The best restaurants in Stockholm for chicken

The best restaurants in Stockholm for chicken

Chicken joints have become a hot addition to the Stockholm restaurant scene, covering the spectrum from comfort food to slightly more healthy options. Crispy American chicken wings, or hot wings, vie with roast Swedish corn-fed chicken, confit duck and feathered streetfood from all over the world. Why not try spicy wings from the other side of the Atlantic, or a whole rotisserie-grilled chicken? This guide shows you the way to Stockholm's best chicken restaurants, covering joints that serve only chicken dishes as well those that happen to have a couple of awesome poultry dishes on their menus.

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  1. Stockholm's best chicken restaurants
    1. Bird – Fully-feathered concept
    2. Ho's – Chinese specialities

Stockholm's best chicken restaurants


Fully-feathered concept

This centrally-located restaurant is dedicated to serving up our feathered friends in the form of innovative street food from all over the world, and the birds they use are from small-scale poultry farmers with higher welfare standards. Try everything from hot wings to duck burgers and organic foie gras, combined with a cocktail should the mood take you.


Chinese specialities

Ho's is one of the city's most popular and well regarded Chinese restaurants - regulars and other guests flock here to fill up on authentic dishes from Hong Kong and other Chinese cuisines. The menu includes several poultry specialties, such as fried chicken and duck with Hoisin sauce.

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