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The guide to the best cafés in Stockholm


Fika is a notoriously Swedish word that is practically non-translatable into any other language. The Brits pride themselves on afternoon tea, the Swedes on fika. This coffee break is often synonymous with coffee - no surprises there - and cinnamon buns, but not restricted by it. Stockholm boasts an...
3 Jun 2024
Where to find study- and work-friendly cafés in Stockholm

Work-friendly cafés

Tired of working in the office, library or your student digs? Or are you just longing for a good cup of coffee and fast internet connection? Lots of people prefer to study or work from cafés in Stockholm, but it's important to find the right spot where you can get wi-fi, a nice working enviro...
20 May 2024
The best breakfast in Stockholm


We've all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, it often consists of grabbing a cuppa on the run and not much more. Stockholm offers loads of breakfast options, whether you're in the mood for just coffee and a croissant, a full English or more wholesome breakfast optio...
4 Mar 2024
Ice cream parlours in Stockholm

Ice cream parlours

Deliciously creamy ice cream, authentic Italian gelato and vegan ice cream with exciting flavours and natural ingredients - Stockholm has all these and more for true ice cream aficionados. Cool off with an ice cream or sorbet this summer and follow our guide to Stockholm's best ice cream parlours.
3 Jun 2024
The guide to gluten-free Stockholm


The gluten-free trend has exploded in Stockholm over the past few years. Finding gluten-free options at restaurants, cafés and bakeries is no longer a problem - perfect for anyone with a gluten allergy, intolerance, or who chooses to avoid gluten for other health reasons. While gluten-free us...
21 Feb 2024
The LGBTQ+ guide to Stockholm's best gay venues

LGBTQ+ guide

Stockholm has an ever-growing and well-reputed selection of LBTQ+-friendly nightclubs, bars, restaurants and cafés. In this guide we follow the rainbow flag and lead the way to great places around town with an open mind and an LGBTQ-friendly crowd. You'll find everything from famous gay cafés and re...
26 Mar 2024
The guide to Arlanda's cafés and restaurants

Cafés and restaurants at Arlanda

Sweden's largest airport, Arlanda, transports more than 26 million passengers to various destinations around the world every year. Around 230 000 take-offs and landings are carried out over the course of a year, which means that the airport's cafés and restaurants are continuously serving a steady s...
5 Mar 2024
The best cafés in Södermalm

Södermalm cafés

Södermalm is packed with cafés, making it a great neighbourhood to explore if you're a fan of the Swedish fika tradition. Many of the cafés are in SoFo, but you'll also find little gems dotted around the rest of Södermalm, such as in Hornstull and on Mariatorget, and these days they generally serve...
26 Mar 2024
The best views in Stockholm

Restaurants and bars with a view

Stockholm's skybars, roof terraces, rooftop gardens and other well-loved vantage points provide gorgeous views and a real natural high. What could be better than the view over Stockholm from a really cool skybar? Or eating a romantic dinner as the sun sets over the water? Many of these places are un...
8 May 2024
The best cafés on Djurgården

Djurgården cafés

The island of Djurgården is famous for being a oasis of green close to Stockholm city centre. Tourists flock over on the ferry or across the bridge to visit Djurgården's museums and tivoli, while locals come over for a stroll around the park at weekends. There are numerous charming café...
7 May 2024
The best cafés in the Old Town

Cafés in the Old Town

Stockholm's Old Town is, just like the historic parts of all cities, packed with tourists from all over the world. Some Stockholmers tend to avoid the area because of its rather tacky tourist traps, but if you look beyond the facade you'll find some excellent restaurants, bars and cafés servi...
21 May 2024
The best breakfast in Södermalm

Breakfast in Södermalm

As we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it can also be the best one. Is there anything better than piping hot, freshly-brewed coffee and the smell of homemade bread straight out of the oven? Well, we don't think so. As Stockholm has so much to offer when it comes to great...
18 Mar 2024
The best cafés outside Stockholm city centre

Out of town cafés

Stockholm city centre doesn't have exclusive rights to really great cafés. You'll also find plenty of fab cafés outside the city limits where you can fika, eat lunch or just grab a cup of good coffee to-go in whichever neighbourhood you find yourself. Several of these are so popular th...
4 Mar 2024
Dog-friendly cafés and restaurants in Stockholm

Dog-friendly cafés and restaurants

As everyone knows, dogs are a man's best friend, so it's a shame when our four-legged friends aren't made as welcome out in town as their human companions. But dog owners can relax; Stockholm has a number of dog-friendly cafés and restaurants where you can bring your doggy along to enjoy the...
3 Jun 2024
The guide to Stockholm cafés open in the evenings

Cafés open in the evenings

Who says cafés are just for the daytime? Stockholm is packed with bars and restaurants for eating and drinking good food and wine in the evenings, but some evenings you just feel like sitting somewhere cosy and welcoming and relaxing with something simple to eat or drink. That's when a café with lon...
21 Feb 2024
The guide to Stockholm's best bakeries


Bread culture is alive and thriving in Stockholm - these days we're spoilt for choice with true craftsmanship and seriously high quality ingredients. In each and every part of town you'll find a charming little bakery selling delicious bread in all its forms, fresh from the oven. Levain, sourdough b...
18 Mar 2024
The best cafés in Östermalm

Östermalm cafés

The smart, somewhat sleepy northeastern part of the city is home to numerous traditional cafés and patisseries that have been around for generations. Filter coffee with free refills accompanied by classic cakes and buns is the norm in Östermalm and even the more recently opened café...
18 Apr 2024
The best coffee shops in Stockholm


Italians love their coffee - but so do Swedes; Sweden is one of the top ten coffee-consuming countries. Hence, in a city like Stockholm the coffee competition is steep. The city hosts an ever-expanding array of espresso bars, coffee shops, baristas and cafés. Whether you fit into the on-the-g...
3 Jun 2024
Where to find Stockholm's best patisseries


Cafe society is alive and well in Stockholm and there are numerous gorgeous patisseries in the city for when you want to treat yoursef to exquisite pastries and good coffee. Are you in the mood for artistic creations served in contemporary surroundings or do you prefer a classic cinnamon bun in an o...
10 Apr 2024
Charming cafés in green, leafy surroundings

Leafy cafés

What would summer in Stockholm be without all the charming cafés in leafy surroundings? As you might expect, many of these verdant spots can be found on Djurgården and the outskirts of town, but there are also some hidden oases in the heart of the city. We show you the way to delightful...
4 Sep 2023
The guide to vegan cafés in Stockholm

Vegan cafés

There's never been a better or easier time to be a vegan. Plant-based food is taking up an ever-increasing amount of space on the menus of Stockholm's cafés and restaurants - offering tasty and healthy choices for everyone, whether you're a vegan, carnivore or omnivore. The city has several c...
10 Jan 2024
The best breakfast in Östermalm

Breakfast in Östermalm

Many people believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day - we happen to think it's also the most delicious meal of the day and should therefore on no account be skipped. For anyone who deserves a little everyday luxury - and don't we all? - Östermalm has a number of excellent breakfast sp...
15 Feb 2024
Stockholm's best organic and healthfood stores and restaurants


Healthy and organic food has never been more on trend and the city's food stores and restaurants are very much in step with the increase in awareness about healthy eating and sustainability. Stockholm has a great deal to offer when it comes to organic and health-conscious options - including restaur...
20 May 2024
The best breakfast in Stockholm city centre

Breakfast in the city centre

Going out for breakfast in the city can be a convenient option, as well as a tasty and nutritious start to the day. Within Stockholm city centre you'll find cafés, restaurants and fabulous hotels where you can enjoy your morning cup of coffee in peace and quiet or grab a breakfast deal with j...
3 Jun 2024
The best vegetarian restaurants in Stockholm

Vegetarian restaurants

Plant-based food is an ever-growing part of the Stockholm restaurant scene. These days, it's not just purely vegetarian joints that serve really good green food - everyone from streetfood joints to fine-dining restaurants has excellent options for the herbivorous diner. This guide points the way to...
5 Jun 2024
The guide to a healthy lunch in Stockholm

Healthy lunch

Gluten-free, vegetarian, raw food and locally-grown - Stockholm's choice of healthy lunch spots has exploded to meet the increased demand over the past few years. A welcome trend, which has made it easier than ever to make healthy choices. Whether you're interested in green juices and fresh wraps on...
13 Sep 2023
The best breakfast in Vasastan

Breakfast in Vasastan

Take a break and treat yourself to a little everyday luxury with breakfast out on the town. Vasastan has plenty of options, breakfast-wise - everything from trendy juice bars to cosy cafés and bistros and restaurants serving a range of breakfasts to earlybirds and night owls alike. Follow our...
20 May 2024
The guide to Stockholm's best juice bars

Juice bars

Refreshing, thirst quenching and filling, packed with vitamins, antioxidants and nutritious ingredients. Juice bars these days are as ubiquitous as coffee bars, definitely trendier and provide a healthy alternative to that classic cup of coffee or snack. To the delight of urban juice fans, juice bar...
4 Sep 2023
Where to find the best "semlor" Lenten buns in Stockholm


"Semlor" (singular "semla") Lenten buns were traditionally eaten on Shrove Tuesday but are now available from January until Easter so if you're in Stockholm during this period don't miss the chance to sample these creamy, cardamom-scented delights. The competition among Stockholm bakers to make the...
12 Feb 2024
Afternoon tea in Stockholm

Afternoon tea

Gasping for a nice cup of tea and something to eat after a tiring shopping trip in town, a long day at work or at the weekend? What could be better than freshly-baked scones, pastries and a piping hot cup of tea? Swap that Swedish coffee for English tea and make afternoon tea into a social occasion...
18 Mar 2024
Where to find the best raw food in Stockholm

Raw food

The raw food trend is growing like crazy in Stockholm. More and more cafés and restaurants are jumping on the health food bandwagon and serving uncooked food and mouthwatering raw cakes and pastries. Forget joyless raw food salads - these days the choice of raw food includes everything from c...
6 Sep 2023
The best places in Stockholm to enjoy traditional Swedish fika

Traditional Swedish fika

If you haven't come across the word "Fika" (pronounced fee-ka) yet, you probably haven't been in Stockholm very long. Fika is both a noun and a verb meaning to have a coffee break at home or in a café, preferably accompanied by something to eat and ideally twice a day. But it's about more tha...
4 Sep 2023