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Guide to the best sports bars in Stockholm

Sports bars

There's an unmissable match coming up but you haven't managed to get tickets to the fully-booked arena, or maybe it's being shown on a subscription channel that noone has. Or perhaps watching at home or in a hotel room doesn't feel quite as much fun as soaking up the atmosphere at a lively bar? Neve...
10 Jun 2024
The guide to Stockholm's best al fresco restaurants and bars

Al fresco dining

There's not much that beats enjoying the warmth of the summer sun at an al fresco dining spot. Who wouldn't want to kick off the weekend with something good to eat, a glass of wine, a cold beer or a tropical cocktail - and get some colour in their cheeks at the same time? We've listed the best and b...
3 Jun 2024
Stockholm's best bars


Finding a good bar in Stockholm isn't exactly hard, but where are the real gems? We've checked out the selection and rounded up some great bars that hit the right spot, whether you're in the mood for craft beer, a glass of wine after work or a perfectly blended cocktail with a twist. Check out the l...
8 Apr 2024
The best places in Stockholm for after-work drinks and fun


Stockholm is full of great places to go for a post-work drink after a hectic working week. Perhaps a drink in a local bar, a beer on the other side of town or why not a game of boules or a bit of round-robin ping pong? Follow our guide to the best after-work joints in town, for work colleagues and g...
27 May 2024
Guide to cheap bars in Stockholm

Cheap bars

Stockholm is packed with style-conscious bars and expensive hipster hangouts, but there are also plenty of popular affordable alternatives for when your wallet's feeling rather thin. Follow our guide to a bunch of budget bars in Stockholm where you'll find cheap beer, as well as wine and spirits at...
31 May 2024
Where to find bars in Stockholm that are open late

Late-night bars

Nightclubs and heaving dancefloors aren't the only options in Stockholm once most bars have closed for the evening. If you want to keep going after 1am without going all-in, there are plenty of bars that don't close until 2 or 3am. Some only on Fridays and Saturdays, others on both weekdays and week...
4 Jun 2024
Stockholm's best rooftop bars

Rooftop bars

Sipping a cocktail high up above the rooftops with views for miles is pretty hard to beat. Stockholm's a relatively low-built city, but there are still plenty of tall buildings, and charming rooftops, green areas and waterways to look out over. Take the lift up to tiny, tucked-away terraces or well-...
8 Apr 2024
Södermalm's best bars

Södermalm bars

Few parts of Stockholm are as packed with restaurants and bars as Södermalm. Historic beer cafés sit alongside cutting-edge, award-winning cocktail bars with skilled mixologists. We've gone through all the bars in Södermalm with a fine toothcomb and have listed the best bars in each...
23 May 2024
The guide to Stockholm's best spots for live music

Live music

DJs are all well and good, but it's hard to beat the thrill of good old-fashioned, rhythmic, pulsing live music. Stockholm is bursting with places that appreciate the magic of live music, so it can be hard to keep track of them all. This guide helps you find just the right spot to suit your taste in...
21 May 2024
The LGBTQ+ guide to Stockholm's best gay venues

LGBTQ+ guide

Stockholm has an ever-growing and well-reputed selection of LBTQ+-friendly nightclubs, bars, restaurants and cafés. In this guide we follow the rainbow flag and lead the way to great places around town with an open mind and an LGBTQ-friendly crowd. You'll find everything from famous gay cafés and re...
26 Mar 2024
The guide to the best cocktail bars in Stockholm

Cocktail bars

So many cocktails, so little time. Cocktails have sure come a long way from the classic old-fashioned and over the past few years Stockholm bartenders have made mixology into an art form. Whether you're on the lookout for an artisanal cocktail, cool speakeasy joint or sophisticated lounge, Stockholm...
27 May 2024
The best views in Stockholm

Restaurants and bars with a view

Stockholm's skybars, roof terraces, rooftop gardens and other well-loved vantage points provide gorgeous views and a real natural high. What could be better than the view over Stockholm from a really cool skybar? Or eating a romantic dinner as the sun sets over the water? Many of these places are un...
8 May 2024
The best beer bars in Stockholm


Good news, beer lovers: Stockholm's craft-beer scene is as strong as ever. Stockholm houses an abundance of old-school German-style beer houses - or biergartens, sleek beer places, pubs and innovative concepts serving artisanal IPA and craft-beer from trendy microbreweries. Peruse our guide to the b...
21 Feb 2024
The best wine bars in Stockholm

Wine bars

Stockholm's nightlife has so many options the choice can feel a bit overwhelming - particularly when you want to be spontaneous. Perhap a visit to a restaurant feels too ambitious, beer too boring and cocktails a bit extra. In that case, there's a perfect alternative - one of the city's sophisticate...
8 Apr 2024
The best bars in the Old Town

Bars in the Old Town

Stockholm's Old Town used to have a reputation as a bit of a tourist trap but in recent years it's become one of the city's culinary meccas - not least on the bar front. Some of the absolute best cocktail bars in town can be found here, serving up everything from innovative and ambitious creations t...
27 May 2024
Guide to the best pubs in Stockholm


Pubs - a classic British phenomenon - have also become an intrinsic part of the Swedish social scene. Whether you're looking for a quiet local, a connoisseur on the prowl for Stockholm's best craft beer, ale or lager, or just in need of a couple of pints and traditional pub grub we've got you covere...
19 Mar 2024
The best bars in Vasastan

Vasastan bars

French, Spanish, Asian, South American, Polynesian, American, Swedish... Vasastan's bar scene takes its inspiration from all corners of the globe. Whether you're in the mood for experimental cocktails or a great glass of wine, this part of town has something for even the most discerning of drinkers.
20 May 2024
Östermalm's best bars

Bars in Östermalm

Exclusive Östermalm has numerous excellent restaurants and most of them include bars that maintain an equally high standard. There are also a few recently-opened spots that specialise in drinks. This part of Stockholm is geographically large and draws in a wide crowd, with bars offering everyth...
4 Mar 2024
The best bars in the city centre

City centre bars

Hotel bars, rooftop bars, classic beer bars and historic premises - Stockholm city centre is packed with unique bars serving up fabulous cocktails created by skilled bartenders. Their central addresses make these bars ideal for dropping into after a day in the city or for staying late when you want...
4 Jun 2024
Stockholm's best Irish pubs

Irish pubs

Stockholm has a selection of Irish pubs for anyone who enjoys beer, whiskey, live music and a friendly atmosphere - perfect for anyone looking for that "at home" feeling and wanting to socialise in unpretentious surroundings. Watch a sports match, join a pub quiz, eat and mingle with English-speakin...
1 Dec 2023
The best bars in Kungsholmen

Kungsholmen bars

Since the turn of the millennium, a whole new generation has moved into the Kungsholmen district - and the ever-expanding range of bars and restaurants is an obvious result of the shift. These days you'll find well-established gems alongside hip upstarts that draw in Kungsholmen locals and visitors,...
18 Mar 2024
The best gin and tonic in Stockholm

Gin and tonic

A classic gin and tonic really only consists of two ingredients; gin and tonic water. But it takes knowledge and experience to make a G&T taste as crisp and fresh as we like. These days we seldom drink a G&T that doesn't include some other ingredients too, and the variations are endless. The...
19 Mar 2024
Stockholm's sparkling champagne bars

Champagne bars

Are you in need of a little glamour and glitter to brighten up a dreary week? We've listed Stockholm's best champagne bars for anyone with a thirst for fizz - whether you're a true champagne connoisseur, a sucker for Roaring Twenties nostalgia or just want to take a prosecco pause in the middle of y...
21 Feb 2024
The guide to beer tastings in Stockholm

Beer tastings

Wouldn't it be fun to become an expert in beer? A beer tasting could be just the thing to take your enjoyment of beer to a deeper level. As well as being an enjoyable experience together with friends, family or friends, you'll also be able to dazzle people with your newfound knowledge for months to...
15 Feb 2024
Where to go for fabulous non-alcoholic cocktails in Stockholm

Non-alcoholic cocktails

Having a dry month, health-conscious, pregnant or teetotal? Just because you don't drink alcohol doesn't mean you can't go to pubs and bars. Plenty of bars and restaurants in Stockholm mix up delicious mocktails and other alcohol-free drinks for anyone who wants to avoid alcohol, and some raise mock...
23 Jan 2024
The best hotel bars in Stockholm

Hotel bars

A night of luxury, wrapped in a fluffy terrycloth bathrobe and room service aren't the only reasons to covet a night at a hotel. Hotel bars were previously more of an afterthought; however today it seems a hotel is not complete without a sophisticated bar. Stockholm boasts an abundance of hotel bars...
5 Mar 2024
Where to drink natural wines in Stockholm

Natural wines

It's not only organic and biodynamic wines that are all the rage in Stockholm's winebars and restaurants - if you want to drink something really pure and natural, natural wines are being served in more and more of the city's most on-trend places. Be inspired and guided by knowledgeable sommeliers an...
4 Jun 2024
Where to drink saké in Stockholm


Ever increasing numbers of bars and restaurants in Stockholm are turning their gaze towards the east and serving the Japanese national drink, saké. Some places even arrange themed drinks tastings. Saké is made purely from rice and water, but it's a complex brew that can range from swee...
10 Apr 2024
Stockholm's best out-of-town bars

Bars outside the city

Have you become a little too comfortable with the same old regular haunts and want to try something new beyond Stockholm's well-trodded paths? Then it's high time you took a little jaunt outside the city centre. Stockholm has some really great bars just outside the central part of town but still eas...
25 Jan 2024
Stockholm's best bar food

Bar food

You don't always want to break up a nice time hanging out at the bar to go and find something to eat - so it's lucky there are plenty of places in Stockholm that offer a really good bar menu as well as drinks. Dinner for one, after-work or just a spontaneous visit - getting a spot at the bar doesn't...
1 Dec 2023
24 hours in Stockholm: experience the city in one day

24 hours in Stockholm

Sweden's capital city isn't just growing size-wise - Stockholm also offers an ever-increasing choice of new restaurants, cafés and other great places to visit. All parts of town have their own particular charm and the central area is small enough to allow you to walk between destinations. Gra...
4 Sep 2023