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TABBERASET in Södermalm is inspired by the flavours and culinary traditions of classic Swedish homecooking. Explore Swedish cuisine with a modern twist by ordering several dishes or tucking into the restaurant's five-course set menu.

You don't need to be a dyed-in-the-wool traditionalist to eat at Tabberaset, which opened on Folkungagatan in 2018. The owners are inspired by the food of their childhoods and classic Swedish gastronomy, but dishes are presented in a contemporary, creative fashion. The name, Tabberaset, comes from the old Swedish word "tabberas", meaning to eat up everything that's been laid out, to clear the table, and the restaurant's aim is to serve up a feast that results in clean plates all round.

The evening menu consists of smaller dishes which can be combined to make up a meal and to share with the rest of the table. You can also order the set menu, made up of several courses that might include Matjes herring to start and classic desserts served on vintage china to finish. At lunchtime guests can choose from several traditional Swedish dishes, with something to suit every taste. If you'd rather just have a drink after work, the restaurant also has a small bar filled with cocktails made with Swedish berry flavours, various IPAs, wines and other drinks.



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7 Sep 2020

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Har varit här sammanlagt 5 gånger. Och mycket kan hända på ett år....i det här fallet inte till det positiva.
Ett ställe som i början hade passion och bra koncept, som tappade gnistan på vägen
På ett år har priserna gå... Show full »

11 Sep 2018

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I was there early in July just when they opened! has been on type many eateries around many countries. What makes that just judgement here deserves 5.5 stars was: 1) distinctively positive and service-minded staff who gave the right advice and explained the dishes, 2) a high ambition to take care of... Show full »

28 May 2019

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Friendly staff. After our vegetarian company has eaten several times, the review can be summed to very uneven quality, often long waiting time after ordering and despite this, carelessly cooked and often overcooked. Not worth a visit as a vegetarian, in addition, the menu is seldom changed for the v... Show full »

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