Review of Minako – by Daniel S.

This text has been translated automatically.

Allow me to tell you about the best Sushiupplevelsen I've had where taste and passion really is in focus.

Comes in alone and gets asked if I am myself or waiting for someone, answer that I am myself and then I am asked to put myself at the Sushikocken that happily welcomes me to sit so close, when I then ask what is recommended, the answer is "to eat until you become Measured "i laugh a bit, say" you don't mean ", whereupon the person sitting next to it says" what Yoshi thinks is that it will be a bit at a time until you feel satisfied "and immediately I decide for it.

Yoshi as the chef is called seems to have experience that no one else has here in Stockholm, everything goes dreadfully fast, it counts no spoons when there are rolls that are made, it is fresh cut, wasabi is on the rice during the fish and the piece is already flavored and ready so dipping in soya beh Needed non!

It is offered on everything from halibut to octopus and scallop, it is an absolutely stunning tempura roll after the third piece, it is so that it gets too much wasabi, say to so arranged a new piece and upcoming sushi has less amount.

At first it's the usual stuff or "bolibompa" like Yoshi cheerfully exclaims, so the longer you sit the weirder and more exciting it gets, all the pieces get well treated and seasoning goes from being mass things on to only sea salt and lime, with At regular intervals there will be burnt pieces.

It is really noticeable that there is so much love in the whole establishment and all the Sushirestauranger I have previously eaten at has become like blown about, because it will not be better than this in Stockholm!

NB It is extremely affordable too!