Review of Minako – by Jessica K.

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Do you want a proper tasting menu in sushi? This is the place!

We were here for dinner and had booked a table in advance, which was lucky considering it was fully booked. First transparency was positive, cozy local - however in times like these it was somewhat crowded but I definitely think they had solved it reasonably okay. You can book both sitting at the away or at the bar - which means that you check when the chef prepares the sushi and of course enhances the experience. However, my review is based sitting at the table.

A minus was definitely that they did not have an alcohol permit, obviously not the whole world but worth knowing. The food we chose Omakase - that is, the chef's choice. The first dishes were miso soup, seaweed and pickled octopus if I don't remember wrong. Other dishes included monkliver and scallop. Then we got a total of 8 different nigiri and 5 maki (of the same variety). Super good and definitely a good finsushi place.

The waiter was super nice, however, I said from regarding my milk allergy at the beginning but when the dessert came in I got ice cream (which I then can not eat). Although I said again, I just got the answer "do you want me to remove it or do you want to give it away to your party", which in my opinion may not be the best service in terms of price tag. 

Overall, super satisfied and if you are a sushi fan, you should definitely go here!