Review of Nana – by Adam L.


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A Stockholm gem few people know about. Above all, the Michelin guys seem to have missed this little hole in the wall, which has room for about 7 people. Here, exclusivity is in focus. They eat wagyu, sashimi, caviar, truffles, foie gras and other delicacies. Everything in the room is created by the restaurateur, Jonas, himself. From the burnt wood that the walls are made of to the paintings that hang there. Every detail has been thought out down to the molecular level. It's amazing how you can have such passion, and at the same time be so good at so many things (but it usually goes hand in hand).

Since you're sitting in a bar in front of Jonas, it's a bit like a show, and it's easy to talk as much with Jonas as with your company.

What about the flavors? They, Jonas and his sous chef who I can't remember the name of, deserve at least a star with the critics on the gidden. Personally, I'm not normally a fan of Michelin-starred restaurants. I tend to think it's small portions and that innovation is prioritized over taste. That's not the case at Nana! You get full, and that without bread being served! Stylish presentations, good flavors and, above all, fantastic ingredients. The sashimi service is a very nice feature that I haven't seen at this type of restaurant before.