Review of Minako – by Michaela J.

This text has been translated automatically.

Felt for more luxurious sushi a Friday night checked thatsup and got up this place!

We took the small tasting menu, the difference between the large and small tasting (except 100kr price difference) is that to the main menu you get a serving of sashimi.

Small tasting menu 6 options The large tasting menu 7 servers.

They can also order an Ordinar y 13 bit if you wish.

If you go here, be sure to get a seat in the bar! They have tables outside bar areas too but feel uninspiring an attempt at Asian inspiration that for me does not go home! You do not need to book but you want to have a bar seat, call and book ask for it specifically!

The raw material is really in focus, the fish is like that silky smooth and melts in the mouth. According to tradition, the chef dispenses wasabi and soy. You must not dip and arrange... It was a mix of appetizer, sashimi, nigiri and maki. It a finishing dessert of ice cream.

Those who really stood out was Maki, I would go there again I would just order them. Good was it!

The thing that pulls down the grade something was the service felt unstructured already when we took the first step in. Then I had desired better presentation of the food and what fish was which, for me it is not obvious. Otherwise, the dishes came out at a moderate pace.

If you want to sit out there are the possibilities.

Would say luxurious lunch or casual dinner! Here you can go with anyone.