Review of Austin Food Works – by Katarina D.

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Comfort food made with lots of love. Hey, sign me up.
Have been to both brunch and dinner. Good drinks (pisco sour and bloody mary I remember as good) and beer selection.

A place that suits everyone, as long as you are in chill-mode and looking for soft socializing and good food. There is a bar area for drop-in & hang and bookable restaurant area. There is also a large community table for larger groups and a chambre separee in the basement

Industrial style, wooden planks, mason jars as lamps, metal. Unpretto and relaxed.
The sound level is good-ish, just enough with buzz without creating headaches

Brunch (a la carte) is calorie bomb with delicious dishes to choose from. If you're on better hangover jaw, this is where you come.
MEAT, super good fries, tunapoke too die for, chicken waffles, burgers, Mac n ́cheese, which turned out to be the gift of the Cheese Gods to us! Wonderful, wonderful.
Good service, nice and chill.
I'm always super happy, super full and can't wait to come back.

Now you think meat like meat, but you're wrong. There is creativity, variety and passion in the dishes. Just reading the menu is a delight and drooling warning.

Listed in: Brunch/Helglunch