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Where to celebrate Walpurgis night in Stockholm

Walpurgis night

Walpurgis Night, Valborgsmässoafton in Swedish, takes place every year on the last day of April. The holiday is celebrated in Estonia, Finland, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Germany and Sweden. The name Walpurgis is taken from the eighth-century English Christian missionary Saint Walbur...
17 Apr 2024
The complete guide to activities in Stockholm

Activities in Stockholm

Figuring out what to do on your day off can seem like a daunting task - but fear not, we've got it all figured out. There is an abundant array of activities and things to do in Stockholm, but choosing between them can be difficult. Therefore we have made it our mission to help you decide on what to...
7 Mar 2024
Fun activities for children in Stockholm

Fun activities for children

Whether you're visiting Stockholm with your kids over the school holidays or you live here and are looking for new ideas, there are plenty of fun things for young people to do in the capital. Climb a climbing wall, try out amazing experiments, watch films on the big screen, swim in the open air or d...
8 Nov 2023
Dating tips: the guide to fun date ideas

Fun dates

Does a dinner-and-a-movie date feel a bit old hat? Whether your relationship is still in the early stages, or if you've been a couple for a while, it's always fun to find something exciting and a bit different to do together. If you want to surprise your crush or partner with an unusual experience,...
21 Feb 2024
Where to sing karaoke in Stockholm

Karaoke bars

Songbird or tone deaf - if there's one activity that's great fun for everyone it's singing karaoke. There are more karaoke bars in Stockholm than ever before, both private karaoke rooms and open mike, all perfect for hen and stag dos and spontaneous nights out with friends. Take your inspiration fro...
5 Feb 2024
Celebrate midsummer in Stockholm


Midsummer, probably the best-loved and most evocative of Swedish traditions, is typically celebrated in the countryside. But whether you'd rather experience a traditional celebration or party hard in town, there's still plenty to do in Stockholm on Midsummer's Eve 2024. We guide you to the midsummer...
4 Apr 2024
The best glamping spots around Stockholm


If you prefer the great outdoors to come complete with creature comforts such as proper beds, luxury linen, wood-fired stoves and breakfast delivered to your door, glamping could be the thing for you. Glamping - "'glamorous camping" - is a relatively new concept in Sweden but a few places have hoppe...
22 Nov 2023
The guide to day trips outside Stockholm

Day trips

In need of a change of scene? There are plenty of lovely places to visit just outside Stockholm. You don't need to travel more than an hour by car to find picturesque small towns, historical sites, idyllic archipelago islands, rolling countryside and magnificent castles. Naturally you can also trave...
13 Feb 2024
Winter swimming in Stockholm: where to cold-water swim and sauna

Winter swimming

Stockholm is the perfect summer city for anyone who loves to swim, but don't let the fact that the temperature's dipped below zero stop you from taking a dip during the winter months. Diving into ice-cold water before warming up in a steaming sauna is a hard-to-beat Nordic experience. Cold-water swi...
2 Jan 2024
Where to celebrate the National Day of Sweden in Stockholm

National Day

Sweden's National Day is celebrated on June 6th each year, with food, music and entertainment. There are several spots in and around Stockholm where you can join in the patriotic party, including parties in the park, musical performances by major artists and traditional dancing and flag-waving at Sk...
12 Mar 2024
Activities for rainy days in Stockholm

Rainy days

Rainy, cold and windy in Stockholm? Relax, bad weather is a great excuse to do something really fun - or relaxing. We guide you to a whole range of different activities for rainy days in the city - all inside, of course. Maybe it's time to do a little bowling, mall shopping, or enjoy an entire spa d...
18 Apr 2024
Summer activities in Stockholm

Summer activities

With its proximity to water and abundance of leafy green spaces, Stockholm is the perfect summer city, both for locals and tourists. Whether you're staying in town for the whole summer or just passing through, there are masses of great ways to spend days off and sunny days in the capital. Kayak thro...
4 Apr 2024
Where to go bowling in Stockholm

Bowling halls

There are few activities that can beat a classic bowling match. There are masses of great places to bowl in Stockholm - from old-fashioned bowling halls to large activity centres and laid-back pubs. Whether you fancy a post-work game, a whole night out or a day with the family, you'll find the place...
8 Nov 2023
The guide to Easter holidays in Stockholm

Easter holidays

If you happen to be in Stockholm with your children over the Easter holidays, there's plenty to do both in the city and just outside. Visit one of the city's many museums, get creative with Easter arts and crafts or run and play outdoors. Stockholm is full of activities that are fun for both large a...
25 Mar 2024
Where to try out virtual reality in Stockholm

Virtual reality

Virtual reality is an unusual, thrilling and adrenaline-packed activity and there are several VR centres you can try out in Stockholm. Don your VR headsets and step into virtual worlds, where you challenge friends at games or experience new places. Try out how it feels to float around in space, batt...
4 Sep 2023
The guide to beer tastings in Stockholm

Beer tastings

Wouldn't it be fun to become an expert in beer? A beer tasting could be just the thing to take your enjoyment of beer to a deeper level. As well as being an enjoyable experience together with friends, family or friends, you'll also be able to dazzle people with your newfound knowledge for months to...
15 Feb 2024
Castles and palaces in and around Stockholm

Castles and palaces

There's something about castles and palaces that inspires awe and touches a gentler, more romantic side to each of us. Grand and impressive with a historic flare, Stockholm and its surrounding areas boasts an abundance of manor houses, castle-like stately homes and palaces. Perfect for day trips, ro...
13 Feb 2024
Guide to Stockholm's outdoor swimming pools

Outdoor pools

As the sun beats down and the mercury rises so too the need to cool off with a refreshing dip. Stockholm isn't exactly short on swimming spots but if you're not keen on swimming in the waters of the Baltic Sea or Lake Mälaren there are plenty of great outdoor swimming pools in the city. As well...
13 Feb 2024
Escape rooms in Stockholm

Escape rooms

Intentionally putting yourself into a situation where your wits are put to the test and you have to figure your way out of a locked room is an increasingly popular activity. Zombie apocalypses, complex murder mysteries and spooky ghosts are just some of the things you might meet in these exciting es...
25 Jan 2024
Summer in Stockholm: the complete guide to a great holiday

Summer in Stockholm

Are you planning on spending the whole summer, or a short summer holiday, in Stockholm? Lucky you! Our beautiful capital really blossoms during the summer months - in both senses of the word. Whether you want to take it easy and do as little as possible, or are happiest when you're keeping busy with...
4 Apr 2024
Tourist in Stockholm - your complete guide

Tourist in Stockholm

Stockholm provides the best of both worlds. Global influences make their presence felt in the city's restaurants, hotels and cultural life, while its Nordic heritage is preserved in everything from Skansen to the traditional 'fika' coffee break and minimalist design. Getting around Stockholm is easy...
2 Apr 2024
Activities for kids in Stockholm over the autumn break

Autumn break

If you find yourself in Stockholm around the time of the Swedish autumn school break (October 30 - November 3) you'll find a wide range of great activities on offer for kids. Halloween falls on this week, so there are plenty of spooky happenings and ghostly goings-on. The guide includes current muse...
22 Feb 2024
Guide to the Stockholm archipelago

Stockholm archipelago

The Stockholm archipelago is a source of great pride and pleasure, with good reason - there's an endless variety of idyllic large and small islands and skerries just beyond the city to explore. Even if you don't belong to that lucky group of people who own a summerhouse on Sandhamn or Utö, ther...
5 Oct 2023
The best picnic spots in Stockholm


Summertime in Stockholm, the sun's shining and life suddenly feels a little rosier - so what could be nicer than a picnic in one of the city's beautiful parks with some good food and a bottle of wine or two? To help you find the perfect spot among the city's many leafy areas, we've created this guid...
13 Sep 2023
Weekend in Stockholm: 48 hours

48 hours in Stockholm

If you've only got one weekend to experience Stockholm, you want to make every hour count. The Swedish capital consists of various neighbourhoods all with their own charm, whether you want to eat out in upmarket Östermalm, wander around hip Södermalm, visit Vasastan, do the tourist thing i...
12 Feb 2024
The guide to food tours in Stockholm

Food tours

Are you a real foodie, or just interested in trying some new flavours or restaurants? Whether you're a Stockholm local or a tourist in town, taking a food tour is a perfect way to discover the city. Explore new neighbourhoods and restaurants you never knew existed, flavours you didn't know you liked...
5 Sep 2023
The guide to great swimming spots in central Stockholm


When the summer warmth finally spreads over Stockholm, you need to know where you can cool off with a refreshing dip. There aren't many capital cities where you can swim from sandy beaches and bathing rocks right in the city centre, but Stockholm is a real outdoor urban swimmer's paradise. Follow ou...
10 Apr 2024
Where to play paintball in Stockholm


Do you enjoy action and adrenaline-fuelled activities? Paintball, which is growing in popularity around the world, guarantees action-packed excitement. Paintball is played in teams on special courses, either indoors or outdoors. Every team is equipped with paintball markers that you shoot paint ball...
4 Sep 2023
24 hours in Stockholm: experience the city in one day

24 hours in Stockholm

Sweden's capital city isn't just growing size-wise - Stockholm also offers an ever-increasing choice of new restaurants, cafés and other great places to visit. All parts of town have their own particular charm and the central area is small enough to allow you to walk between destinations. Gra...
4 Sep 2023
Stockholm's loveliest parks


You're never too far from a peaceful patch of green in Stockholm. The city is dotted with both large well-known parks and small, hidden oases where you can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet. Some of the parks are as lovely in winter as summer, while others really come into their own in the warmer...
4 Sep 2023
Guide to lovely walks in Stockholm

Walks in Stockholm

Carefree days when you're free to wander around town exploring new places may just be the best kind of days. When you don't have a schedule to stick or, or somewhere you have to be. You take life as it comes and a breakfast can lead to a stroll, which can lead to lunch, a spot of spontaneous shoppin...
4 Sep 2023
Lucia concerts in Stockholm


Lucia has been a Swedish Christmas tradition since the end of the 18th century and is now one of the country's most popular and atmospheric celebrations. The festivities on and around the 13th December are associated with the darkest day of the year, saffron-spiced lussekatter Lucia buns and, of cou...
10 Apr 2024
Cycling in Stockholm

Stockholm by bike

Biking is the perfect way to discover a new city, or new parts of an old city, and Stockholm is an ideal biking city. If you don't have your own bicycle, Stockholm city has rental bikes at over 150 different locations. We've chosen some of Stockholm's best cycling routes for anyone in the mood to cr...
4 Sep 2023
The guide to a big night out in Stockholm

Night out in Stockholm

Are you planning a major evening out in Stockholm? Then this is the guide for you. We suggest a range of spots to hit up on a night out in Stockholm, from post-work drinks and dinner to cocktails and places to go dancing. From the first toast of the night to tasty tidbits to cocktails at the bar and...
4 Sep 2023
Great ways to celebrate Valentine's Day in Stockholm

Valentine's Day

Time to start planning for the most romantic day of the year with your partner, or perhaps your best friend or someone else important to you? Cosy, intimate dinners, long walks and relaxing spa treatments together - there are plenty of ways to celebrate Valentine's Day in Stockholm, whether you're a...
13 Feb 2024
The guide to nature reserves and walking trails in Stockholm

Nature reserves and walks

Sometimes you need to leave the big city behind and head out into nature to relax and breathe. There are several nature reserves in Stockholm, both small and large, that are ideal for long hikes or a gentle stroll. The larger reserves have trails stretching several miles and in some places you can s...
4 Sep 2023
Where to go cross-country skiing in Stockholm

Cross-country skiing

When the temperature and snow begin to fall, the urge to strap on skis and hit the cross-country trails grabs many Swedes. You don't have to head up to the mountains to get your fix; there are plenty of well-maintained ski tracks in and around Stockholm, most of them accessible by public transport.
2 Jan 2024
Activities for children in Stockholm over the Christmas holidays

Christmas kids' activities

Whether you live in the city or are just passing through, Stockholm is a fun and atmospheric place to be over the Christmas holidays, with plenty of activities for old and young alike. You'll find festive activities to boost your Christmas spirit, but also activities for when you need a break from a...
6 Dec 2023
The guide to sightseeing in Stockholm


Famous sights, historical districts, green parks and hidden gems. Stockholm is perfect for all different kinds of sightseeing tours - whether you're a tourist or a local. Try out boat sightseeing and discover the city from the water, jump on a sightseeing bus or join a guided biking or walking tour...
9 Nov 2023
The guide to Stockholm's guided city tours

City tours

Joining a city tour in Stockholm is a great way to discover the capital city, whether you live in Stockholm or are just visiting. Perhaps you want to explore the city's famous attractions or discover the beautiful natural surroundings in and around town. City tours are organised all year round, with...
9 Nov 2023