurants in the city. Hidden gems, venerable institutions and chic industrial-style venues as well as exciting fusion concepts are all part of Vasastan's restaurant repertoire. We have created this guide to the best re...
Updated 20 Apr 2022
Stockholm's best pasta


We all love Italian food - especially when it comes to really delicious pasta. Visit one of Stockholm's Italian restaurants and fill your belly with pasta vongole, truffled macaroni or some other tasty dish, served "al dente". Below you'll find our recommendations for restaurants with particularly g...
Updated 4 Oct 2021
The guide to gluten-free Stockholm


The gluten-free trend has exploded in Stockholm over the past few years. Finding gluten-free options at restaurants, cafés and bakeries is no longer a problem - perfect for anyone with a gluten allergy, intolerance, or who chooses to avoid gluten for other health reasons. While gluten-free us...
Updated 15 Jun 2022
The best archipelago restaurants in and around Stockholm

Archipelago restaurants

With nearly 30 000 islands, Stockholm's archipelago has a lot to offer, from the north to the south the islets and rocks each have their own characteristics. Beautiful scenery, nature, wildlife and - believe it or not - restaurants. Escape the bustling city and enjoy the calm and fresh air. Several...
Updated 17 May 2021
Where to find Stockholm's best nail salons

Nail salons

Great looking nails are an important part of a polished appearance. Stockholm has a number of really good nail salons who can freshen up your nails, whether it's a simple manicure (or pedicure) you're after, or shellac, nail extensions or nail art. The length and style of your nails is as easy to va...
Updated 21 Apr 2021
Unusual dining experiences in Stockholm

Unusual dining experiences

Varied as the Stockholm restaurant scene may be, it can sometimes feel slightly flat and one-dimensional. Don't get us wrong, we love a New York-inspired neighbourhood restaurant as much as the next diner but if you're tired of the usual restaurants and are looking for something really unique and di...
Updated 13 Jan 2022
The best breakfast in Stockholm


We've all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, it often consists of grabbing a cuppa on the run and not much more. Stockholm offers loads of breakfast options, whether you're in the mood for just coffee and a croissant, a full English or more wholesome breakfast optio...
Updated 2 May 2022
The best restaurants in the Old Town

Restaurants in the Old Town

Stockholm's Old Town (Gamla Stan), commonly perceived as merely a tourist attraction, has received a culinary makeover, its crooked alleyways concealing an assortment of great restaurants and hidden gems. The Old Town hosts a great number of fantastic restaurants, ranging from historic taverns to ch...
Updated 19 Apr 2022
The guide to affordable hairdressers in Stockholm

Affordable hairdressers

Time to trim those split ends or go for a totally new look? Finding a cheap hairdresser in Stockholm isn't easy if you're not tempted by the real budget salons on the corner. But there is a middle road offering good value for money. Follow our guide to good value hairdressers in Stockholm who offer...
Updated 11 Jan 2022
Where to find Stockholm's best kebabs


It's hard to beat a really good kebab - served in wraps, on platters, in salads or as a pizza topping (yes, kebab pizzas are a thing here). If you're dreaming of a hearty helping of kebab, generously topped with tasty sauces and other appropriate accompaniments, there are plenty of places in Stockho...
Updated 28 Apr 2021
The guide to lunch spots in Södermalm

Lunch in Södermalm

Södermalm is full of trendy lunch spots and culinary concepts of all kinds. Finding it hard to find the right spot? Follow our guide to the neighbourhood's best lunch restaurants for a business lunch, lunch date or a quiet moment with a sandwich and your laptop. The restaurants in this lunch gu...
Updated 7 Jun 2022
Guide to Stockholm's best tattoo studios

Tattoo studios

These days, tattoos are more the rule than the exception on the streets of Stockholm. Almost every Stockholmer is inked and new tattoo parlours are constantly popping up. The modern tattoo trend hasn't just attracted a completely new clientele - the banker, hipster and Södermalm mother, for exa...
Updated 20 Aug 2020